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I have two of these two…

Submitted by: paddler869852 on 9/9/2020
I have two of these two person DiveYaks. They are in excellent condition and we just took them out in Lake Tahoe after owning them for 16 years. They have only been used a dozen times, so mostly are stored on a shelf in our garage. The bladders are great, the canvas is sturdy and well made. They look brand new. Because they are two-person boats, only having one person makes them a bit low in the middle. You need two people to balance the ends. They hold a lot of gear, are pet friendly and pets nails/claws will not affect the sturdy canvas. They do not make these any more, which is sad. They are made for the ocean and can handle substantial waves and are even great for river rafting. Really enjoy these boats.

I have owned this inflatable…

Submitted by: Canoeing-The-Edge-Of on 11/18/2019

I have owned this inflatable "Dive Yak" for 12 years and it is indeed very well made. I took it out in both fresh and saltwater many times the first three years (probably 40 times) and would bring all my SCUBA equipment without any problems. I weigh 200 pounds and even with full dive gear and 2 aluminum 80's it would float fine. Like most inflatables it's slow, does not track well, and is very cramped but it does the job it was intended for. After about 3 years I stored it in a closet inside my home and didn't use it for 8-9 years. I took it out recently and inflated it just to see if it would still work. The bladder is fine and holds air without any leaks. The exterior cover is in great condition and neither the upper laminated canvas-like top nor the rubberized underside had deteriorated at all. It was like I had just stored it a week before. The only manufacturing flaw in this kayak I noticed is that the straps that hold the seat to the kayak began to fray and ended up looking like frizzy cotton. They still seemed strong but looked terrible so I cut them off and slipped new polymer straps through the buckles and all was well. I purchased this dive yak from West Marine in late 2006 or early 2007 and it's still seaworthy in late 2019. As mentioned I didn't use it for nearly a decade but often times storage is worse than heavy use and I was pleasantly surprised that the interior air bladder and exterior shell had not degraded at all. A great little craft.


This boat seems extremely…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/26/2004
This boat seems extremely well-made, with well thought placement of eyelets for various attachments and comes with a very nice seat-back included in the package. The problem is it claims a weight limit of 350 lbs. for paddler and equipment. My 16 year old son experienced some flex in the mid-section while paddling. I feel this would be an excellent inflatable for a smaller paddler or kids. Overall, I feel that the cost value ofr the quality is very good, but again, mainly for smaller paddlers.

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