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1 Yukon, 10 Trips of a Lifetime. Put Yourself in the Picture.

When you’ve had enough of normal…

…come to the Yukon and put yourself in a bigger picture: bigger rivers, bigger wilderness, bigger experiences. In the land of the midnight sun, even the days are bigger. Which is good because you’re going to want the extra time every day to see what’s around the next bend, to drop a line in the water or to hike up that slope for another awesome big picture view.

Yukon Wild — we’ll guide you into a bigger picture: www.yukonwild.com

Snake River, Blackfeather
Bonnet Plume country - [Snake River, Blackfeather]
The name conjures up the whitewater Snake River, spectacular mountains, abundant wildlife, and a remote Northern beauty that will find a place in your soul and stay there forever. Do your soul a favour and put yourself in that picture at least once in your lifetime.

Alsek, Canadian River Expeditions
“A” is for Alsek - [Alsek, Canadian River Expeditions]
If you want to experience the world’s ultimate rafting adventure, may as well go right to the top. Voted “the wildest river in North America,” an expedition on the Alsek through rapids, huge mountain valleys and past enormous glaciers is the experience of a lifetime.

Firth, Nahani River Adv

Now you’re in “the North” - [Firth, Nahani River Adv]
The remote and utterly wild Firth River in Northern Yukon offers pristine water, mountain and tundra landscapes and all those muskox, caribou, wolves, eagles and falcons that have been patiently waiting on your bucket list. Bring your hiking boots.

Takhini River, Muktuk Adv
A Takhini River invitation - [Takhini River, Muktuk Adv]
This lovely river less than an hour from Whitehorse flows like an invitation to anyone who’s ever paddled, who wants to paddle again or who has never paddled. From the sand cliffs to the rock gardens to the “Jaws of Death” (aka: Gums of Worry) the Takhini rewards paddlers on every level.

Tatshenshini Alsek CanRaftingAdv
A journey through the Ice Age - [Tatshenshini Alsek CanRaftingAdv]
Rated by National Geographic as the #1 river journey in the world, rafting the Alsek-Tatshenshini rivers will take you past towering mountain ranges, spectacular glaciers and waterfalls, and through dramatic canyons, icebergs and white water rapids. It’s the only way you’ll ever get to time-travel (in comfort).

~Get the BWCAW Tee~

With over 1,090,000 acres of wilderness area, the BWCAW is a paddler's paradise.

Teslin River Nature Tours Yukon

You don’t need to be a pro - [Teslin River Nature Tours Yukon]
As long as you’re willing, the Teslin River is able. Its 380 kilometers of pristine water is gentle and accommodating to all experience levels. It will take you through gorgeous landscapes, show you some of Yukon’s wildlife and reveal a few Gold Rush-era artifacts.

Yukon River Cathers
Yukon’s original highway - [Yukon River Cathers]
To paddle down the Yukon River is to experience Yukon’s history. From First Nations people to the hordes of gold-seekers on their way to Dawson City, you’ll find the evidence of their passage in the grave sites, abandoned villages and derelict paddle wheelers along the way.

Yukon River Taiga Journeys

The river that gave us a name - [Yukon River Taiga Journeys]
“Yukon” means “Big River.” It flows unimpeded from the south of the territory to the ocean, over 3000 km (2000 miles) away. Throughout history, it has connected people and places in the north. Paddle the big river today and you’ll discover the heart of the Yukon.

Wind River UpNorth

Prepare to be amazed - [Wind River UpNorth]
The Wind River is the best example of a beautiful, intact ecosystem in the far north. Paddling the do-able class I-II water is only half the story. You’ll want to take advantage of the midnight sun to hike the most spectacular landscapes in North America. Big picture? You bet.

And just in case you paddle too much...

Horseback, SkyHigh
See things from a different perspective - [Horseback, SkyHigh]
No question, Yukon’s lakes and rivers are a huge draw. But, you’re here anyway and the sun’s up almost all the time, so add hiking, horseback riding or mountain biking to your itinerary. Each new perspective makes your Yukon picture bigger and better.

Come Explore with Yukon Wild!


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