Suction Cup Rack

Suction Cup Rack Description

Spring Creek Manufacturing’s Suction Cup Rack is the most universal roof rack on the market. Suction cup rack does not require any special clips, bolts, or clamps for your vehicle. Included are the through cab straps and handle straps for your desired strapping needs. The straps thread through your open doors. The suction cup mounts protect your roof from scratches or dents. The tops of the racks are padded to protect whatever you may be hauling. The racks are made from anodized aluminum and stainless steel, so they will not rust. Wide enough for canoes, kayaks, sailboats, ladders, lumber etc. Add telescoping loading bars for easier loading and wider carrying ability. Up to 20″ of added width on each side with loading bars fully extended. Loading bars extend and adjust to various widths to fit many requirements.

Without loading bars: $225

With loading bars: $325

Additional Attributes

  • Suction Cup Racks are rated for 300 lbs, although your car’s roof may have a lower load limit
  • Racks come in two sizes, 53″ for cars and thinner SUVs and 65″ for Trucks and bigger vehicles
  • The top rack bar is 2-3/16″ wide and 1- 1/2″ high
  • Through Cab Straps and Handle Straps included
  • Available with or without loading bars

Spring Creek Manufacturing
Suction Cup Rack Reviews

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Excellent product, light…

Submitted by: paddler556374 on 9/23/2019

Excellent product, light weight and super easy to use. I have the make your own kit, use standard 2X4's which means I can make it as wide or narrow as needed. Easy to switch from one vehicle to another. super great folks at spring creek


I received one as birthday…

Submitted by: paddler554678 on 9/16/2019

I received one as birthday present about 20 years ago, I use it every year to haul heavy dipnets for salmon fishing. The racks hold a lot of weight and stay in place even with sudden stops. They are easy to put on and take off.
The suction cups work well, but after 20 years they are starting to crack a little and need to be replaced.


Last week, I drove more than…

Submitted by: paddler234699 on 8/7/2012
Last week, I drove more than 3 hours to visit Spring Creek. With gas approaching $4, a gallon, this felt a little crazy especially when there are numerous kayak dealers in my area. However, I really wanted to paddle the boat before I bought one and their expertise (Lance) and great prices made it a "no-brainer". Plus, they were willing to take my boat in on trade, at a decent price.

While there, I saw the suction cup rack for the first time. I had heard about it before, but thought I would never trust something that held my valuable boats by suction. Wow, was I wrong. This rack is very solid and I love that it is easily moved from my wife's Sonata to my Yukon. Best of all, the loading bars make it so much easier to load plus give you the flexibility to instantly widen the rack to increase your hauling capability.

As other reviewers have noted, I did get a little seepage, around the windows, from rain but I would gladly tolerate it to have a rack with this much capability and the flexibility to move to any vehicle.


Love this. Have it over the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/3/2006
Love this. Have it over the cab of my ford ranger pickup. Use the Spring Creek rack over the bed. A super combo! Sturdy, no worries. Great service. Family business. It sounds like I'm affiliated with the company, but I'm not. I just love everything I've gotten from this company.

A suction cup rack that fits…

Submitted by: camper50 on 8/20/2004
A suction cup rack that fits any car by a one inch nylon strap that goes through the door or window. Expandable to carry two canoes. It works great with one falt. In a rain storm the nylon strap wicks water directly inside the car sometimes at a strong pace. No solution for this except to use a zip lock bag at the drip point to collect the water and empty often. Otherwise the rack itself works well and so far is the best alternative for cars without the almost forgotten raingutters.