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The Benefit of Using Guide Books

I turned 76 in September.  No matter, I continue to think—and largely feel—like I’m 29&hellip…

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Solo Canoe Sailing

In this video, Dave Rossetter demonstrates how to set up a sailing system in a solo canoe using a pole and a p…

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River Classifications

Whitewater is rated on a scale of increasing difficulty from Class 1 to Class 6. This classification system pr…

Tags: whitewater, Kayak, Canoe

The Toughest Loop in the BWCA

Funny, how one's perspective on things changes with age. Trips that are easy when you're young become challeng…

Tags: Canoe, BWCA, Safety, destination

River Profiling

Let's say you are planning to canoe a river in northern Canada or Alaska. A trip guide, which you got off the …

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Calling for Help

It's important to know when to call for help. If a situation isn't getting better, and you don't think you can…

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Paddling Traffic Rules

Harbors and marinas have plenty of protected water to explore, and can be great places to launch a small boat.…

Tags: Video, Kayak, basics, navigation

River Hazards

I learned the hard way, why, at certain times of the year – during spring flooding primarily – our local river…

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Our Readers Write: Working Water

Where did summer go? The last time we got together under the "Readers Write" banner, the lazy, hazy days stret…

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