Name: quantum

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Spins on a dime, can be very maneuverable, stable in rapids, easy to roll and edge. However, the seatback is uncomfortable, especially on longer trips and steering with the skeg up is an all-day effort, requiring constant correction.

A nice intro to a not especially expensive touring kayak ($889). Comfortable seat, attractive graceful design, 2 hatches w/2 bulkheads. tracks straight fairly well (not perfect) and has nice top end-speed (but not a racer).

Handles fairly well, but a little slow in rapid fire turns, especially if you want to do a 180 or 360 degree turn. Quite stable through small rapids, waves and choppy water at 12'long and 26"wide, but feels a little tippy till you get used to edging and entry, mostly due to the mild V-shape hull and soft chines. Robust poly construction that handles colliding with rocks at speed quite well.

Comfortable for long hours at a time, handles lakes, small to medium waves, small rapids easily. Not sure if I'd take this boat in real whitewater, though as handling isn't the best (and neither am I). Can handle going UPRIVER in significant current at decent speed for some distance with some effort reasonably well. Lots of storage room in bow and stern. Smaller cockpit than a rec boat but fairly easy entry and exit. Easily adjustable foot braces via a handle that you can change without getting out of the kayak.

There are sexier/faster/more stable/better handling/cheaper kayaks (and MUCH more expensive, too) out there, but this is a nice compromise-every weekend kayak when you want to step-up from your recreation boat. I'd buy it again.

A fairly decent starter recreation kayak. Pretty stable for entry/exit and once underway as it has relatively sharp chines and a flat bottom. Handles quite well and turns fairly sharply due to 9'5" length and 28"wide. Reasonably comfortable adjustable padded seat and rather large cockpit. Can handle small waves and very small rapids, which makes it pretty fun on your local creek or lake. The downside is that it doesn't track straight very well (but not too bad) and is slow compared to a touring boat. Well made poly construction, robust. If you're looking to get in a kayak for occasional local use, this one goes for about $349.
Decent little boat.