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9'4" x 33" Whopper

9' 4"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

9'4" x 33" Whopper Options

  • Blue Carbon

    23 lb
    Carbon Composite
  • Starlite

    23 lb
    Fiberglass Composite
  • ASAP

    22 lb
    Fiberglass Composite

    9'4" x 33" Whopper Description

    The wave-ripper for real-world riders. This surf paddle board is Floaty, fun, and the king of catching waves. You’ll make any kind of mush highly surf-able with this shape. Wide Ride has a size for all rider weight and abilities; the bigger models produce the easiest glide and stability, while the smaller sizes deliver more control and maneuverability.

    9'4" x 33" Whopper Reviews


    Read and submit reviews for the 9'4" x 33" Whopper.

    9'4" x 33" Whopper Specs and Features

    • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
    • Seating Configuration: Solo
    • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult
    • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
    • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult
    • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

    Additional Attributes

    • Shorter nose outline
    • Thinner rails
    • Nose kick
    • Flat rocker
    • Flat standing area
    • Moderate tail kick
    • Wide rounded tail
    • Mono to double concave bottom
    • Channel tail

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    9'4" x 33" Whopper Reviews

    Read reviews for the 9'4" x 33" Whopper by Starboard SUP as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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    First off, I should bring to…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/12/2018

    First off, I should bring to your attention that there is the Whopper (10 ft by 34 in wide) model, and then there is the Whopper Jr, model (9'5" by 33" wide). Don't confuse the two Starboard Models.

    The Whopper is 171 liters of volume, the Whopper Jr is 166 liters. I own both, and I've surfed both. The Junior is better for surfing, although, be realistic, both are longish and fatish. Their best in knee-waist high mushy surf. I should say I also own an 8'10" widepoint model and it is far better for surfing.

    I still have both whoppers though. They're fine for small days and both paddle well enough to be used for flat water touring (I weight 185 lbs). My 10 ft whopper even has a windsurf screw in and I mount my windsurf mast at times and use it for windsurfing. (It's a poor windsurfer, but hey, it's just for low key fun when there's no surf and flat water paddling gets boring).

    When the surf get overhead, either Whopper isn't the proper tool. Too much volume, too thick of rails. But for small mushy surf, and if you wish paddling ability and stability, they're fine boards.

    Personally, I prefer the Jr over it's older brother. It's a little more refined shape, has a moderate vee in the bottom which loosens it up for surfing, the inch less in length is helpful when surfing (when dropping in, the 10 ft x 34 inch wide Whopper's nose is just too wide if the surf is over shoulder high. The Junior is a better surfer yet with 90% the flat water paddling ability of it's brother.

    If you're really into surfing, I'd recommend the Hero Model, or the various length WidePoints rather than the Whopper Models. They'll still offer stability and relatively decent paddling, but will have better wave performance.


    Great board, easy to tour,…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/18/2016
    Great board, easy to tour, easy to surf and maneuver. Great for beginners! Pros It's super stable even in choppy conditions. Cons Nothing Usage Surf and touring flat water

    I bought the Starboard…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/5/2016
    I bought the Starboard Whopper ASAP and I absolutely love it! The board is constructed well, and very durable. I was not sure about the construction but found it very tough and nice looking. The board is VERY stable and maneuverable and produces good speed. This is the best board I have owned yet. I use it mostly for surf and would consider myself advanced. Pros Everything mostly. Cons The only thing I do not like is the white deck material shows dirt and is hard to clean. Usage Surf and general paddling but mostly surf.

    Bought this board used. Its…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/25/2016
    Bought this board used. Its really great in flat water as well as in the surf. I am 205 and it's super stable. Really light for a 10'+ board and easy to maneuver in the surf. Anybody can use this board and catch waves and have fun! Pros Stable, easy to maneuver, light, great in the surf and flat water Cons Dings easily Usage Surf/touring

    Great board, I'm new to sup…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/3/2016
    Great board, I'm new to sup and caught a wave the first day out. Stable and easy to maneuver, great quality! Pros Everything Cons Nothing Usage East coast surfing, flat water touring

    I recently purchased the…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/12/2015
    I recently purchased the Starboard Whopper 10'0 ASAP as an all rounder but primarily used for surfing. I wanted something durable enough for everyday use and travel. I am a very experienced surfer and SUP surfer. I am very pleased with the board in every way. I wanted stability even in choppy conditions and ease of catching waves. The board delivers to all my expectations, is very light for it's size and is still very maneuverable. I would highly recommend this board to the beginner as well as experienced rider. Pros Everything. Cons Not sure about the ASAP construction but time will tell. Usage Surfing, paddling, touring, exercise, kids.

    Unreal board. My go to for…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/9/2015
    Unreal board. My go to for every occasion. Good for flat water cruises or surfing in any size surf. I usually let my friends that come with me for the first time ride my 10'0 whopper over my 11' cruiser and when they go with me again they always ask if they can ride the whooper over my other larger boards. The stability and manuvalibilty makes it the most versatile board I've ever owned. Highly recommended the starboard whopper. Pros Best all around board I've owned, and I've had about 10 boards so far. I'd choose this board out of any other board for sure for any occasion. Material is very hard to ding. Cons Not much to say, can't think of any. Usage My go to for everything. I even fish off it cause of stability and surf on it for manuvalibilty. Like I said best all around board I've owned.

    Outstanding board. At 10'x34"…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/20/2015
    Outstanding board. At 10'x34" its wide and stable yet very responsive wave riding. Tracks well and glides with ease in the flats, as well it will catch a wave well on the outside where others can't. With the round tail and tri fin setup it is also very maneuverable on the face of the wave whether you are digging in a big bottom turn or driving down the line this board is fantastic. Pros Extra width and stability without sacrificing speed and maneuverability Cons Nothing! Usage Touring but mostly Surf. East coast

    What a great sup board this…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/18/2015
    What a great sup board this is, as a beginner I was nervous and confused about which board to get the whopper fits the bill perfectly easy comfortable and smooth grab one now. Pros Wide smooth and not to heavy Cons Nothing Usage Exercise touring just river cruising

    Great board, super durable,…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/9/2015
    Great board, super durable, very stable. It's good on flat water and easy to surf. Lots of float so the family can jump on with you. Well worth the cost and not too big. Pros Surfable Stable Durable Cons Haven't found one yet Usage Touring, surfing

    Whopper asap delaminated…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/1/2015
    Whopper asap delaminated beware Pros Very stable in choppy surf. Cons 2014 model whopper asap delaminated on bottom nose area. 90 deg. F. beach day after being on sand 1 hr. Starboard refused to replace board while still under warranty. Usage Surf

    Great board for easy surfing;…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/8/2015
    Great board for easy surfing; not the best tracker in the world. For big guys (that would be me), it can easily double as a 'real' surfboard. Durable, easy to carry, a fine board as long as you're going to play in the waves with it. Pros Easy to surf, durable. Cons Straight line tracking Usage Exercise, surf.

    This board is a lot of fun.…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/5/2015
    This board is a lot of fun. My 83 year old mother and my 4 year old grandson love using it as well. Great for doing yoga, paddling for exercise or just touring all of the beautiful lakes close by. Very portable, fits in my little Juke! Only thing that I don't like about it is how hard the last couple of pounds are to pump up. Pros Lightweight, portability, tough exterior. Think it would be difficult to damage. Like the D ring as well for when the little ones play on it (can tie it to the beach). Cons The last couple of pounds are hard to pump with the hand pump. Not unmanageable but sweat like crazy in the hot sun those last few pounds. Finally found a DC pump that will pump up to 20 psi, ordered today. Usage exercise, touring, playing

    glides well on the lake. My…

    Submitted by: jensaagi on 1/5/2015
    glides well on the lake. My board i can add my 2 other fins and make it a windsurf. Starboard is my first board ever, love it Pros wide, and very light Cons Usage exercise ad touring , you can add straps and so fitness on it

    I have a Starboard Whopper,…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/10/2014
    I have a Starboard Whopper, and a 9'6 PSH Ripper. I find myself using the whopper more because of the smaller waves on the East coast. It is the best all round board I have ever used. Great for touring, as well as Paddle surfing. I highly recommend the Whopper for new comers into the sport, as well as veterans. Paddle boarding is also a great core workout if you want ripped abs. I lost 30 lbs. from this awesome sport in a short 6 months. Pros The Whopper is very stable, forgiving dropping into a wave without nose diving, and great for everyday use on lakes and river. Cons I personally have no cons to say about this board Usage I mostly use the board for paddle surfing. When the waves are not there, I go for a couple hour paddle to stay fit.

    This board is designed for…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/10/2014
    This board is designed for "all around" use, Flatwater and surfing. At 34" wide it is very stable and the volume helps it float a big guy with ease (200+ lbs.) Pros This board catches waves and surfs great. As a veteran surfer who was looking for a new challenge, this board is perfect for the transition from regular surfing to SUP surfing. It is light, fast and responsive. Cons I felt the need to change the fins out for higher performance models. As a surfer with 25 years of experience, I wanted to best performance possible. Also I would prefer the sidebites to be "Future Fins" instead of "FCS". Usage I use this board for surfing. It performs very well.

    Best board EVER! All around…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/9/2014
    Best board EVER! All around stability, performance, and durability. From surfing to flatwater...none better! Pros Cons Usage DAILY

    very well made, light,…

    Submitted by: paddler232744 on 4/30/2014
    very well made, light, stable, in the AST white version surface is perfect without being too slick. Pros really stable, tracks well, short enough to get into my truck, light, nice carry handle, tri fin, good all rounder (surfs, lakes, touring). Cons too slow to race, stock side fins are OK quality (easy to fix with aftermarket side fins), i stripped one screw on a side fin and i really do not know how it happened. Usage surfing, touring, FUN. this is as much fun as you can have on water with your clothes on.

    I have several paddle boards,…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/16/2014
    I have several paddle boards, and by far the whopper is the most well rounded. It is great in the surf, lakes, and rivers. It is my favorite all round board. Pros It is light, turns on a dime, tracks straight, fast down the face of the wave, and hard to nose dive. Cons None Usage I paddle surf with this board,tour, and exercise.

    I have 2 sup,one starboard…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/5/2014
    I have 2 sup,one starboard another bought from china(aqua marina), even the size of starboard bigger n more wide than aquamarina (11x29), the starboard give wellglide onthe wwater.the moral of story, by a quality sup. Pros Well glide Cons Having problem once u facing the wind, since it have rocker edge in the front Usage Normally, I will hit the water 3x a week for exercise and touring

    Just got my inflatable sup...…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/31/2014
    Just got my inflatable sup... Can't wait to try it our once the weather warms up Pros Has excellent reviews & a great look... Good for lakes, River & yoga Cons Not sure yet haven't floated it yet Usage I'll use it on lakes, rivers & for yoga

    After growing up in kayaks…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/23/2014
    After growing up in kayaks and windsurfing buying my SUP was a no-brainer. I do have a mast base to attach a windsurfing rig but use the Wopper for paddling, lakes, rivers and the ocean. The Wopper is a wide ride with plenty of stability. It is light enough to carry long distances for remote launches and glides through the water like a hot knife in soft butter. Pros I can attach my windsurfing rig. Cons It won't fit in my board bag... too wide. Usage Not sleek enough for racing... but it's great in the waves and touring.

    This is a great stable board.…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/28/2013
    This is a great stable board. Well put togher and solid. It is sharp looking yet versatile. Pros This is a sharp board that is also durable. It can take a beating and whatever you throw at it. I lost a fin going down some rapids and did not realize it until the end of the 5 hour paddle. It tracked really well and I was able to get another fin quickly and off I went. Cons I wish it was a little faster on flat water but that was not what it was designed for. Usage I use this board going down river and catching rapids, cruising on a flat water lake and catching some waves at the ocean. I use this board several times a week.

    Super great board. got it in…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/7/2013
    Super great board. got it in the inflatable version for travel (comes in a 70 litre pack, essentially) and love it! was worried about the stiffness but it's almost as stiff as a foam board at 15psi. have bounced it off everything from razor reef to turtles and it keep comin back. a fun board, at 9' shorter than your average and pretty maneuverable even for it's width. makes a stable platform for everything, but i mostly use it for surfing! would recommend this to anyone up to 220 pounds, as a surf sup or a fishing vessel, although it is a big plow-y for cruising. I Live in tofino,B.C. and have a place on Molokai, HI. Pros Nimble even for it's width. Stable. Fun to surf. Portable. Stiff. Cons maybe not as much rocker as I would like (this is contradictory to that, but,) plows a little when paddling flatwater Usage Surfing- lots up to head high and hollow Fishing, spear and reel Chasing whales

    super stable, turns great,…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/21/2012
    super stable, turns great, responsive, light Pros light, responsive Cons Usage surf

    I'm riding a Whopper AST…

    Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/16/2012
    I'm riding a Whopper AST Silver. I am a longtime surfer and began paddleboarding in waves this spring. The Whopper is very responsive in the surf for a large board and very stable. Pros It's a great all around board.Because of the good amount of rocker, it will not nose dive, which is really nice when you are learning. Cons There are no cons. Usage I use it to surf and to cruise the lake and river,and it is also great for yoga.