Golden Rules of SUP Yoga

The golden rules of SUP Yoga are a set of rules designed to make your time on the water as safe, enjoyable, and productive as possible.

Rule 1: Right Gear The first rule is to use the right gear, and the right board in particular makes a huge difference. Look for a yoga or a recreational board, at least, 10 feet long, that has a flat, padded deck, at least, 32 inches wide. I use the BIC Cross SUP and I can tell you, hands down, it's the best board for SUP yoga on the market. It's wide, it's flat, it's stable. It comes with an awesome, comfortable deck pad to work on. It also comes with a variety of deck attachment points, which not only lets you carry the gear on your board, but you easily can anchor your board during your session, which is super important to do.

It's also really important to have your leash with you, so you wear your leash while you paddle, and then transfer it to your paddle once you start to practice. That way your paddle won't float away from you.

Rule 2: Right Location The second golden rule is to choose the right location. SUP yoga is challenging enough on calm water, so you need to choose a location that is sheltered from the winds, the waves, and the boat traffic. So once you find your spot, make sure you anchor your board to keep it from drifting. This is not only going to keep you safe, but it'll allow you to focus on your practice without being distracted.

Rule 3: Warm Up The third golden rule is to warm up your muscles first. I like to get my heart rate up a little bit with a gentle 15-30 minute cruise around the water. This is also a really great time to tune into your breathing with every stroke.

Rule 4: Start Low & Slow The fourth golden rule is to start low and slow. I love that some of the easiest poses on land are a little bit more challenging out on the water. This brings fresh eyes to a new yoga platform. Start with poses that keep your center of gravity low to the board. Practice, be patient, progress will come.

Rule 5: Connect with Surroundings The fifth and final golden rule is to tune into your surroundings. One of the greatest things about SUP yoga is that it takes you into nature. So take time at the beginning and the end of your practice, and look around, connect with the space. Set an intention or offer a blessing that honors nature, and you as the guest.

So there you have it, the golden rules of SUP yoga. These rules will make the transition from the mat onto the water much more safe and easier. Until next time, I'm Julie Roach, and if you'd like more information on SUP yoga or fitness, you can visit my website:

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