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Paddling Gear For Your Next Summer Adventure

Paddling season is in full force- now that your 4th of July sunburn is (hopefully) starting to decline back to normal, it's time to grab your sunscreen along with some of the finest paddling gear of the summer and get out on the water!

Deluxe Rack by Suspenz

Learn more about the Deluxe Rack

Lightweight Dry Sacks by Sea to Summit

Learn more about these Lightweight Dry Sacks

Ultra Landing Pad by AIRE

Learn more about the Ultra Landing Pad

Explorer by Nigel Dennis Kayaks

Learn more about the Explorer

HydroKaddy by Extreme Sports Outfitters

Learn more about the HydroKaddy

4 Place Trailer by Remackel Trailers

Learn more about the 4 Place Trailer

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