Name: jaggedfin

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I wasn't much for sit on top kayaks when I started kayaking. I got interested kayak fishing and proved to be a bit cumbersome in sit in kayak. I found a great deal on a 15' OK prowler. I have went crazy rigging it up making it into the ultimate fishing machine. At 15' ft long it has good speed for a SOT, tracks good, stability is the best, and loads of storage area. You can go and fish anywhere you with this baby. I look at lot of the other fishing kayaks and the prowler seems to me to be the best and very affordable. I was sold on the prowler even before I found the deal that I did.

You want a well made and designed performance kayak at a reasonable price, this is it!

No need for a rudder, this boat tracks and turns very well. Speed is only limited by how fast and hard you can paddle. I love to take this boat out and cruise across the water. The cockpit design doesn't leave me feeling cramped up or closed in. I have one of the earlier models and the hull has changed, but they have made some design changes in the top decking and hatches. It is a beautiful boat and it is a keeper.

Too bad there aren't more dealers, Januatica boats are a steal for you get for the price. They are worth seeking out.

I did a lot of research before deciding on the Old Town Cayuga 146. I looked at the Wilderness System Tsunami 140/145, Necky Manitou 14, and the Old Cayuga 146; all were in my price range and locally available. I narrowed it to the Necky Manitou and the Old Town Cayuga. I tested both at a local outfitter and the Manitou had great speed and tracked well but turning required more work (the retractable skeg helped some) and it was always rocky (rolled side to side as you paddled). The Old Town Cayuga just as fast, tracked well, turned very well for a 14+ boat, and very stable at any stage. It had lots nice amenities; a deep dash dry storage (for wallet, keys, etc.), soft padded thigh pads, very comfortable seat, bow and stern dry storage which works as well as most (seen some signs of moisture at times). I have paddled it in the Gulf of Mexico with moderate chop, it handled like a charm. I have paddled down swift flowing narrow creeks and navigated with no problem. The variable layer technology makes certain areas seem a bit thin (i.e. dash area) but thick where it needs to be, which makes a boat of its size very light and easy to manage. Very nice boat; highly recommended.