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Name: dave_topp

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Have been paddling this HDPE kayak for about 2 seasons in Lake Erie and some surrounding reservoirs and rivers. I am about 5'10" 140, and even with a size 10 shoe, the foot space is limited. The screws that hold the deck lining protrude through the body into the area where your feet are. If the foot braces were one click forward or back this would not be an issue.

As for performance, secondary stability is amazing, can easily paddle on edge without much effort. Initial stability is good but always catches me off guard the first time out of the season. Speed is great, and for decent tracking, i always keep the skeg down. The only dynamic issue i have is the way it breaks through the waves, not over them.

Compared to a Neck Vector 14 SOT, the Avatar 16 is more fun through the waves but will not keep you as dry. It is not a bad thing, i think it may be the more efficient way to make it through the surf, just not what initially expected. Combined with windy conditions, the constant spray can get annoying. Storage is okay for a low volume kayak, but don't expect anything to stay very dry.

This was my first sea kayak purchased, after taking lessons and renting a P&H Capella, so I am far from an expert for reviewing this kayak. As a final note, visually this kayak looks great, the low lines and long body always have me looking forward to the next weekend or season when it's in storage.