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Wow, I'm flabbergasted by…

Submitted by: paddler2727238 on 12/27/2023

Wow, I'm flabbergasted by the reviewer calling the Easky dangerous! Hahaha. You seem like a real gem and would probably sink in a bathtub.
I live in the States and have been paddling my beloved Easky for well over 10 years. No, it is not a fast river kayak, but it's not made for that. I've had mine in every one of the Great Lakes, paddling countless miles, riding surf and think this is the perfect boat to explore with. I've also had it in wide slower river and oceans and it's still 100% reliable and safe. From hot days that was like paddling on a pond, to lit chop, to getting caught on Lake Superior in whitewater chop and rain blowing sideway, the Easky is very safe and stable, easy to maneuver, and is still my boat of choice every day. And I've had quite a few!
It's a great kayak, don't be scared off by an alarmist who overreacts when they don't know how to paddle.


I bought this kayak just…

Submitted by: fjulias on 7/26/2022

I bought this kayak just over a year ago and I really enjoy it. It has become my go-to kayak. The first trip out with his kayak was down the Flint River (class 1-3 WW) in GA and it sailed (floated) through without any problems we even river camped one night. The kayak maneuvers and tracks really well. The hatch covers are a nice size so you do not have any problems trying to fit gear in. Even with the skeg box taking up space in the rear well, I do not have to skimp on my gear when I river camp. The stability of the kayak has never been a problem.


I have to respond to the…

Submitted by: paddler1594469 on 7/8/2021

I have to respond to the review: "had this boat for a couple of years and found it downright dangerous. It has a hard chine. In a moderate chop it felt highly unstable and would capsize quicker than a light switch. As a BCU Level 3 kayaker with a lot of sea experience let me warn you, do not buy this boat" Well, codswallop! I bought one second hand just to see how I got on & I have found it to be excellent. Been out a few times in quite 'exciting' sea conditions & not found it to be unstable at all, quite the opposite. I haven't capsized once, tracks really well, is quite fast and I really like it. FYI I'm 5' 11", nearer 15 stone, carry reasonable amount of kit in the kayak. I'm a Level 3 BCU (stick with the older time slot) kayak coach & a Level 4 (equiv) OC coach. I have a lot of WW experience and my sea kayaking experience is growing quickly! Brill first sea kayak would highly recommend.


I had this boat for a couple…

Submitted by: paddler893117 on 10/31/2020
I had this boat for a couple of years and found it downright dangerous. It has a hard chine. In a moderate chop it felt highly unstable and would capsize quicker than a light switch. As a BCU Level 3 kayaker with a lot of sea experience let me warn you, do not buy this boat. Buy a Rainbow Oasis 430 which is much better.

Chose this kayak for ocean…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/29/2016
Chose this kayak for ocean kayaking with some lake kayaking also. It is stable and cuts a nice line through the waves. I use this kayak for long distance rides of the coast of Cape Cod.

I have 2 Esky 15 PVC boats (1…

Submitted by: c4burns on 9/30/2015
I have 2 Esky 15 PVC boats (1 with a rudder, the other with a skeg) that have performed beautifully in both flat water and ocean waves. The only issues we have with the boats are the thigh pads(too thin and not adjustable for different body sizes) and the weight of the boats, but Kevlar was way out of the budget

A great boat. Fits like a…

Submitted by: tonykiz on 9/8/2014
A great boat. Fits like a glove (I'm 6 ft. 3 in. / 195 lbs.) and very responsive. Confidence inspiring stability. Excellent tracking -- I've yet to deploy the skeg. Very easy to tighten up a turn by employing a bit of edging and very easy and stable on edge.

Great cockpit: comfortable seat and versatile seat-back (use as back band or backrest), twist-lock footpegs with wide footrests, and great thigh braces. Seals spray skirt size 1.7 is a perfect fit with the seat back in the back band position. Only have taken it out on flat water so far, and I can't wait to get it out on some big water and waves.


This is a very versatile…

Submitted by: paddler235746 on 7/16/2014
This is a very versatile kayak made by the Venture trademark of P&H Sea Kayaks of Great Britain. These are kind of difficult to find, but are well worth the effort.

This craft is just short enough to take it on some rivers (though nothing where you'd need to turn on a dime), yet long enough to track straight and fast on still water. Excellent secondary stability. Very comfortable seat (as far as kayak seats go). Ample room for a backpacking tent and a few supplies for overnighting. It has a fairly open cockpit, yet can still be fitted with a skirt for rougher conditions. I am 6' 4" and 190 lbs and this feels perfect and has adjustable foot pegs (can also be fitted with a rudder).

I've taken it on many Ozark rivers and it usually performs well, just not if you have to do a last second correction since it wants to keep tracking straight). This kayak paddles perfectly down the Missouri River or on any open water. If you will be doing only sea kayaking you might look at the longer 17+ foot long cousins made by P&H.