Kayaking in The Baja

Kayaking Locations in The Baja

Kayaking in The Baja

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All of our Baja paddling locations are from paddlers like you. Search thousands of put-in and take-out locations on our locations map!

Guide to Kayaking in The Baja

Read on for guides to planning your own kayaking trip to The Baja peninsula, seeking out an outfitted trip, connecting with other Baja paddlers, and many other resources! Find information and paddling stories on each of the below popular destinations:

  • Isla Espiritu Santo
  • Islands from the south of Mar de Cortes
  • Islands between Loreto and La Paz
  • La playa del Amor
  • La playa del Chileno (Chileno Bay)
  • Sea of Cortez

Plan an Outfitted Trip in Baja

There are many amazing outfitters in The Baja Peninsula that would love to give you an experience you will never forget, ranging from an afternoon on the water to multi-week adventures. Check out some popular Baja outfitted trips and view all of the outfitted Baja trips below:

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Other Resources

The Baja Peninsula is full of beautiful mountains, crystal clear water, and amazing natural features. Baja is an amazing piece of land that is considered one of the best kayaking spots in the world

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