Heavy Lifter Cart

by  Paddleboy

Heavy Lifter Cart Description

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Heavy Lifter Cart Reviews

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I have had the paddleboy…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/11/2018

I have had the paddleboy Nemo which is a little lighter in the weight rating of the heavy lifter, but the same design. These carts are awesome because they break down into four pieces that easily fit in kayak storage holes. I been reading reviews and people are having an issue with no straps. What I did was I tied on two of the buckle type straps to the cross brackets where the foam pads are and the added plastic locking straps to stop them from moving around. This way everything is ready to go once you have kayak on cart. These carts are the best because they breakdown ( with the push buttons into the holes in pipes) and fit in your kayak when broken down.


It's solid when you actually…

Submitted by: tommings on 9/17/2002
It's solid when you actually get it rolling, BUT: 1)as mentioned above, should have straps included, and 2) the "kickstand" on mine regularly collapses when trying to place the boat, altho the company claims it works fine in their email response, so perhaps I got a clinker (actually I originally had two, neither kickstand was stable for loading the way I did it.

There is still the possibility of operator error, but if it's not incredibly obvious, then they ought to put a little something in to show how the "experts" do it... A little more effort on the small stuff and they would have a great little product instead of something almost....


My wife and I paddle a…

Submitted by: paddler229826 on 7/22/2002
My wife and I paddle a plastic Necky Amaruk double kayak (90 lbs empty, about 20 feet long). My wife has always had trouble carrying her end of the kayak, and I can only carry it very short distances alone. So we decided to buy some wheels to help with carrying. I looked at bow/stern wheels, I looked at center carriers with hard rubber tires, and also at the Heavy Lifter with nice big pneumatic tires. In the end decided to pay a little more for the Heavy Lifter.

Major advantages: 1) Breaks down quickly into four pieces. The wheels do not need to be removed. Other carts with pneumatic tires have a small cotter pin holding the wheels on, which is just asking to be lost!
2) Can (and have) transported the kayak (loaded) several city blocks from parking to the ferry terminal with nearly zero effort. This opens up new trip possibilities for us!
3) Glides flawlessly over soft sand and rock beaches. Pneumatic tires handle many obstacles well, including dropping off a curb from sidewalk to street.

The ONLY disadvantage was that the manufacturer did not include straps for securing the boat to the cart. I have an extra strap from my Yakima rack which I use for the cart.

The greatest paddling accessory I've bought, hands down!


As I get older, it gets…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/27/2000
As I get older, it gets harder and harder to "toss" a canoe up on my shoulders and walk around with it. It is even harder to use ONE shoulder and traipse around with a kayak... especially across wide sloping sand beaches and up sandy hills. So I finally caved in and decided to buy a cart. I demo'ed a bunch ranging from little V-bumpers attached to axles to the awesome Toteez with the giant balloon tires. Here's what it came down to... the Toteez, the Primex, or the Heavy Lifter. These seemed to me to be the best of the lot given my uses. I needed a cart that could carry my canoe and my kayaks. It had to be able to carry the boat WITH gear inside the boat (I'm getting lazy, remember?) It had to be transportable in some way in or on the kayak without hurting the performance of the kayak.

The Toteez is expensive but nothing can touch it in the sand! It is well built and seems equal to the Primex in terms of capacity. But... it is tough to squeeze into the kayak with those balloon tires! And they are a bit much on the deck.

The Primex is a great design. Light, strong, and easy to use. Holds over 200 lbs... they even say you can use it as a chair! I didn't want to test that theory in a demo. Over time, my butt would surely win over the Primex... but I'm not buying the cart to sit on... we have some of those neat folding chairs for that. The Primex's wheels come off and you can get it into a Kodiak hatch without too much trouble. I almost bought one!

At the last moment, I discovered the Paddleboy Heavy Lifter. It is a Primex clone. But it is better! It is not made of aluminum; it is made of stainless steel. It doesn't hold 200 lbs... it holds 600 lbs!!! It is the same size yet weighs only 2 lbs more. You get triple the capacity for only 2 lbs. more weight and no increase in volume. And bonus!!! You don't take the wheels off the frame, you take the section of the frame attached to the wheels off leaving two wheels with a small part of the frame attached and two segments of the frame. All of it fits perfectly and easily into my kayak. It slides right back together in a snap and locks in with a spring-loaded nub. It is quite ingenious and really works well.

We took a canoe trip down the mighty Kishwaukee and used the Heavy Lifter. We were doing a river clean-up with some other volunteers, we tossed all our "junk" in there and it didn't flinch! Great product.

We used it on our kayaks and with the kayaks balanced in the center, it takes one finger to pull the kayak... with gear! Now that's what I'm talkin about!

Bad point... no straps. I used some heavy bungee cord at first... but then it took some long straps and everything works fine. The company ought to realize that it is pretty chincey not to include two $5 straps. The product needs them to function. I think it is stupid to rely upon dumb users like me to have to figure out stuff like that. Anyway, get a couple of long straps (NRS has real good ones) and you are good to go.

Bottom line... buy this thing. It is the best dual-purpose cart out there. CYA on the water!