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Vibe Cubera 120 Hybrid Kayak

Vibe Cubera 120 Hybrid Kayak Description

The Vibe Cubera 120 Hybrid Kayak is a kayak brought to you by Vibe Kayaks, LLC. Read Vibe Cubera 120 Hybrid Kayak reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Vibe Cubera 120 Hybrid Kayak Reviews


Read and submit reviews for the Vibe Cubera 120 Hybrid Kayak.

Vibe Kayaks, LLC
Vibe Cubera 120 Hybrid Kayak Reviews

Read reviews for the Vibe Cubera 120 Hybrid Kayak by Vibe Kayaks, LLC as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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My new go to vessel.The more…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/15/2021

My new go to vessel.The more I use it the more I love this board (hybrid kayak). I don't do stand up paddling but I do stand up fishing and the Cubera. It's versatility is the best and second to none. Use it as a plain board. Put the Summit seat and sit back and paddle in comfort with it's 4 positions. My favorite is the low recumbent. Fold down the backrest and you have a 16" standing platform (optional Standing Perch). Side rails for mounting and rear and forward cargo holding area with bungee tie downs. The tri, shallow kegs built into the hull make for great tracking, without deep skegs. It has many other options too, like the Power Pole. Rudder and Bixpy Jet ready.

I just added the Alden SUP rowing rig and it's taken this board the a whole new level. I can row for miles, efficiently and faster than most motors


Vibe’s Cubera 120 as…

Submitted by: razorklaw on 2/18/2021
Vibe’s Cubera 120 as described on their website as a “hybrid kayak” that “re-invents the fishing kayak”. A bold statement that I wanted to put to the test. I’ve been involved with paddle sports from canoes to kayaks for over 50 years. This Cubera is my first hybrid “Stand Up Paddleboard”. First impression is with the Summit Seat and its multiple configurations, base and perch, it loses the SUP distinction for me. The next thing is the multitude of seven top loading gear tracks, tie downs, and a mounting location for Power-Pole Micro Anchor or a Bixby Jet Motor sets this apart from a standard recreational SUPs. This week I took the Cubera 120 to my local fishing hole to test some of the features and get a “feel” for the balance and responsiveness. My first surprise was the stability. The Cubera comes in at 12 feet in length and 33.5 inches in width as opposed to my Vibe Shearwater at 12.5 feet by 35 inches. I felt more stable with less lean on the Cubera due to its flatter wide keel. Getting on and off the Cubera was less of a problem due to the stability and the fact the flat deck with no gunnels. Later I was happy to find that landing fish didn’t require me having to lift the fish over a gunnel, but just pull it onto the deck. I wanted to test some speed and maneuvering so it was time to put the fishing pole down and grab the paddle. The first couple of paddle strokes and I was moving at a good clip. Turning with a paddle in a canoe or standard kayak involves several standard strokes but with the Cubera there is less keel in the water so a simple back stroke will turn you instantly. I tested this and paddled off just the right side of the Cubera and was able to spin 360 degrees with just a few light paddle strokes. I’m extremely pleased with the addition of the Cubera 120 to my fleet of Vibe kayaks. I’m positive the more adventures lay ahead as I explore more aspects of this “hybrid kayak”.