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The Avatar 16 is a kayak brought to you by Perception. Read Avatar 16 reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Avatar 16 Reviews


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Avatar 16 Reviews

Read reviews for the Avatar 16 by Perception as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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I've had the Avatar 16 for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/1/2016

I've had the Avatar 16 for some 4 years now. Previously had a Perception Carolina 15 . I'm 5' 11" and around 190 lbs. At first the Avatar seemed tippy and I was nervously trying to brace. After about 20 minutes I started just relaxing and letting my hips rotate naturally and started to feel a lot better.

I've found that getting the kayak properly adjusted with the foot braces ,thigh braces and back support is really important. Unlike wider recreational boats you don't want to fit loosely in this boat. WEAR IT! You'll be rewarded with a fast and maneuverable boat. It is rotomolded poly. There are many fine composite boats out there that are lighter but then you have to baby them and worry more about scratches and toughness.Plus they are much more expensive.

With a proper spray skirt it has stayed very dry although a wave can come up over the foredeck especially if quartering into big ones. Foot area is a little cramped but I only wear footies . My feet are size 10. The boat narrows more in the front than some other boats but widens under the seat a lot making it slice through the water but still retain good secondary stability.
Overall I give it an 8/10.


I have had this boat for…

Submitted by: squirm on 7/26/2016
I have had this boat for several years, it's what I learned to kayak in. I have been on several day and overnight trips on local Florida creeks and the Ten Thousand Islands. The boat has plenty of storage, is very stable, even in rough water. It's easy to paddle, comfortable and turns very well. The only thing it's missing is a day hatch.

Have been paddling this HDPE…

Submitted by: dave_topp on 7/24/2013
Have been paddling this HDPE kayak for about 2 seasons in Lake Erie and some surrounding reservoirs and rivers. I am about 5'10" 140, and even with a size 10 shoe, the foot space is limited. The screws that hold the deck lining protrude through the body into the area where your feet are. If the foot braces were one click forward or back this would not be an issue.

As for performance, secondary stability is amazing, can easily paddle on edge without much effort. Initial stability is good but always catches me off guard the first time out of the season. Speed is great, and for decent tracking, i always keep the skeg down. The only dynamic issue i have is the way it breaks through the waves, not over them.

Compared to a Neck Vector 14 SOT, the Avatar 16 is more fun through the waves but will not keep you as dry. It is not a bad thing, i think it may be the more efficient way to make it through the surf, just not what initially expected. Combined with windy conditions, the constant spray can get annoying. Storage is okay for a low volume kayak, but don't expect anything to stay very dry.

This was my first sea kayak purchased, after taking lessons and renting a P&H Capella, so I am far from an expert for reviewing this kayak. As a final note, visually this kayak looks great, the low lines and long body always have me looking forward to the next weekend or season when it's in storage.


I have owned a plastic Avatar…

Submitted by: paddler232524 on 4/9/2008
I have owned a plastic Avatar 16 for the past three years. Being over 6 ft and 185 lbs, I am approaching the upper limit of size for this craft and there the only real issue is my size 12½ feet as the deck is low. Even then, it is not a big issue other than for long days on the water when my feet start feeling a bit cramped.

I have used this boat in a variety of conditions on Cape Cod, Massachusetts. It is a great all around small sea-kayak with pleasing lines. The traditional hull shape is at odds or shall we be kinder and say that it contrasts with the colorful plastic used in the construction (my craft is red-yellow fade). Construction is good and there are no leaks in to the front or rear bulk-head compartments.

It is a great play boat, very maneuverable and easy to roll. Credit for the maneuverability goes to the excellent fit you can achieve with the adjustable thigh braces in addition to a hull with rocker, etc. If available as an after-market item I would buy thigh braces like these for my other kayaks!

In light conditions and low speed the Avatar glides very easily and you can travel far with a low effort. The shape does not provide for a great deal of course stability and even relatively small wakes from passing boats has a noticeable effect particularly when coming from a quartering rear direction. A slight amount of skeg deployment counteracts the tendency to turn in to the wind quite well.

The Avatar ride can be a bit wet in confused seas and paddling in to wind and steep waves as the ends and not very buoyant. Getting wet is not an issue for the most part as I have a tough time being out on the water without practicing a few rolls anyway.


I bought this boat in plastic…

Submitted by: pedalstl on 6/12/2007
I bought this boat in plastic on a whim last Aug (2006). It was the tax free day in Mass (where I was vacationing) and there was a huge sign for a kayak sale at ERBA in Essex, so I stopped in. My lucky day, to say the least ($1,100, no tax)

I have a West Side Boat Shop Thunderbolt (racing kayak), but didn't have a boat I could comfortably take onto the ocean or the great lakes in windy conditions. The Avatar has proven to be the PERFECT boat for this. I've heard on countless occasions that there's no such thing as a fast, stable and maneuverable kayak, but, for an experienced paddler, this is it! I routinely cruise at 5 mph (can get it up to 6.5), the thing turns on a dime, and handles 3 foot waves beautifully. This is a boat that rides over the waves, rather than cuts through them, so you have to want that (i.e., it's a wet ride). Also, a prospective buyer should be able to put the boat on edge comfortably.

I'll reiterate what previous reviewers have said: this is not a boat for very big people with very big feet. It's not a boat for people who like 100% primary stability. It IS a boat for people who like to feel the boat is part of themselves in moderately challenging conditions. If this boat was a car, it would be an MG (guess I'm dating myself).
The boat was designed, at least in part, by Brent Reitz and it shows. If you've ever seen his forward stroke video (highly recommended!), everything he suggests can be carried out to a "t" in this boat. In short, it lends itself to a proper stroke, including applicability with a wing paddle. The bow is narrow enough that you can really plant the paddle right next to it.
I'm obviously in love with this thing, but it has one strange drawback: the folks at Perception did a lousy job sealing the bulkheads -- there were quarter inch gaps before I fixed them. It took an entire tube of Marine Goop just to remediate the rear bulkhead. Beautifully designed boat, but someone in quality control at Perception was asleep at the switch!

To sum up: GREAT KAYAK!! I told my wife I want to be buried in it, but wives don't seem to have a sense of humor about this stuff.


Being a newbie. Paddling for…

Submitted by: jaws on 4/17/2006
Being a newbie. Paddling for less than a year. My suggestion would be to skip the carolina and jump right to a Avatar. It feels stable enough that you can learn in but won't grow old once you start to learn skills. Like a corolina will. Seriously this thing is all that and more. Handles, has speed, and for the right people fits like a glove. The skeg could use a little help with fine tuning but this boat is worth it. If any boat deserves a ten your reading about it. A solid 10!

I have been paddling for a…

Submitted by: Avatar16.0 on 11/24/2004
I have been paddling for a few years now, but only in a recreation boat, a Wilderness Experience Pungo. I thought it was time to move into a performance boat, so I went to a local shop’s Demo Day on the lake and tried every boat they had. Out of all the boats that I tried, the Avatar 15.5 (they didn’t have a 16 on hand that day) just felt great to me. Now I’m 6’3” at 180 with a size 12 shoe so this boat was a VERY tight on me but I knew this was the boat for me and the rep. said it came in a 16’. So I had to go out of state to find one and I have owned my Avatar 16 for just over 1 year now and I love this boat.

Even as an inexperienced kayaker, I have never found my self feeling uneasy in this boat. I do wear booties in cold weather (bare foot in summer) so that my size 12 foot will fit, but I knew this up-front and I think that’s all part of “wearing” the boat to take advantage of its performance. I have paddled this boat for hours without being uncomfortable.

I have found the forward and aft storage areas to be dry and of sufficient size for weekend camping trips because I have packed them both full of every thing I needed and then some.

As I stated before, I’m an inexperienced kayaker with only time in other boats at the Demo. Day sale so I will not attempt any technical info in this review. I will say that I agree completely with “JW’s” review before me.

I have the yellow/red fade color and have had a lot of comments on how good the boat looks. Looks, comfort and performance…..I’ll keep this boat for a long time.


As has been stated…

Submitted by: paddler230869 on 11/9/2004
As has been stated previously, this is a fantastic boat! I have owned my Avatar 16.0 for approx. 1 year, and have enjoyed every moment. Several excellent points have been in previous reviews, as well as some unfair ones. It is not my intent to criticize, but I do not understand how it is possible to buy and spend nearly $1500 on a boat without first checking it for proper fit and comfort. To berate a fine kayak because one makes a poor decision is not the fault of the kayak. That being said, the Avatar is as close as a performance kayak can come to being perfect in plastic.

This boat responds to your every input, turns on a dime, accelerates quickly and holds its speed, and rolls like a dream. I have found the fit and finish to be well above average for a plastic boat. Ninety percent of being happy with any boat is knowing what you want out of your kayak. If you want a performance-oriented, British style kayak with a skeg, but don't want to fork out the cash for a composite, this boat should be on your short list. If you want rock-solid initial stability, get a bath tub, not an Avatar. If you want to wear your boat and make it an extension of yourself, buy this type of boat. Please don't buy a British style performance kayak and then complain that it is not a Lazy Boy.

I do not recommend this boat for people with large feet, or those who wish to wear hiking boots while paddling. British style boats are shaped differently from conventional kayaks and require that you make some adjustments to how you position your feet, and are much more comfortable if you wear booties or water socks. In my opinion, this is one of the most comfortable boats on the market.

Storage capacity is limited in the front by the sloping deck, and in the rear by the skeg box, so it is not suitable for month-long excursions. I have found the hatch covers and bulkheads to be virtually water tight even when rolling and practicing safety maneuvers. Deck rigging is adequate for most uses. The skeg operates well, though it is sometimes necessary to adjust the bungee and clean out the skeg box. The seat and backrest are quite comfortable, though the slotted back rest does not facilitate the use of rolls requiring the back deck; I replaced my back band with an aftermarket Harmony for about $25. The cockpit measures 34"X19" so spray deck choices are practically limitless.

I can not stress enough that a potential buyer needs to decide what type of boat they want. There are advantages and sacrifices made with every boat, no one kayak can do everything. If you buy an Avatar, don't turn around and bash it for not being a Carolina. If you consider yourself to be an aggressive paddler who wants to wear your boat and do things you didn't know you could do in a boat, the Avatar is a fine choice. Accept this boat (just like any other) with its limitations. In the case of this fantastic kayak, I believe the advantages FAR outweigh the limitations.


Unbelieveable performance!…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/30/2004
Unbelieveable performance! Previous reviewers have touched on many good points, and I'll get to that. First, though, I have to say I've rarely been so impressed with a boat design. Ever notice how product catalogs say that every kayak is fast and efficient, tracks well, and turns on a dime when you want it to? Well, this one actually does all that.

At 5'8", 145lb, I fit nicely into the Avatar 16. I recently had the chance to compare it head-to-head to a Shadow 16.5, also a good fit for me. The Avatar is NOTICEABLY faster AND more maneuverable than a Shadow. Hard chines make it very easy to lean way out on a wide sweep stroke, and extraordinarily narrow entry lines mean very little boat is in the water when it's on edge.

As for the downsides: There isn't a version of the avatar for the "big guy," which is rather surprising. If you're over 6' tall and want a Perception touring kayak, you'll need to look at the Eclipse.

Also this certainly isn't a good choice for the novice paddler. I've been paddling for almost 20 years, and when I first sat in the Avatar, I was surprised at how "shaky" it felt. But, like every kayak, you get used to its feel, and find that the secondary stability make up for it.

Overall, I rate it a ten. I can't take away points from this boat b/c there isn't a larger size, and any good dealer should know this isn't for beginners. Perception really hit it big with this one!


I've had my rotomolded Avatar…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/19/2004
I've had my rotomolded Avatar for about a month now, and I have to say that I am very pleased with it. It's fast, tracks well with the skeg down and turns very well when thrown up on its edge. Not the most initial stability but you do have to make trade-offs for the speed and manuverability that the boat exhibits. Very good secondary stability and fairly easy to role if you do push it a little too far. The hull design handles chop and wind very well. So far my dry storage areas have remained exactly that: dry. Plenty of storage for an extended weekend camping trip, but I'd like a little more for week long or greater trips.

Unlike the previous reviewer, I find the outfitting of the cockpit just about perfect. The seat is comfortable and the thigh pads are placed just where I want them. It would be nice if the foot pegs were adjustable while paddling like the ones in Wilderness Systems boats, but you can't have everything.

I'm 5'6" tall, about 165 pounds with a size 9 foot. I can see how someone who is quite a bit taller may feel a bit cramped, especially if they have fairly big feet.

All in all, a really good boat for someone looking for a fast and manuverable touring kayak. Maybe not the best first boat for someone just getting into the sport, due to its lower level of initial stability and fairly snug cockpit, but a great boat for someone looking to take their paddling skills up a notch or two.


This was my first kayak…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/5/2004
This was my first kayak purchase after trying several boats... a big mistake! I am 6'2", 180 lbs with a size 12 foot. I could not fit in this boat no matter how much I adjusted the seat, padded the thigh braces os took the advice of the dealer. Never buy this boat with a shoe size above 10. The seat is terribly uncomfortable. that said the baot is stable, tracks well with skeg down and is relatively quick. I took th boat back to the dealer after 8 outings- they gave me a full refund and I upgraded to a Wilderness Systems Cape Horn Pro- 15' kevlar boat. What a difference- worth every penny of the extra money.

Just purchased this boat and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/1/2004
Just purchased this boat and I like it, had it out a few times now and find the secondary stability is good (very good). It's fast for a RM boat, only two complaints at this time it needs some padding (a little more in the thigh and hip area but that is easy enough to solve. The other is the skeg adjustment movement is so slight that its hard to get it down partially, it seems like no matter how much I move the adjuster its either up or down (might take some getting used to, aside from these minor things the boat is a 9 because of all the boats i've rented over the years none were perfect but the Avatar and a few others come close I would recommend it.