Versa Adaptive Kayak Paddle System

by  Angle Oar

Versa Adaptive Kayak Paddle System Description

The Versa Paddle System is designed to keep kayakers as independent and active as possible. A mount supports the weight of the kayak paddle while you paddle, reducing stress on your shoulders, back and joints. A support post and omni-directional head and let your paddle rotate in every direction, delivering a fluid, energy efficient experience that requires less effort, strength and mobility. The Versa Paddle can be used straight or angled downward on both sides. The angled position requires a smaller range of motion and permits one-handed paddling, making kayaking possible for people with injuries, disabilities, amputations and other mobility limitations.

Recommended Usage: Recreational Kayaking, Adaptive Paddling Programs, Veterans Paddling Programs, Physical Therapy Office, and Parks & Rec Departments

Material Description: (paddle) aluminum shaft, plastic blades; (mount) anodized aluminum, stainless steel.

Versa Adaptive Kayak Paddle System Specs and Features

  • Material Description: Fiber glass shaft and blades; anodized aluminum parts

Additional Attributes

  • Reduces stress on the torso, back, shoulders, elbows and wrists
  • Creates a fluid, energy-efficient paddling experience
  • Mounts to many (but not all) sit-inside, sit-on-top and foldable kayaks, as well as stand up paddleboards
  • Comes with one of three different mounts that attach to the kayak to support the weight of the Versa Paddle
  • Use it straight or angled in the mount, or straight out of the mount
  • Angle and rotational head create a smaller range of motion
  • Push buttons adjust angle of paddle and lengthen shafts from 220 to 255 cm
  • For paddlers with quadriplegia, CP, amputations, strokes, shoulder problems and more

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Versa Adaptive Kayak Paddle System Reviews

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I'm a disabled veteran and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/13/2021

I'm a disabled veteran and I've had 7 shoulder surgeries and I never thought I would be able to kayak but thanks to the versa paddle I'm able to. Best invention ever!!!!


My sweetheart, Julie had a…

Submitted by: paddler873888 on 9/13/2020

My sweetheart, Julie had a stroke 12 years ago. Before her stroke we did a lot of kayaking here on Lake Champlain and on vacations, Vancouver Island, BC, trips to Maine, and Martha's Vineyard. After her stroke I told people she would work hard to be able to paddle again, but it wasn't to be. Then a few years ago we work with Cathy Webster and the Northeast Disabled Athletic Association and used the Angle Oar Versa paddle system and she was back on the water! Now it was time to get her a kayak of her own and the Vera Paddle. It was easy to install and we are back on Lake Champlain and beyond!!" It is so wonderful", she said, "to be able to do this again"


We purchased for the sole…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/18/2020
We purchased for the sole purpose of providing our disabled 9 year old son the opportunity to participate in what lake life offers and be included in all activities. This product did exactly as advertised and he is no longer simply a passenger when we go kayaking, but is now a participant. It makes all the difference.

The Versa Paddle and Support…

Submitted by: paddler511235 on 5/31/2019

The Versa Paddle and Support Mount was exactly what I needed! Being able to go out on the water with friends and family is a great time but I had a hard time raising the paddle or supporting it on my own. The Versa mount helps hold the paddle in the position I couldn't and allows me to get out on the water with everyone else and keep up right along with them. I highly recommend this product!


The Versa adaptive kayak…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/1/2018

The Versa adaptive kayak paddle with support mount opens up the wonderful world of kayaking to those with disabilities - and for those paddlers (especially fisherman) who would benefit from a support-mounted paddle. The Versa allowed my special-needs son to join the family for kayaking outings while paddling his OWN kayak. The support mount installs easily, and fits most kayak cockpits. The design allows for quick removal when the kayak is to be used with a regular paddle. An excellent and life-changing product!


Effortless paddling!

Submitted by: nisse on 8/21/2017

Great features, easy to use, what's not to love?!


Excellent Alternative for Adaptive Paddling

Submitted by: Jacques-Drazsnzak on 8/7/2017

I tried the Angle Oar recently and was impressed by how much it reduced my effort while paddling. It was intuitive to use and significantly reduced the effort I needed to exert to move my boat. My mother-in-law has arthritis and this product allows her to enjoy kayaking as much as I do. I recommend you give it a try. It is not for everyone, but the reduction in effort and ease of use will be of benefit to many people currently unable to enjoy kayaking.


Angle oar changes paddling for those who struggle to keep up!

Submitted by: Cathy-Webster on 3/14/2017

I had been in touch with Angle Oar for about a year before it was available for use, as I am a physical therapist and I work as a volunteer with the Northeast Disabled Athletic Association(NDAA), helping launch an adaptive kayak program.
The folks we work with have significant mobility limitations, and many have been in wheelchairs for years, if not their entire lives. We had struggled with a few paddle support set ups, but what we needed was exactly what Angle Oar was designing.
After getting a few folks out on the water for short bouts of labor intensive paddling , the angle oar became an absolute game changer.
The support system takes all the weight of the paddle, and the angle is in the perfect position to allow the paddler to only need minimal strength and range of motion of their arms to obtain powerful strokes and maneuverability.
Having something that allows these folks to be out on the water propelling themselves, many times for the first time is amazing.
The angle oar allows people with arm weakness, significant endurance problems, and many disabilities the opportunity to experience true adventures on the water!
( with the correct amount of support and education)
This summer we hope to have groups and clinics available in the Burlington Vermont area.
Cathy Webster
Lake Champlain
South Hero, VT

Versa Adaptive Kayak Paddle System