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How to Attach the Leash to your SUP

In this video Jimmy Blakeney from BIC SUP explains various types of leashes for use when Stand Up Paddle Boarding and how to attach them to your board and leg.


Hi, I'm Jimmy Blakeney, with BIC SUP, and I'm here today to talk you about how to attach the leash to your stand up paddle board. So leashes are a really important piece of safety equipment, and you're gonna wanna wear a leash in pretty much all conditions. You'll use a different leash depending on if it's flat water or surfing, and also for white water, there's a specific type of leash there as well. Most leashes however fall in to two categories, either a straight leash, like this, or a coil leash, like this. We use a straight leash in the surf zone because we don't want the leash to get tangled around and we don't want it to pop back and hit us. We'll use a coil leash typically in flat water because the coil leash stays up off of the board and it doesn't get in your way when you're paddling or drag behind you in the water. 

Once you've chosen your leash, you're going to need to attach it to your board. Leashes come with a little nylon cord, and on the leash, this is at the part of the leash that attaches to your board. And then here, with this cuff, this is where it attaches either your ankle or to your calf. On this part what we're gonna do is we're gonna open this up, it folds over three times, we're gonna take out the nylon cord. Now I'm back here at the tail of the board and I have the leash plug. So what I do is just take the nylon cord, I can run it through the leash plug, and I can loop the knot through that and double it back. Now the nylon cord is attached to the board. You can then leave this nylon cord on the board, you never have to take it back off, that just stays on the board. 

Next, what we're gonna do is take the leash and we're gonna feed it through the nylon cord. And I like to put the knot in the middle of this, just to keep it protected and keep it potentially coming undone. And then I fold it down once, I fold it over twice, and I fold it over again. Now my leash is attached and I'm ready to go, and also stay safe when I'm out there on the water. 

So that's how you attach your leash to your stand up paddle board. I hope you found this video helpful. And if you did, visit us at to learn more and discover more tips and tricks.

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