Name: Jaxx

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I bought this kayak 2 years ago solely for fishing. I have used it on large ponds and inner bays on Lake Erie. It is very good at what it's designed for. Very stable (haven't tipped over yet despite being a "beginner/novice" paddler), tracks nice and straight and I have no trouble keeping up with the more experienced guys in their 10 foot kayaks. If I could improve on it I would make the rear compartment useful for storage or at least include the cover that I can't seem to find anywhere. Some kind of dashboard that is reachable from the seat would be nice as well. Due to the size of the opening if is difficult to reach the far side from a seated position. I am 5'8". I may attempt some kind of flip up/down rig that crosses halfway in the opening for a rod holder and a compartment for those things you like to keep close when you're on the water. I bought the kayak on sale at Sail for $399, not the "regular" $699 price. I would probably rate it lower if I had paid the full price.