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Articles by Wayne Horodowich

Kayak Beach Slide

In July 2015, I went backpacking probably for the last time in my life. My plan was to join my friend Tom for …

Tags: Kayak

Deck Storage

I have found every paddler has their own opinion as to where and how to store gear on the decks of their kayak…

Tags: Kayak, gear, storage

Take a Tour

Let me begin by saying I am a big fan of "do it yourself." I enjoy exploring, problem solving and working out …

Tags: Kayak, Canoe, planning

Scoop Rescue

I hope this never happens to you, but there may come a time when you have a paddler in the water that is incap…

Tags: Kayak, rescue, technique

Using A Deck Sling

Many years ago I saw a very simple piece of equipment that I filed away in my memory bank and forgot to retrie…

Tags: Kayak, rescue, gear

Choosing The Best Paddle

Back in 1972 a fellow paid me $50 to use my scuba gear to go under his dock to retrieve a propeller he acciden…

Tags: Kayak, Paddles

Carrying a Sea Kayak Alone

The best way to carry a single sea kayak is with two or more people. However, sooner or later you will end up …

Tags: Kayak, carry

Paddle Swim

For those of you who have never visited Santa Barbara, CA, I can honestly say it is a beautiful little city wi…

Tags: Kayak, technique, rescue

The Seasick Paddler

If you have been seasick then you know how it feels. If you haven't, you may think you know how it feels. Thos…

Tags: Kayak, Canoe, Safety

On Water Kayak Repair

There will be a time, sooner or later, you or your partner will have to fix something on one of your kayaks wh…

Tags: Kayak

All In Recovery (traditional)

I recall when I started my sea kayaking career. Being self taught at the beginning and then learning from book…

Tags: Kayak, re-enter, capsize, rescue

My Immersion Ensemble

Since the number one cause of fatalities in sea kayaking and kayak touring is exposure to cold water I think a…

Tags: Clothing, PFD, Kayak, Safety, basics
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