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Kayak Low Brace Stroke

One of our all-time favorite strokes is the anti-capsize stroke (pretty important!); a stroke and a maneuver t…

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On Going Alone

We all like to think that we're sensible, and we know that sensible paddlers don't venture onto the water alon…

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Stretching for Paddling Longevity

If you're like me you've heard that stretching is good for you. That it reduces stiffness and helps to preven…

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Sea Kayak Surfing Basics

I've been asked a lot of questions on a video I've done a while ago that was on the basics of kayak surfing.…

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Tips for Paddling Through Rapids on SUP

Let's discuss how to improve your chances of making it through rapid standing up on your paddle board. So afte…

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Kayaking for Fitness

Kayaking is one of the best sports for fitness purposes and is becoming a popular fitness tool. It complements…

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The J-Stroke and Canadian Stroke

Kyla, my 10-year-old, took position in the stern on our last canoe trip. Her friend, who tagged along, took th…

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Life Jackets in the New World Order

Tom Watson reviews some of the changes that are in store for defining “Life Jackets” and “PFDs”? It’s called “…

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Kayak Beach Slide

In July 2015, I went backpacking probably for the last time in my life. My plan was to join my friend Tom for …

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