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Kayak Fishing - Read kayak fishing articles or watch kayak fishing videos to help improve your kayak fishing knowledge from kayak angler experts.

Goose vs. Kayaker

Did you know that geese don't like kayakers? Observe their crafty MMA skills as one takes on Pro Kayak Angler …

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Top 5 Ways to Customize Your Fishing Kayak

One of the funnest parts of kayak fishing is customizing your fishing kayak to fit your individual needs. So…

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Keeping Your Catch Fresh on a Kayak

Read about how to successfully keep your catch fresh while you're on your kayak out on the water in this artic…

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How to Launch a Kayak in a Surf Zone

Watch this video to get some good tips on the technique necessary for launching your boat in the surf zone. …

Tags: Video, Kayak, technique, launching

How To Re-Enter A Sit-On-Top Kayak

In this video, we're going to look at the best way to re-enter a sit-on-top kayak in the event that you've fal…

Tags: Video, Kayak, re-enter, technique

Kayak Fishing: Paddle or Pedal?

One of the biggest questions that I'm asked is, "Should I be paddling or should I be pedaling?" And that's a g…

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Fall Fishing Techniques

This is by far my favorite time of year [in Florida] to be on the water. The water is still warm enough to hol…

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Top 5 Offshore Kayak Fishing Tips

As the sport of kayak fishing continues to explode in popularity, more and more people are putting their skill…

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Trolling from a Kayak

As a rule, I normally head out with just 2 rods. You've heard the expression about "Less Is More", but sometim…

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