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Best whitewater kayak out…

Submitted by: dregsfan on 1/5/2011
Best whitewater kayak out there. I started as a beginner and now would consider myself as an advanced kayaker. I considered trading up but found the other whitewater kayaks were not as comfortable and have much less control.

The bottom has an unusual feature called traction control and is thicker than most other brands, thus it will take more abuse and last longer. The adjustable seat bottom is a big plus. Not many boats of this size have that.


The glide is not a boat for…

Submitted by: paddler228821 on 8/9/2000
The glide is not a boat for those without a mechanically good roll. All of the elements of the roll should be in place before you hit some big water. This is because of the seemingly 90 degree primary chime and high wall parallel to the cockpit. However, as many have experienced "what is stable upside down, hence hard to roll, is also hard to flip" and easy to brace. I consider myself to be a strong class three boater with some 4 experince but only thanks to a friend who can boat. To that end, this boat is sick in some water. It can handle holes right side up like few can, that I have paddled. I gave it an eight because I don't like the sharpness of the ends i guess thats subjective but it is also hard to outfit perfectly which is a must with its rolling difficulty. Bottom Line: Great play boat and I have used it for creeking on several occasions. Either be a badass on some hairy water or be a novice with a good roll on 2-3s or you will see some carnage as I have experienced.

The glide is the best…

Submitted by: paddler227962 on 5/10/1999
The glide is the best upper-intermediate/advanced kayak I have yet to paddle. It can do everything, from flatwater cartwheels to aireal flips and stunts (though I haven't done those yet). It isn't as easy to do flat water moves in it as some of the others but it makes up for it in its perfomance elsewhere. The place that it is the best is one the wave. It spins effortlessly and easily does blunts and cleans. It is very fast and has supper sharp chines which allows it to carve better than any other boat out there. On the other hand, it is a very finicky boat. It definetly takes some getting used to. It is not for the inexpierinced either. The sharp edges and pronounced rails make it a very edgy boat that will catch when river running, if you don't know the boat. After you learn its trcks though, the glide will take you to a whole new level that alot of the newer boats can't handle. One tip, try it for more than one day before you decide on buying something else, because it is bound to feel weird at first.