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Yukon: A Land Made For Exploring

Discover This Land Made For Exploring!

The picturesque lakes and the rivers flowing through Yukon make it a paradise for paddlers of all skill levels, but the territory also offers endless other opportunities for exploring.

Kayak calm lakes or wild rivers
From remote wilderness rivers to the mighty Yukon River flowing right through the capital city of Whitehorse, the varied paddling options in Yukon always include spectacular scenery.

Canoe our wilderness rivers and lakes
In the Yukon you don’t have to go far to find great paddling... but you can! Taking a float plane into a remote wilderness setting offers the bonus of a flight over some of the most spectacular scenery in the world.

Paddle under the midnight sun
The midnight sun is extraordinary, and is something everyone should experience at least once. Enjoy longer days on the water, or pull up on shore and have a look around while your guide sets up camp.

Maximum daylight for day trips
Along with the extra energy many get from the midnight sun, logistically the long daylight hours mean more time for exploring. And there are endless ways to spend those extra hours.

Get up high on horseback
Head to higher ground. Our panoramic views are breathtaking, and one of the most enjoyable ways to see them is on horseback. Trips range from half-day tours near Whitehorse to multi-day backcountry camping expeditions.

Raft our rivers
Four Canadian Heritage Rivers flow through Yukon, and rafting is an outstanding way to experience them. Along with the adrenaline rush of riding the rapids comes the thrill that you might spot wildlife like grizzlies, caribou and sheep.

See where our rivers can take you
Some Yukon Wild operators also offer tours beyond the Yukon Territory border. River trips dip down into northern British Columbia, while others head up toward the Arctic of the Northwest Territories and the home of Dall sheep, muskox, wolves, fox, grizzly and raptors.

Go with boat captains who cook
While renting a boat and gear is an option, going with a guide means you access wilderness expertise and knowledge of the specific rivers. You can also be treated to the legends of the historic rivers you paddle as well as top-notch meals on shore.

Fish cold, clear waters
Fish on! Yukon is a dream destination for that fishing trip of a lifetime, but it’s easy to add fishing to almost any adventure you’re on. If you’re looking for exciting fishing combined with unbeatable scenery, Yukon Wild experts know the best spots.

Hike through history
With lakes full of fish and rivers full of adventure, there’s more than enough action on the water for paddling enthusiasts, but many also make time to explore on land. Hikers here are treated to spectacular vistas, interesting plant life, and sites rich in history.

Immerse yourself in nature’s classroom
Whether you’re looking for that once-in-a-lifetime wildlife photo or you want to spend time unplugged and experiencing true wilderness, this is the place. Connecting with nature has never been easier or more inspiring.

Go with experts who know the best spots
The North has no shortage of spectacular places. Whether you want a fully guided wilderness adventure with every detail tended to, or you’re looking for rental gear and some local knowledge before heading out, our experts connect you to your unforgettable Yukon Wild experience.

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