Vapor 12 Angler

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Vapor 12 Angler Description

Looking for added volume and easy-to-access storage? The Vapor 12 Angler is your kayak. At 12 feet, the Vapor 12 Angler offers an efficient ride without sacrificing comfort or stability. The open cockpit means room to store your gear both in front of you or in the day well behind you. An innovative dash board also provides storage for smaller items. Just add bait, a fishing rod, a PFD and a paddle and you’re ready for a great day on the water.

Vapor 12 Angler Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Additional Attributes

  • Adjustable Comfort Flex seat
  • Glide Track foot brace system
  • Stern day well
  • Molded-in paddle rest with bungee
  • Molded-in cockpit tray with cup holder
  • Thigh pads
  • Anchor trolley system
  • Flush mounted rod holders
  • Built in carry handles
  • Skid Plate

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Vapor 12 Angler Reviews

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I bought this 'yak at a…

Submitted by: paddler236966 on 7/25/2016
I bought this 'yak at a Cabela's in ME where my criteria was that it had to do well in flat water as well as perform on river floats. After much deliberation with the local professional, I settled on the Vapor Angler XT and I could not be happier. Living on the Chesapeake, it holds it's own in the flats, tracking well and picking up speed easily. It is an extremely stable boat too. Easy to stand up in (even to scope out the next set of rapids. For overnight trips there is plenty of storage and the extra weight of camping gear and fishing tackle does not seem to hinder the boats performance at all. On a recent July trip down the Lehigh in low water, laden with all the gear mentioned above, I still was not scraping rocks in 3 inches of water (Although I did my share of scraping to be sure). She handles well in the rapids too, rarely taking water over the bow in even class IIIs. Despite the length and heaviness, it was still possible to catch some eddies. The giant cockpit gives you plenty of space to work on your rods and unhook your fish. Big enough for a 10 year old future paddler too. Great Boat...Will have it forever.

I bought this kayak 2 years…

Submitted by: Jaxx on 10/4/2015
I bought this kayak 2 years ago solely for fishing. I have used it on large ponds and inner bays on Lake Erie. It is very good at what it's designed for. Very stable (haven't tipped over yet despite being a "beginner/novice" paddler), tracks nice and straight and I have no trouble keeping up with the more experienced guys in their 10 foot kayaks. If I could improve on it I would make the rear compartment useful for storage or at least include the cover that I can't seem to find anywhere. Some kind of dashboard that is reachable from the seat would be nice as well. Due to the size of the opening if is difficult to reach the far side from a seated position. I am 5'8". I may attempt some kind of flip up/down rig that crosses halfway in the opening for a rod holder and a compartment for those things you like to keep close when you're on the water. I bought the kayak on sale at Sail for $399, not the "regular" $699 price. I would probably rate it lower if I had paid the full price.

It's a decent kayak for the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/7/2014
It's a decent kayak for the price. She has a roomy cockpit, tracks well and has good primary stability. I did a 10 mile river trip against a 35 mph wind and had very little problem keeping her straight. I would have rated her better if the seat was more comfortable. Planning on swapping seats during the off season.

I have had the Vapor 12XT…

Submitted by: 2ndsonofoj on 7/11/2013
I have had the Vapor 12XT Angler almost 3 years. I live on a lake and use it frequently. It has also made two trips to Canada for lake cruising and fishing trips. I am 6'4" and 220lbs. It is very stable with plenty of room for my gear. The seat is comfortable for all day paddles. Highly recommended!!!

I have owned this boat for…

Submitted by: paddler234818 on 10/17/2012
I have owned this boat for over two years, as a REC boat, I have used it on rivers, small bays and lakes. The boat is very stable and can take a beating. The wide open cockpit is great for having all your gear in front of you as well I can easily take one of my kids in front with me and still have lots of room to paddle. I would prefer that it had a dry hatch instead of a day well.

The Vapor 12's stable design…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/1/2011
The Vapor 12's stable design makes non-dock-boarding a pleasant experience instead of entertainment for all your buddies on shore, and the twelve-foot length helps with straight tracking. Once you get settled in the large cockpit and adjust the foot pegs, you can start adjusting the Comfort Flex seat to your liking. Thigh pads help prevent gunnel-dig on the outsides of your legs and a molded paddle rest holds your stick when you stop to take pictures. Bottom Line: Twelve feet of polyethylene can go a long way.

I have had this kayak for a…

Submitted by: paddler231451 on 3/7/2011
I have had this kayak for a year now and I love it. I am 6'2" and 220 lbs and I easily get in and out of the cockpit. The downside to a large cockpit is that it is difficult to reach the dash. I do however use the dash to hold extra lures, when I'm switching them out.

I have fished with this on bay, small lakes, reservoirs, creeks and rivers. I have to say it rides well on even the lowest rivers. My buddy has a small 10' Perception and I didn't scrape bottom any more than he did.

On the lakes I get around fine. It tracks well, but takes a little extra effort to get the boat moving. I love the primary and secondary stability. I have crossed 2' wake from large sports boats without any instability. I also caught a 12 lb catfish that took the line from my rod under and to the opposite side of the boat and I never felt like I was going to tip.

I love the storage and can fit my sleeping bag, pup tent, dry bag, 6 pack of beverage, tackle, and 3 rods.


Did a full day river trip and…

Submitted by: paddler233431 on 11/2/2009
Did a full day river trip and about half way through my 70lb daughter join me in the kayak,she was tired of being in her kayak. The kayak took the extra weight (I am no slim-jim--+290)and performed great.. just purchased mine.

I tried this kayak for the…

Submitted by: sgtjpang on 6/9/2009
I tried this kayak for the first time and was really impressed with the initial and secondary stabilization. You have to rock this kayak real hard to capsize it. The seat is adjustable so you can find a comfortable position for paddling. The Vapor tracks well enough without a rudder. It would be easy to load enough gear for a weekend if you don't take the fridge and kitchen sink. The dash is a far reach for me and the rod holders don't have caps on them to keep splash out. Overall I like this kayak and hope to do some fishing with it soon.

I just paddled this kayak…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/14/2009
I just paddled this kayak today for the first time. I am 5'10, 259 lbs. Very comfortable for me. Photos showed that my 135 lbs son had about the same water displacement. Seat back is very comfortable. I was only in the craft a few minutes and felt seasoned. Plenty of room for a small tackle box, rods, and a small soft sided cooler in the cockpit. Initial stability is great, and secondary is only better. I wouldn't hesitate to spend the day in it. Dashboard is a bit of a reach...