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Swing Reviews

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We’ve used the swing on…

Submitted by: paddler1819958 on 12/3/2021

We’ve used the swing on rivers and in the sea…playing, fishing, touring. Great balance in the water easily manoeuvred and safe for all ages.Had them now for 15 years hopefully 15 more.


I live on the Potomac river…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/2/2020
I live on the Potomac river in West Virginia -- quite literally on a cliff overlooking the river. I got this Swing used a few months back and it's a wonderful kayak -- very fast, tracks true, handles wakes from the Jetskis flying by, very stable. If you can get one, I would do so. Not the lightest sit-on-top around but worth it. The only other thing I would note -- and I probably should have figured this out in advance -- is the Swing is a bit large for creeks. I used it on the Antietam Creek (a beautiful paddle) and just couldn't maneuver it as well as I would have preferred. But, all in all, as so many others have said, this is just an awesome kayak.

Best kayak I’ve ever owned ,I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/16/2020
Best kayak I’ve ever owned ,I own your newer models and it’s as if you’ve down graded , in the since of hydrodynamics . I would like to see more hull designs like the swing easy to paddle through the water but still stable to be comfortable ,not some brick that you couldn’t go more than 2 miles on

I started my love of kayaking…

Submitted by: Mazer on 7/29/2013
I started my love of kayaking in Lake Tahoe California on sit on top Ocean Kayaks, I fell in love with how easy they were to paddle and manuever. A couple of years later, not knowing if I wanted a single or a double, I toured with both for a day at Spring Lake in Sonoma County. I could not decide. More time goes by I tried other kayak brands but just never really settled on one, My friends had a Percetion Swing Kayak, they don't want it, they brought it over for me to have. WOW, I had no idea that paddling the Ocean Kayak was so hard and it often pulled sideways, I felt like I was rowing a crab a couple of times it was so bad.

The Perception Swing is no longer made but if you can get one, go for it. It is the easiest kayak I have ever been in. The Swing is stable, easy to paddle, I use a back rest to make long distances more comfortable and I take it out as much as possible into the San Pablo Bay, it handles like a dream. I wish I had tried this kayak years ago.


I have a Swing and have found…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/20/2013
I have a Swing and have found it be one of the best kayaks I have ever been in, It tracks true and is faster then the new Wilderness kayaks and most Hobie kayaks, and its fishing capability is out standing, u will also stay dry (depending on weather).

The Swing is outstanding, in…

Submitted by: paddler234404 on 1/11/2012
The Swing is outstanding, in rough water or not I live in Florida on the west coast and have been in some bad ass weather, but the ride is like no other kayak, you can do what I call a lean test in this kayak against other brands and see which is more stable, in fact I'm so happy I'm looking for two more for my customers and getting rid of the Ocean Kayaks.

I picked up this kayak used…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/10/2011
I picked up this kayak used last year. I haven't used it yet as much as I would like but I configured it for fishing and it is a very stable and dry ride. I have had Ocean sit on kayaks before and they were just too wet, this one is not. I would have given it a 10 but with the durability come weight and it is a bit heavy. Great kayak, plenty of storage, older kids love it too.

We have had two Swings since…

Submitted by: paddler233479 on 2/1/2010
We have had two Swings since 1996 and it is the best, most versatile boat a person could own. Too bad Perception stopped making them!

We have taken them in the ocean in heavy surf, bayous, rivers, lakes, class 3 rapids, every possible body of water you can imagine, and they have been maneuverable and manageable in every situation, if you know how to paddle. You can even surf using your paddle as an outrigger. It can carry a large amount of gear, enough for camping, and has a good space for a cooler for day trips.

We have tried out a bunch of sit on tops before purchasing the Swing, and over the years since have rented and 'test driven' multiple models at festivals and demo events, but so far nothing measures up. Sure, you can play more in a shorter boat, or tour in a longer one, but the Swing is a great all around boat. Love it!


The Swing is the third…

Submitted by: paddler232509 on 3/28/2008
The Swing is the third sit-on-top I have owned and it is the best. My wife liked it so much I had to get one for her too. We use them mainly for messing about in and they are easy to paddle, very easy to spin around, stable but still quite fast. We have covered 18 km in 2 hours 45 mins without pushing it. I got caught out in a good blow one day but even with waves crashing into my chest, the swing made good headway and never felt unstable.

Hull shape is attractive and gives a nice smooth and silent entry in calm water. Being a little heavy, I use scupper bungs in the seat, the 2 aft foot wells and the two forward rear bin holes. (I have found sparkling wine corks fit well!). My wife uses none and enjoys a dry ride. I don't have a padded seat and still find it comfortable even though I have lower back problems. Over all, very very happy.


I bought my Perception Swing…

Submitted by: paddler231029 on 4/11/2005
I bought my Perception Swing last year primarily for fishing. It is my first kayak. I have had it in both salt water and freshwater. The stability is great and I was surprised by the ease of paddling, especially into the face of a stiff wind. It's surprisingly easy to retain balance while pulling in fish. Next up is overnight camping trips and some off shore touring.

Excellent boat. I've added…

Submitted by: paddler230647 on 6/25/2004
Excellent boat. I've added scupper bungs for a drier ride and swapped out the center sock for a 1 litre yoghurt container which keeps my cell phone, GPS etc dry. Also choosing the foam seat option means the scupper bungs seal properly. My swing has the rear hatch which is well worth installing for the extra space as are rod holders for fishing and holding night lights etc. It's fast and stable. Only complaint is that without the bungs it's a wet ride - not much fun during a New Zealand winter.

Have owned a swing here in…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/4/2003
Have owned a swing here in New Zealand for about 5yrs,fantastic boat.It is now rigged for fishing,2 flush mounted rod holders at rear,1 flush mounted rod holder in front,also has fish finder,anchor system and recently added a sail for help in windy conditions.Extremely stable in waves,but do get some sort of seat/back support and thigh-straps.Ilove my boat!

I love this boat! I learned…

Submitted by: paddler230315 on 8/14/2003
I love this boat! I learned to paddle in Ocean Kayak Scupper Pros, which track great in big water, but are vary narrow and dump in surf. In the Swing I can easily keep up with my buds in Scupper Pros on open ocean, yet I can surf much more easily than other multi-purpose boats I've tried.

I'm 6'3, 220, and some boats just seem too small and cramped -- not so the Swing. My wife is only 5'5" 125, and she has no problem handling the boat -- although it's a little heavy for her to handle out of the water.

I would recommend buying a good backrest or full seat, and for cold water, some scupper plugs for under the seats and foot holes. Even with a wetsuit and booties, it can be a cold ride.

For an all around sit on top with great lateral stability, you can't beat this boat. (If you're looking at an Ocean Kayak Scrambler or Scrambler XT, try a Swing out as well. They don't stack like the OKs, but they also don't have that annoying wave-slap on the bow -- and they cut through waves better on surf launches. Sort of depends on your priorities. Both are stable boats.)


Had a swing (called a freedom…

Submitted by: paddler230175 on 6/9/2003
Had a swing (called a freedom here in the Uk) for a year now and it has exceeded all my expectations. It tracks well, seems fast to me, and has all the stability i need (im a novice). I bought it to fish and dive with, and its a great platform for both, but am now considering some touring as it just seems to cover ground so well. The moulded in carry handle is great (how on earth do people manage 13' boats without one?), and the general build quality seems good. The only negatives are the hatches; They are really waterproof but the small central one easily jams with sand and the larger rubber bow hatch is not really handy once your afloat (great for stowing camping gear etc though.). It could also do with a few more eyelets fitted as standard - esp around the tank well. On the plus side the square space just in front of the tank well (think its designed to take some perception made storage box) makes a great location for a homemade box to hold all my fishing gear and a couple of rod holders. All in all a great kayak for someone that likes to paddle and needs a stable platform for other sports. Love it :)

I have just bought a Swing as…

Submitted by: paddler230057 on 2/20/2003
I have just bought a Swing as an ex rental. It was used for a year before I got it and is still in good condition. I looked at a scupper dive and another Q-kayak called an escapade which is made in New Zealand. I checked out this site for other peoples reviews on different kayaks to help in my choice.

I wanted a sit-on that was relatively fast paddling, stable for fishing and value for money. The scupper was faster but not as stable and would have needed a rudder. I am not a big person but found it a bit of a cramped ride. The Swing on the other hand was well it fitted like a glove. I'm very happy with it. The Escapade was slow but would make an ideal fishing and diving platform if you want to travel short distances. It was the cheapest and heaviest of the three. I really like the little things on the Swing like the moulded handle. I think it's best to try a few out and make up your own mind.


I recently purchased a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/6/2001
I recently purchased a Perception Swing as a way to get back into the water here in South Florida and tried out every other plastic sit-on-top in the class prior to buying the Swing. There were features on other boats I tried (bigger hatches) that I wish the Swing had, but for an all around (Dive, fish, Surf) boat the Swing was the best choice of all. The biggest selling points were capacity, speed, tracking and a relatively dry ride. The boats intial stability is great and the only time I have dumped it was when surfing in some small waves (Got caught on the face and it closed out on top of me).

I recently paddled in a 12.5 mile charity event on the Atlantic Ocean and with the exception of one Perception Prism that was paddled by a professional guide the leading sit-on-tops were two Swings, both paddled by men who were over 230lbs and not professional paddlers (we were in front by the better part of a mile after the first hour). We were heading into a ten-knot quartering wind and 1-2 sea chop. Tracking was not an issue and the boat stayed remarkably (again, a relative thing) dry.

My wife tried it out and fell in love immediately. The second one is on order and I am looking at an Eclipse composite for long distance trips (Everglades and FLorida Keys) as I do not want to be fully exposed to the sun for an entire day(s). The only changes I would add would be bigger hatches and more eyelets to attach deck rigging and accessories. Some kind of net would be nice for the tank well in case you dump the yak loaded with your scuba gear but it is something you can certainly add yourself.

All in all the best deal I was able to find among 6 shops and 8 manufacturers.


I just purchased 2 swing's,…

Submitted by: paddler229264 on 6/2/2001
I just purchased 2 swing's, both my wife and me are real happy with them. we tried over 25 kayak's during a demo day, and this came up the winner. we have been on a windy lake trip, and it tracked just fine. now headed for the San Francisco Bay, and Sacramento river.

Hatch could be a little bigger, and I like the design if the Cobra Hatch better than the screw top of the smaller hatch, but other than that, they are great, and will make great fishing rigs.


Great all aroud kayak. Tracks…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/12/2000
Great all aroud kayak. Tracks well, relatively fast for the width. Incredibly stable. i can pull 25+ pound fish in the boat without fear of falling in. Also, it's incredibly watertight. While my other boats leak through their hatches and rivets, the Swing remains tight as tupperware. If I only had one boat this would be it.

The Swing was great. It was…

Submitted by: paddler228740 on 7/11/2000
The Swing was great. It was fast. It tracked like it was on rails. It turned very well. I think the channels for self-bailing increase the performance for both tracking and turning. I think I will plug up the scupper holes in the seat to have a drier ride. I'm trying to convince my wife to try the Swing. I think the ease of entry and exit and it's excellent stability will be appealing to her. I am very happy with my purchase and would highly recommend this boat to others.

Was fairly new to kayaking…

Submitted by: paddler228553 on 4/19/2000
Was fairly new to kayaking and had only used inside cockpits previously. But once I got on a Swing I didn't want anything else. I've been on calm rivers and lakes and find I don't need to get the rudder. I've also been in 3-5 foot swells in San Francisco Bay which is really fun because it is so stable and I don't have to worry about falling over and under. The hatch is a perfect size for day and overnight use.

Very nice and stable kayak. I…

Submitted by: paddler228376 on 12/4/1999
Very nice and stable kayak. I use mine on the west coast for fishing. The only thing I could deduct for is the hatch sizes. They could be a bit bigger would be the only thing bad I can say about it. Enough room for my fish finder, 2 flush-mount rod holders behind me, another and my fish finder up front. Tracks very well, and handles 3-4' swells easily. Can be used by anyone from 150-250 lbs fine. Lots of space for mounting accessories.

Used in Ohio, USA. A great…

Submitted by: paddler228131 on 6/16/1999
Used in Ohio, USA. A great sit-on-top! A slower speeds this excellent craft will turn quite easy. At faster speeds it tracks like an arrow even in gusty winds. Save your money on the optional rudder feature unless you are using it on big water or the ocean. Hull speed is good. It takes two strong paddlers in my 16' Mad River Explorer just to keep up with me. One of my complaints is that it really needs a backrest. It feels like you are doing a eternal sit up. I just recently purchased one to deal with this problem. My second complaint Perception has already dealt with. They now offer midship grips as a standard feature now. Mine took a nast slip off of the top of the family van. When it started to go, I simlpy could not find something to grab on to. I now have a rope which threads through the bailers so I have a decent handhold. All together a super boat.

If you are after an all round…

Submitted by: paddler228110 on 6/6/1999
If you are after an all round Kayak for ocean, lake or river use the Swing is for you. The great thing about the swing is that if you fall off you just jump back on, in deep water or a flowing river, there is no fear of being trapped inside, this also means it is ultra easy if you are touring to stop whenever you like to take pictures, explore etc etc. I have taken the swing down grade 2 rivers with no problem. She's stable and reasonably maneouvrable.

Paddling in lake water is a breeze with a smooth, fast, straight, track. There is tons of room for storage and a really convenient hatch right between your legs. At 26 kgs the swing isn't too heavy for short portages. Do buy the back rest and if you are planning touring trips the rear storage pod. Happy paddling!


Excellent boat. My wife and I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/29/1999
Excellent boat. My wife and I each have/love one. I added the rudder to mine--really helps in strong wind conditions. Very stable both initial and secondary. Best recommendation is that when we looked for a tandem, we bought the Perception Syncro which is the tandem version of the Swing.

As an outfitter, often my…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/18/1999
As an outfitter, often my most desired sit-on-top boat. Stable, seaworthy, sails well with rudder, carries good load, slower than some, well built, well designed cockpit, foot braces, etc.

Swing - excellent here in…

Submitted by: paddler227964 on 11/22/1998
Swing - excellent here in Caribbean. Fast, loads gear well, the envy of others as I zip past them. Highly recommended.