How to Catch Flounder

Nathan Joel Rich of Southern Salt Kayak Fishing takes you on a fishing trip to catch some flounder. He shares several easy tips to help you catch more flounder!

Flounder fishing can be a difficult and frustrating process at times, but these easy tips will help you catch flounder on every trip.

    1. Modify a curl tail jig by removing the curl tail and adding a 4-inch Gulp! Grub.
    2. Throw some extra cast whenever you come up to a defined drain to make sure you are covering it thoroughly.
    3. When throwing a lure for flounder, give it 5-6 rapid bounces as you are reeling in your slack. This fluttering movement will trigger those strikes.
    4. Always set the hook when you feel any kind of tension on you, even if you’re not sure what it is.
    5. Use a lure with a flat head, such as the Buggs curl tail jig, so that the lure can sit flat on the mud without creating a mud plume.

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