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Rescuing a Swamped Recreational Kayak

Hi. This is Mitch with Coastal Kayak in Fenwick Island, Delaware and today I’m going to demonstrate to you…

Tags: Video, Kayak, capsize, rescue, technique

A Pole-Dancing Primer

No, this isn't what you're thinking. But "pole dancing" - using a pole rather than a paddle to dance through s…

Tags: In The Sameboat, poling, upstream

Towing Canoes

What do you do if your canoe trip begins or ends with a long open water crossing? You can paddle the big water…

Tags: Canoe, transport, towing

Tandem Canoe Back Ferry

Well, on a canoe trip, when your canoe is loaded with all the gear, it is about as maneuverable as a freight t…

Tags: Video, Canoe, technique

Greenland Storm Roll

A: Set up by holding the paddle on the left side of the boat with the paddle extended forward. Place your righ…

Tags: Video, Kayak, greenland, rolling, technique

Becoming a Gamefish

Last week, Tamia made the case for emulating the gamefish and paddling upstream. Not as an everyday thing, t…

Tags: In The Sameboat, technique, upstream

Core Workout for SUP

Ready to work that core like never before? This is Jodelle Fitzwater with Bic SUP and this segment is Part One…

Tags: Video, SUP, exercises

Wet Exit and Confidence in Whitewater

In my opinion, the wet exit is the important overlooked skill in kayaking because it can really help people …

Tags: Video, kayaking, wet exit, technique, whitewater

Kayak Low Brace Stroke

One of our all-time favorite strokes is the anti-capsize stroke (pretty important!); a stroke and a maneuver t…

Tags: Video, Kayak, basics, Strokes