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Pungo 120 Angler

  • 12' Length
  • 29" Width
  • 51 Weight (lbs)
  • MSRP

This Product Has Been Discontinued

Pungo 120 Angler Description

The Pungo 120 Angler is a kayak brought to you by Wilderness Systems. Read Pungo 120 Angler reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Wilderness Systems
Pungo 120 Angler Reviews

Read reviews for the Pungo 120 Angler by Wilderness Systems as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

After spending a few...

After spending a few months trying other boats and reading every review I could get my eyes on, I bought a Pungo 120 Angler two years ago. I had to use it in different seasons and circumstances before a legitimate opinion could be formed and shared here. First, I did not want a sit on top kayak because I wanted a lower profile and also wanted to be closer to the water. If I wanted a jon boat, I'd buy one. The bulk of my fishing is by trolling and I needed something that was going to be stable, tracked well, had some storage, and was solidly built. The Pungo 120 fits that mold.

This boat tracks well compared to other similar sized rec kayaks I tried. Wind and recreational fishing kayaks don't tend to mix well in the first place, and I found the bow was tending to ride low into waves. I never got wet from over-wash, but it came close a few times. I found that by shifting my weight over my back pockets instead of hunching forward, it helped the bow pop up, ride higher, and take waves better. It is not especially fond of whitecaps, neither am I. This kayak is not overly heavy, yet does not have a thin walled hull like some other manufacturer's boats I tried.

Since fishing is a gear intensive pursuit, I have come love the storage hatches behind the seat and in the dash, where I keep rod holders, topo maps, a plug knocker, marker buoys, and boxes of lures. Everything in the back storage compartment can be reached from the cockpit. The Pungo Angler came with two RAM screwball mounts and a zookatube rod holder. I added another zookatube immediately, but quickly discovered that the right hand threads on the screwball mount will allow a port-mounted rod to spin towards the stern when a big enough fish hits (this flaw cost me fish). I realize that problem does not belong to Wilderness Systems. RAM, (the mount manufacturer) does not offer a screwball with left-hand threads, so I was forced to mount permanent 1.5 inch RAM mounts on the left side of my boat so the zookatubes on that side would function as designed. Those original mounts on the Pungo Angler are installed through the deck with rivets and no support underneath the deck. This makes the rods in the holders bounce whenever waves are just a few inches high. I replaced the rivets with stainless screws, nuts, and fender washers under the deck for support. This boat is primarily a fishing kayak and it needs to be able to hold up to the task correctly.

I also added a Lowrance Hook4X depth finder with a RAM quick release mount on top of the hatch on the dash. The battery is stored in a low profile watertight box behind the seat and is held in place with plastic speed buckles & nylon straps. The transducer for the depth finder is mounted in a water tight box that I cut the bottom out of, contoured to match the floor, and sealed it to the floor under the seat with silicone sealant. All the cables between battery, transducer, and depth finder are secure in plastic wire loom, though it can all be removed in a matter of minutes if necessary. It works great with zero possibility of damaging the cables.

I've added 2 more zookatubes aft of the cockpit as storage for other rods, so I can increase or decrease the size of my tackle as necessary without having to paddle all the way back to the truck.

The few changes I'd make to this boat would be:
1. A lower profile carry handle on the stern
2. A higher bow, and
3. A paddle clip on the dash.
Fishing line will sometimes slide between the rear carry strap and deck, which makes it tricky to remove at times, especially considering it is behind where it can't easily be seen. A slightly taller bow would take bigger waves better, and a paddle clip would be handy when fighting and releasing fish.

I'm happy I bought the Pungo 120 and it continues to serve me well. I am tempted to move up to a Pungo 140 for extra space and bigger water capability, though I may just stick with what I've got. My best fish so far from that boat have been a 20 inch largemouth bass, a 14 inch crappie, and a 26 inch channel cat. I know there's bigger fish from that boat in my future.

Great Sit in Kayak. Very...

Great Sit in Kayak. Very comfortable and adjustable seat. Angler Kayak came with recessed Rod holder and adjustable scotty rod holder. Included paddle holder as well.

Purchased the Pungo 120 as...

Purchased the Pungo 120 as my first kayak about 5 years ago. Used it for three years fishing Jamaica bay around the bridges and in strong currents/tides, boat wakes and large swells. I never flipped in this kayak. Stable and tracks extremely well. Sits low in the water which allows it to be relatively unaffected by wind. Although I now kayak/fish in a peddle sit on top kayak, this is still one of my favorite kayaks to paddle when the water is not rough (feel safer in a sit-on-top in rough conditions). Tends to nose down if you directly paddle into waves/wakes, have to hit them at a slight angle to avoid nosing down.

Great recreational kayak, seat is very comfortable, knee padding on sides is welcome, foot peddles can be adjusted fairly easily. Dry hatch in back can be opened while on water, after several years seal on bulkhead inside leaks a bit into the dry area, will apply sealant to prevent this.

Overall a great starter sit inside, paddles easily, tracks great and is light weight.

Providing an update on my...

Providing an update on my Pungo 120. I have had the kayak now for almost 13 years and used it probably a couple of hundred times. I take it in shallow coves where trolling motor driven boats can't go and catch huge bass and pickerel frequently. The boat has held up very well and the seat is very comfortable. I have broken through ice and surfed whitecaps and it has always proven to be stable. I couldn't be more pleased with my Pungo.

I purchased my Pungo 120...

I purchased my Pungo 120 this past summer after spending about 3 hours talking to a Kayak specialist and enthusiast at our local Field & Stream store. I was looking for a boat that was easy for one person to handle and also easy to fish from. I have some lower back issues so comfort was also a concern. I must say that I made the absolute correct decision in purchasing this boat! It is very light and easy to load on my car and also very comfortable to fish from. My fishing trips usually last 5 or 6 hours and this is no problem with the support the seat gives. I added a anchor system to make fishing easier but other than that this boat has everything the novice kayak fisherman needs. If you are looking for a sit inside kayak with great features I 100% recommend the Pungo 120!

I recommended one of these...

I recommended one of these in the angler version for a friend and when he ordered his I ended up ordering one also. My wife who has back problems decided to try mine and voila, another one ordered. And... two other friends ordered the 14' Pungo Angler because they liked my 12' model.

The best part of this kayak is the seat. Finally I am able to spend all day fishing and not have to get out because of seating discomfort.

The boat is light enough for me to handle it alone. Could not do that with my 13'8 Old Town loon. It tracks well, making it easy to handle in windy conditions. It does however make it a bit harder to handle rapids. But since I am mostly on flat water and fishing, I can live with the occasional slightly more difficult turn.

The lever operated hatch covers on the console and dry hatch are great. It makes it easier to get in and out. And the console is great.... every kayak should have one, and it is easily removable when my dog or grand-kid wants to join me for a paddle.

The $800 price tag makes this twice as expensive as the starter kayaks being sold at the big box stores. So I would recommend this kayak only for folks that know they like kayaking. It would be a shame to spend more only to have it sit unused.

I just purchased the new,...

I just purchased the new, probably 2003 Pungo Angler model. The new Pungo has a squared off back, a full size rear hatch and rear bulkhead. It is supposed to be about 10% lighter and track a little better. I had just tried the "old" Pungo of a friend and liked it and the new one is perfect. I paddled up the Delaware River and anchored in about a 3 know current. Even with motor boats going by it was incredibly stable and the seat is great.

I purchased a Pungo Angler...

I purchased a Pungo Angler in August 2001 after much research and after having seen no bad reviews. I have used my Pungo on Missouri Class II streams, ponds, lakes, in 5 different states, the Chesapeake Bay and even on a two week trip to the BWCAW (yes, one can portage with them). We have paddled quiet flat water as well as in very harsh winds and waves in the lakes of MN. . .it is also comfortable for napping on quiet water. My lovely wife bought the boat for me and after trying it on the Lake of the Ozarks. . . bought one for herself and we have enjoyed many pleasant trips with them. Our favorite activity is to fish and camp out of them and can carry enough food and gear for a week or more. I will have to say that I can't imagine a better craft to fill it's intended role. We, obviously, have pushed the limits of that role but they have never disappointed us. I also purchased a set of the Roleez cart wheels from Campmor which makes travel to remote farm ponds much easier. The boats are quite stable (enough for children just learning) comfortable, a joy to paddle. We also have the spray skirts and I have a seat back extension. I would highly recommend this little boat but would also suggest that one must decide the purpose for which any boat is intended and then go from there. It is not the fastest or a real sea kayak or a white water boat. . .but for what we do, it's just right.

I have owned a Pungo...

I have owned a Pungo Angler for a couple of months now and have paddled it on both flat and flowing water. This is not a white water boat, though it can handle the low to middle end of class II. You will want the spray skirt if you try that – this is the wet voice of experience talking. It is on lakes or long pools that the Pungo really shines. The boat does indeed track like its on rails and you can make pretty good time if you need to. Or you can feed out the anchor and fish in one spot for a while, or lean the Phase 3 seat back and take a nap. Don't worry about turning over and falling out. This is one stable boat. If you like to fish creeks and small rivers the supplied rigging can't be beat. I love my Pungo. Comfortable, stable, good looking, fast for a 12-foot boat, and well appointed for fishing. What's not to love?

My first Kayak is the...

My first Kayak is the Pungo Angler. After much research, this boat seemed to be what I was looking for, and I couldn't be happier with it. Excellent stability for fishing with plenty of room for tackle. Carrying two rods is no problem either. I was worried that paddling with a rod in the front holder would be a problem, but not at all. I keep a tackle box behind the seat and accessing it is a piece of cake. The boat is faster than I could've imagined. I also own a 17' aluminum canoe, but now when I am solo, the Pungo suits my needs perfectly. I highly recommend this boat, especially for anyone planning on doing some fishing.