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Best Lightweight Canoes

The Best Lightweight Canoes

We've all been there. The dreaded portage. Sure, we knew there'd be a brief portage here and there, but seriously?! This has felt more like a portage trip with some intermittent canoeing than the other way around. We've all experienced the pain of portaging and wondered what it'd be like with a lightweight canoe. Heck, there was an entire movement around pack canoes, which brag the most lightweight, solo canoes you can imagine. The good news is, you're not alone. Your loyal canoe comrades have been testing and reviewing canoes for well over 20 years. So we've rounded them up to give you the best rated lightweight canoes, broken up by sub-category below:

Best Lightweight Canoes

The overall top rated lightweight canoes that weigh anywhere from 30-50 lbs. For less than 30 lbs., check the best ultralight canoes below.

Best Ultralight Canoes

The lightest of the light. The best ultralight canoes weighing no more than 30 lbs!

Best Lightweight Pack Canoes (Solo Canoes)

Pack canoes get their namesake from being lightweight, solo canoes. Here are the best rated pack canoes:

Best Lightweight Tandem Canoes

And the best lightweight tandem canoes:

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