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intermediate paddler 6 foot…

Submitted by: cheekymonkey on 12/27/2023

intermediate paddler 6 foot 180lbs, fun little kayak, excellent initial and secondary stability, surprisingly fast for a 10' kayak, with the skeg up the kayak can do a full 360 in one paddle stroke a la whitewater kayak by slightly putting it on its rock solid edge, but tracks beautifully for a short kayak with the skeg down, any weight in the rear hatch ruins manouverability and speed, it s a whitewater / touring kayak hybrid that does both well, it has become my go to for a quick paddle


Nice looking boat…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/11/2018

Nice looking boat ,(heavyish)lots of room for gear in rear ,seat base comfortable , back a little padding needed, skeg always needed (for me.!) on flat/ river use, or constant adjusting of paddle necessary,i do enjoy it though and crossed over from a scooter(sot) so styles the word,..Sawdog.


The Ethos Ten is an excellent…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/1/2015
The Ethos Ten is an excellent all-around crossover. With the skeg up, it spins and edges like a true WW kayak. With it down I have no trouble keeping up with the rec boats. The Ethos Ten is a large volume creeker at heart, no trouble plowing through class IV rapids or boofing over drops. It is a big boat though (heavy too), so be a little careful on those tight turns.

Rolls well, like to pop back up with ease. Full WW front bulkhead, allows for easier boat control. However at full extension it can be tight for longer inseams. Outfitting is extremely comfortable; my only complaint is that the adjustable backband rode a bit higher. Adjustable thigh braces are comfortable, the leg lifter is a great add-on for longer trips.

The skeg is spring loaded, so no worries if you forget to pull it back in for low spots. The skeg release is conveniently located (although a few more inches forward would help my bad shoulder), it locks up into place just fine and is easy to release. The rear hatch is roomy enough for all my needs, I've never had leak issues with it. Although I plan to reinforce the bulkhead seal at some point, just in case. This kayak is definitely a keeper!

- Rec boat speed with drop down skeg. Tacks true
- White Water capability. Spins on a dime
- High volume creeking capability
- Full bulkhead
- Comfortable outfitting and adjustments
- Water tight rear hatch
- Great looks, attracts attention

- Heavy and long
- Backband a bit low (for me)


Spins on a dime, can be very…

Submitted by: quantum on 6/18/2015
Spins on a dime, can be very maneuverable, stable in rapids, easy to roll and edge. However, the seatback is uncomfortable, especially on longer trips and steering with the skeg up is an all-day effort, requiring constant correction.

Have my Ethos for one year…

Submitted by: paddler236090 on 12/28/2014
Have my Ethos for one year now used it in flat to class II rivers. outfitting very comfortable and solid rear hatch never leaks; skeg works like a charm. Not the fastest on flat water but tracks really straight. Turn on a dime with skeg up. lot of room in rear hatch.

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