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Articles by Doug Wipper

Choosing the Right Canoe

With only 900 or more canoe models to choose from — and with each manufacturer having its own classifica…

Tags: Canoe

Using Tandem Canoe Pivot Turns

Often the river currents will push your canoe towards obstacles such as strainers, undercut walls, falls, hole…

Tags: Canoe

Using the River's Currents to Propel Your Canoe

To become a fine canoeist in moving water, you must first learn how to use the river's energy to help propel y…

Tags: Canoe, Paddles

Additional Rescue Techniques

Boat Bump The boat bump is primarily a river rescue technique. It is used to push canoes into eddies so a c…

Tags: Canoe, Safety

Canoe Over Canoe Rescue

One thing you can count on when you take up canoeing is that at some point you'll end up in the drink, clingin…

Tags: Canoe, Safety

Single Blade Power Stroke

If you caught the Olympic coverage of flatwater canoe racing last fall you saw the mechanics of well rehearsed…

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Whitewater Canoe Mistakes

Hundreds of paddlers of all ages attend our canoe school annually. Day after day, we detect and correct paddli…

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13 Pieces of Essential Safety Equipment for WW Canoeing

Risk management while canoeing comes down to knowing your own skill level and that of your group; assessing th…

Tags: Canoe, PFD, Safety