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Rogue River 154 SS

15' 5"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

Rogue River 154 SS Description

The Rogue River 154 delivers versatility and affordability in one smartly designed canoe. It sports a square stern hull giving you the option to mount a motor when you need to. In addition, the boat features two comfortable contoured seats, molded-in cup holders, a storage hatch and a third center bench seat that doubles as a cooler. With a rugged polyethylene hull, this boat is designed to last.

Rogue River 154 SS Reviews


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Rogue River 154 SS Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Seating Configuration: Solo, Tandem, 3+
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Additional Attributes

  • Comfortable contoured bow and stern seats
  • Center bench seat with insulated cooler and water resistant day hatch
  • Molded in storage tray
  • Comfortable carrying handles
  • Cup holders

Old Town Canoe and Kayak
Rogue River 154 SS Reviews

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I bought this canoe at Dicks…

Submitted by: paddler1191926 on 2/19/2021
I bought this canoe at Dicks Sporting goods in early 2011 after the Coleman Scanoe , I bought first, fell apart right before my eyes. I was looking specifically for a square stern to put a trolling motor on. I have nothing but good things to say about this canoe. Although mine is green inside and out and I have never seen another one I am beyond pleased. I have a short shaft 30# Minn Kota that I use on it and it's perfect. It is a bit heavy to handle by myself so I am now looking to buy a trailer. I do have a good quality canoe dolly that I use but it is still a lot of work to load and unload by myself. I am sorry to see that this model is no longer being made as the $1,800 model is pretty expensive for a beginner to start out with. The one defect mine has is with the dry storage. It leaks like a sieve and the lid is nearly impossible to get on straight. I love this canoe and I plan on keeping it for years to come.

I bought this canoe on sale…

Submitted by: paddler413770 on 1/16/2018

I bought this canoe on sale at Dick's Sporting Goods about seven years ago. It has held up well and will continue to do so I am sure. The wide beam affords very good stability even with the dog on board. The transom is perfect for the trolling motor with ample room at the stern for two batteries. The center console is also a plus. Rod and cup holders with a cooler somebody was "thinking" there. Down side: It's a bear to paddle though, especially into the wind. I expected that because of the wide beam. All in all, good product and no complaints.


I was looking for an…

Submitted by: paddler236898 on 6/27/2016
I was looking for an inexpensive square stern canoe for fishing and exploring. This Rogue River 154 is exactly what I expected for my money. It weights 118 lbs and is 44" wide. All in all I got my monies worth. I have a rack on my Ford 2500 diesel and I bought a winch at Harbor freight for less than a hundred bucks. I then changed the steel cable to synthetic rope. I can load the canoe on the rack by pushing a button. I can also drag it 100 ft from the lake/pond/stream so I don't get my 4 by 4 stuck in mud or sand. I use a 45 lb trust minn kota. Works fine. My son placed a 9.9 outboard on it to see what would happen. DON'T. Unless you have a pilots license. I never expect more than I pay for. I'm happy with this canoe.

Bought this at Academy at a…

Submitted by: paddler236679 on 3/27/2016
Bought this at Academy at a pretty good price, but only because the rear seat was installed a full 2.5 inches out of square. It isnt flat bottomed, so the thing will scare the crap out of you with its lack of initail stability. I bought it to camp out of, I have a 4hp motor on it, and other than the cheap build and flimsy materials, it did its job with two men and full of camping gear. Afterward, several rivets holding the seats down are broken.

I'm gonna require a better canoe than this. Even at $510.00, I wish I had spent twice as much for a better conoe. Old Town has trashed their reputation for quality with me.


Kinda cheap... I was looking…

Submitted by: paddler235605 on 6/20/2014
Kinda cheap... I was looking for a "transom" canoe for (motorized) fishing expeditions that would double as a "beater" for short family paddling activities. I gotta say the build quality on Old Town has seriously suffered since I bought my Penobscot in the 90's. I viewed 3 boats in my area, each with a series of pulled rivets, warped fenders, and other general frailties. In this size range I would stick with a Wenonah Backwater or Esquif Rangely 15' due to (obvious) advantages in construction.

I also bought this canoe back…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/4/2012
I also bought this canoe back in July of 2010 from Dick's Sporting Goods. I was also irritated by Dick's because the canoe had many scratches on it. I had to buy the floor model because they didn't have any in the back. It looked like it was used already. It had too many scratches on it to be new or from shipping as they explained. The canoe is great but very heavy. I bought a jetski trailer for this canoe and modified it to fit my canoe. I bought a 30lb thrust Minn Kota for the canoe too. I am currently looking for ways to remove the scratches out of the canoe.

Just bought the Old Town…

Submitted by: paddler234000 on 5/20/2011
Just bought the Old Town Sportsman 15 at Dick's Sporting Goods two weekends ago. Have not yet had a chance to take it out, but wanted to let others know that the specs on Dick's website are very misleading about "their version" of the Rogue River 154 SS. The true weight of the canoe is actually 115 lbs. i had to contact Old Town/Johnson Sports directly to confirm this. Knowing this, I am going to have to take down the hoist system I just installed, as it is only rated at 100 lbs max. Good thing I inquired about this, otherwise, I'm afraid the whole thing would have come crashing down on top of our parked cars or even worse a human being. Plan to keep the canoe because it has everything else we are looking for, but am a little irritated with Dick's Sporting Goods.

I bought this canoe at Dick's…

Submitted by: paddler233994 on 5/17/2011
I bought this canoe at Dick's Sporting Goods, along with a Minn Kota 30lb thrust trolling motor, and paddles. I love this canoe for its size, molded seats with a middle cooler, paddle holders, and drink holders. I am planning on adding fishing rod holders. I bought this after using my brother's canoe for fishing. This is a great, sturdy, all around canoe. The only disadvantages is the size, weight, and I have a difficult time transporting it on the roof racks of my 2007 Jeep Grand Cherokee. I am currently restoring a canoe trailer for easier transport.

8 out of 10, only because of weight, and awkwardness transporting the canoe.


maiden voyage went great.…

Submitted by: paddler233883 on 12/7/2010
maiden voyage went great. paddled Guadalupe R from east of Seguin, TX (12hrs). One ore, great control, great elastic tie down for fishing pole.

This canoe has a very wide…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/1/2010
This canoe has a very wide beam (42") and provides a lot of initial stability. I use it to take the family (wife and 4 y/0 daughter) out and to fish from with a second person. It's pretty heavy at 84lbs but I can manage to get it on top of a sedan and back down to the ground by myself. It is a square stern canoe and I use a 30lb thrust trolling motor to get around at about 3.5mph. It has 3 pre-molded seats and the middle one doubles as a cooler and has drink holders. It functions really well for these activities but I have not tried to move it by paddle only so I can't review that. I have only seen this for sale at Bass Pro Shops but it is a good price (<600) if you don't mind the bulkiness of it.