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Balance in a Solo Canoe

This video features Darren Bush who talks about balance in a solo canoe. He demonstrates the importance of keeping your weight centered in the canoe, with your head over your hips.

A canoe is kind of like a rocking chair. You can move it pretty easily right in this range. As you start to learn the boat over, you can see you get resistance back from the boat. As long as your head, your torso are immobile, your hips can kind of swivel. That makes the boat stable. 

Here's an example of how important it is to keep your head over your hips. If I take this rock that weighs about the same as my head and I hold it out here, whoa. Now, if I do the same thing with my head, whoa. Yeah, people tip over their boats because they get their core mass outside of the gunnels of the boat. As long as I keep my torso inside the gunnels, the boat can go way over, right?

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