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11 Photos That Will Have You Planning A Yukon Adventure

Come explore with Yukon Wild! Discover the land of the midnight sun. 

The Yukon serves up exceptional experiences including some of the most desirable paddling trips in the world.
Meet the guides and operators who live, work and breath this extraordinary place. Hear their stories, benefit from their expertise and leave with memories of your own unforgettable Yukon experience.
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Choose calm lakes or wild rivers
In the summer, the extremely long daylight hours mean maximum time for exploring. While there is no shortage of places to experience here, many come specifically for Yukon’s iconic rivers and picturesque cold-water lakes.

Discover Yukon’s legendary rivers
The Tatshenshini River is one of the Yukon’s four Canadian Heritage Rivers. The Tat, as it’s affectionately known, flows past towering mountain ranges, spectacular glaciers and waterfalls, and through dramatic canyons and white water rapids.

Raft our Rivers
The Tutshi River is another favourite. It serves up gorgeous scenery and some of the best white water in the world. Accessed from the Klondike Highway South, even the drive out to the river includes beautiful views and the possibility of spotting wildlife.

Explore our paddler's paradise
Along with available day trips, many tours are multi-day and include overnights on shore. Most river guides are also skilled campfire cooks and can whip up meals that are particularly tasty after a full day in the fresh air.

Fish cold, clean water
Dropping a line in the water can often mean an addition to the evening’s menu! Depending on the area and season’s conditions, keeping an eye out for berries and mushrooms can also be successful for savvy foragers.

Hike Yukon's unbeatable backcountry
Here, exploring takes getting away from it all to a whole new level. Over 80% of the Yukon is wilderness, and many travelers combine land and water adventures into unforgettable experiences.

Experience Kluane National Park
The North has unbeatable hiking into beautiful backcountry. Kluane National Park includes the world’s largest non-polar icefields and Canada’s highest peak.

See the Tombstone's towering peaks
Tombstone Territorial Park is one of Yukon’s many treasured, protected places. Its wild terrain, breathtaking views, abundant wildlife and interesting flora and fauna make it a photographer’s dream.

Kayak through our still-wild wilderness
There are more moose than people in the Yukon, and like many of the area’s two-legged residents, they are at home near the water. Moose are good swimmers and include aquatic plants in their diet, so it’s not uncommon for sharp-eyed canoers and kayakers to spot one of these magnificent animals.

Cover some ground on horseback
Stick to the lakes and river adventures, or add hiking, horseback riding or mountain biking to your itinerary. You’ll be treated to the summer’s spectacular midnight sun regardless how you spend your time here.

Come canoe the land of the midnight sun
The farther north you go, the higher and longer the sun stays in the sky. In more northern areas, the sun dips just low enough to touch the horizon before beginning to rise for another amazing day of limitless exploring opportunities.

Come Explore with Yukon Wild!


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