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Nice Kayak for the price…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/9/2021

Nice Kayak for the price point. I think this is a great kayak if you are new to the sport. It is light, paddles very easy, and is relatively comfortable. I find it to be very stable, even in big motorboat wakes or 2ft whitecaps. Mind you, I am 150lbs. I like how it comes with an anchor hold. My gripes are, no dry storage, no tie off cleats or handles, and a lack of floatation chambers or and foam. This boat will almost fully sink if tipped or if it takes on too much water. I would highly stress carrying a bailing hand pump, especially if you intend on travelling in cold water, choppy water or and larger water bodies.

All in all, with a few mods, accessories, and common sense, this is a great entry level kayak for playing around or fishing in relatively calm waters.


The Pelican Summit is a good…

Submitted by: paddler457325 on 8/9/2018

The Pelican Summit is a good beginner's kayak at a low price point. The hull is made of a two-piece Ram-X high impact plastic, so it handles the inevitable collisions with rocks with ease. The kayak features easily adjustable foot rests and a adjustable padded seat. It is quite comfortable. It also has very strong rope and plastic handles at either end which are also good for securing the kayak for vehicle travel. The Summit weighs in at 38lbs (17kg), so is one person transportable. The main problem that I found with the Summit is the lack of buoyancy chambers. The Summit will sink in wavy conditions, so it is definitely a smooth water craft. I filled the ends of the kayak with spray foam to add buoyancy, but the Summit is definitely not designed for more serious kayaking.


Just purchased a Pelican…

Submitted by: paddler236992 on 8/1/2016
Just purchased a Pelican Summit 100x this year. This is my first kayak. I have been a paddler (canoes,Blue Hole OCA, Old Town Pack 12) since 1974. The Summit paddles and handles well. I bought it because of price and light weight. I agree about rear storage area taking in water. I discovered that the hatch cover on mine had upward bow in it. I just removed it and will use waterproof bags as one should do any way.

All in all this is a good…

Submitted by: firemandave on 7/11/2016

All in all this is a good yak for the price. i personally find it to be a little on the unstable side but im 6'3'' 220lbs. it took me awhile to get comfortable and not feel like i was going to tip over. the storage compartment is very poor and somehow seems to attract water. the seat is pretty comfortable but after a couple hours will start to be a pain. it is really light at just over 30 lbs which makes in easy for one person to carry it. the ram x plastic seems great at first but the bottom of the yak scratches really deep way to easy. another down side is there is no lip to install a spray skirt. over all not a bad yak for the lake or calm stream.

1 light weight
2 affordable
3 comfortable

1 unstable
2 no lip for spray skirt
3 easy to make deep scratches in hull
4 no dry storage


The 10' Pelican Summit is an…

Submitted by: paddler236887 on 6/23/2016
The 10' Pelican Summit is an AWESOME kayak for the money. It tracks very well and glides very smooth through the water. I bought this for my daughter and I can't keep up with her in my Sun Dolphin Journey 10SS.

Enjoy it being light weight,…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/29/2015
Enjoy it being light weight, have been using it for fishing in the river & lakes. Dry box is small & doesn't keep anything dry which always found gallon size bags work best anyways so in that case cut it out, now have more room than you could imagine. Homemade stabilizers not that it needs it but for extra fun never hurts. Overall have to say best bang for its buck

Picked this up on sale from…

Submitted by: hedlight on 11/11/2015
Picked this up on sale from Academy for $149. For the price you can't beat it.

Very stable kayak. I've taken it places it probably shouldn't have gone, such as the Missouri River. It held up well. Weight Limit is 300 lbs, which is a plus as most small kayaks have 200-225 range.

Rear hatch is not water tight as suggested, plastic is thin, it dented upon entry to a mud bank, but I was able to pop the dent back out. Foot peg track came off due to the bolt that held it in place popped off. I will admit though I was pushing very hard trying to keep up with my friends much quicker kayak.

Overall this is a great kayak for the price. I would suggest it mainly for lakes and slow streams.


You get what you pay for.…

Submitted by: paddler236571 on 10/15/2015
You get what you pay for. This boat is not very stable at all. You will spend your first ten minutes on the water fighting the urge to tip over. Once you get the hang of it, though, you'll settle in and be fine. It handles fairly well, but a little breeze will quickly start blowing you off course, so tracking is less than desirable.

It's LIGHT. Very easy to pick up and throw in the back of the truck without much effort. That's probably why it gets blown around on the water so much.

Here are my big negatives:
First, the rear hatch. It's supposed to be "water resistant" but it isn't. That thing will suck in water like you wouldn't believe. Every single time I take it out that rear compartment is COMPLETELY filled to the rim with H2O. That's not good.

Second is the foot pegs. Specifically the screws used to attach them. On my first trip out I noticed drips coming into the boat from around the screws. They are NOT water sealed, for some reason. Not a big deal on a quick trip, but if you spend several hours on the water you are going to have a noticeable pull of water under your butt. A coating of marine goop fixed it, but a boat shouldn't come from the factory with leaks. Period.

All that said, it's a fun little boat. I rigged mine out for fishing and it's done fairly well on grass flats and shallow water. Really, though, this boat is made for once in a while, amateur use.


I am pleased with my sit in…

Submitted by: Jacqueline on 9/5/2015
I am pleased with my sit in kayak which was on sale for under $300. I am a fair weather flat lake kayaker and find this kayak easy to paddle and stable. It has built in flotation, has ample storage and tracks well. The hatch is not water proof and is very shallow however lunches and other things can be stored under the bow. It is light weight,only 33 pounds. The seat is comfortable and it comes with carrying handles. I would recommend this kayak.