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Name: spiritboat

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This is a great kayak if you can pick one up on the "pre-owned" market. Is it comparable to high-end, expedition oriented sea kayaks? No. Is it a fine intermediate-level poly boat for day touring, multi-day camping trips, etc.(and far superior to your average one/or no bulkhead at all rec kayak of similar beam?)--YES. There is not a huge volume of bow storage in the front hatch area, but with what's there and with the bigger stern, you can hold plenty of gear and supplies for a good week's worth of adventure(just pack judiciously and don't take a bunch of non-useful crap with you.) I disagree with a previous reviewer about the plastic--It's Made in the USA tough. If you store and maintain a roto molded poly boat correctly, you should never have any issues with oil canning. The seat is plenty comfy on the butt for the long haul. The foot pedals adjust to size nicely for any adult from 5'8" to 6'2" tall, and you should probably be under 220 lbs...For a 16' boat, I found it turn s easily on twisty rivers and rides ocean surf waves just fine. Easy to roll. If you are transitioning from shorter, wider rec or ww kayaks(like I was)it is a good choice before ponying-up any big bucks on a new boat to figure out whether or not you want to go further in the sport...It will also pay for itself over and over again, as just a nice addition to your fleet or as a fun guest boat.