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Stock Up For Summer With This Paddling Gear

We're inching our way towards summer. What better time than now to add to that stock pile of paddling gear we're already so proud of. Here's 8 summer-worthy pieces of gear to cover everything from recreational, touring, fishing, kayaking, or canoeing!

1. Strike 2

Strike 2

by Tributary

This agile crossover boat has a unique hull design making it easy to maneuver in whitewater and track straight and true in flat water. The Strike can satisfy multiple paddling needs. Equipped with a mesh drain system, flip handles, and backed by a 5-year limited warranty.

2. Black Pearl II

Black Pearl II

by Bending Branches

A premium canoe paddle that weighs just one pound (yes, 16 oz) and is designed to leave you less sore at the end of the day. A vast upgrade from current carbon paddles as the BP2 has Edgegard blade tip protection, prolonging the life of the paddle for years.

3. Delta 12AR

Delta 12AR

by Delta Kayaks

The 12AR is the ideal choice for those looking for a lightweight kayak offering ample storage options, ease of paddling and all day comfort. It’s a great choice for anglers, birders and paddling enthusiasts seeking a kayak with a large cockpit that's easy to get in and out of.

4. The Catch 130 Hydryve

The Catch 130 Hydryve

by Pelican International

The Catch 130 Hydryve by Pelican brings pedal drive technology within reach on this 12’6” rudder controlled fishing kayak. This kayak is made for fishing and is rigged so you can start immediately. Plus, there is plenty of room to customize it the way you want it.

4 More Summer Boats

TRAK 2.0 by TRAK

The 2.0 is a tough, light, and versatile kayak that can be paddled in any water conditions. Its 10 min set-up and travel bag system allows you to get it around with ease. The 2.0 is a tough, light, and versatile kayak that can be paddled in any water conditions.

Pinguino 145 Kit by Pygmy

The Pinguino is a great choice for paddlers who want the quickness, lightweight, and joy of paddling a Pygmy, but prefer a roomier cockpit, and high initial stability.

Marvel 10 by Liquidlogic

The Marvel 10 is the perfect kayak for all day paddling on protected bays, lakes, and slowing flowing rivers. Enjoy the trip in comfort with industry leading Air-Lite seat system that provides complete and total back support.

Slayer Propel 13 by Native Watercraft

Considered a game-changer in hands-free kayak fishing, the Slayer Propel 13 is unmatched in its ability to maintain casting distance, pull away from structure or stop on a dime when trolling to relieve rod pressure.

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