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Camping & Survival

Towing Canoes

What do you do if your canoe trip begins or ends with a long open water crossing? You can paddle the big water…

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How to Quickly Coil a Throw Rope

Running white water contains inherent risks, and every boater should learn to practice proper safety and rescu…

Tags: Video, whitewater, rescue, ropes

Deck Lines & Rigging

By the most basic definition, any form of rope or cordage on a vessel is referred to as a "line". Prefaced wit…

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Basic Beach Shelters

In Kurasawa’s classic film Dersu Usala, the two principle characters, Usala, the Mongolian guide and the …

At Rope’s End – And Beyond.

One of the most critical, and versatile pieces of kayaking gear is a workable length of line. Most kayaks have…

Tags: Safety

Using A Throw Rope

One of the lowest-risk and most effective techniques for reaching a victim is by use of a throw rope. In this …

Tags: Kayak, Safety

The Art of Lining a Canoe

Picture yourself approaching a set of rapids, with only a faint out-of-the-way animal trail heading up a steep…

Tags: Canoe

Lining A Canoe

I absolutely love the scene in Bill Mason's Waterwalker film where he lines his canoe down a nasty b…

Tags: Canoe, navigation, Video

Lining a Canoe with a Single Rope

Read this article to get tips on the process of guiding your canoe on a rapid from the shoreline with a solo r…

Tags: Canoe, Safety, navigation
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