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Name: hedlight

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I will first start by saying this boat is VERY stable for it's length. I've read a lot of complaints about the seat with not being able to roll. However, the stock seat is incredibly comfortable and I'm not changing it. The boat is very easy to enter from shore, I feel like if you leave the seat back lose you could enter easier if you need to re-enter from the water.

The cockpit is plenty roomy for a person of my size (230lbs), and doesn't make me feel quite as claustrophobic as some of the other touring cockpit designs. Storage hatches are nice size, and keep the boat afloat when you capsize. Pedal length is adequate for a long legged person such as myself.

The drop down skeg definitely helps out when the wind starts to get a little crazy. The deck lines run pretty close to the cockpit so you can easily mount a cooler or dry bag. It runs about 60 lbs, its a little difficult to carry by yourself but it is manageable.

This is a great boat for what I paid for it ($500 on clearance) and is awesome for our Missouri River trips. Boat is incredibly stable and I feel pretty safe from all the hazards the river can throw at us out there. It's a simple boat but seems durable and is perfect for your average leisure trips.

Picked this up on sale from Academy for $149. For the price you can't beat it.

Very stable kayak. I've taken it places it probably shouldn't have gone, such as the Missouri River. It held up well. Weight Limit is 300 lbs, which is a plus as most small kayaks have 200-225 range.

Rear hatch is not water tight as suggested, plastic is thin, it dented upon entry to a mud bank, but I was able to pop the dent back out. Foot peg track came off due to the bolt that held it in place popped off. I will admit though I was pushing very hard trying to keep up with my friends much quicker kayak.

Overall this is a great kayak for the price. I would suggest it mainly for lakes and slow streams.