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I purchased my Discovery 160k…

Submitted by: paddler760545 on 4/21/2020
I purchased my Discovery 160k nearly 30 years ago after researching all the available options available. It was about 1990 and I lived not far from CapeCod MA. I loved saltwater fly fishing and with the increasing numbers of striped bass and other species in the area I wanted to extend my range on the many estuary fisheries in the RI/MA area. The Discovery seemed to be the best option. Keel, rowable, motor option, easily portable on my car or Jeep, though at the time lifting it alone was less of an issue. Now in my mid 60’s I still handle it alone though with more finesse than strength and I tap my nieces and nephews for fishing adventures, partly to share the sport and partly for their physical abilities. At over 40” beam I can easily cast and if conditions permit stand in the canoe while fly fishing - - - if alone I can easily row the entire rig. We now see ocean kayak’s with outriggers and all sorts of configurations, though when I started using the Discovery 160 I received quite a few odd looks and questions. I even received more than my share of harbor master visits due to the motor I was required to register the canoe with a 3.0 hp motor and complete the marine safety course. I always have a full compliment of safety gear, lighting, flotation etc. so each encounter was uneventful. This has been a great canoe and I hope it will be so for the next 30 years! I just “refurbished” the canoe for the 2020 season during the COVID-19 lockdown in my state. I obtained and fitted new cane seats online, pulled the bench seat, stripped then gave it 3 coats of marine poly to the center bench seat then treated the exterior with 303 plastic finish. I own a 30 acre pond and have been using the Discovery to thin out the local calico bass and trout population. This canoe was the right purchase for me at the time as it filled the need for a minimalist no draft watercraft that allowed me to sight fish the extensive salt estuaries on Cape Cod, MA as well as many river/lake/pond day trips with families and friends. You can always sell a used canoe (like a used PU Truck), in my area so there are no worries about what to do with it when the time comes. If I were to purchase a canoe today I would have a smaller lighter canoe as the Discover 160 is lot to manage, though still very stable.

Superb manufacturing that…

Submitted by: paddler237174 on 10/20/2016
Superb manufacturing that last a lifetime and allows one to make memories while enjoying the outdoors. I have used these canoes all my life and cannot find a single complaint.

This was our first canoe and…

Submitted by: hikdavid5 on 10/7/2016

This was our first canoe and we love it. It's a war horse mind you at almost 90 lbs. it is a bit hard to wrangle on and off the Jeep solo. The stability is amazing, very difficult to flip! I take it solo and row it with oars on river trips from 3-5 days. It handles all the gear and still rows easy. Would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for an expedition canoe!


The Discovery is a good all…

Submitted by: paddler236748 on 5/4/2016
The Discovery is a good all around canoe. It is stable and rugged. I added a third seat to take kids and also use solo. It handles well solo in lakes, but not so much in rivers and portages. I added some flotation to be able to do a self rescue.

I purchased a used Old Town…

Submitted by: howeld on 8/3/2013
I purchased a used Old Town 16 canoe 1986 model year-plastic. It was well used when I got it and 7 years later it still has a lot of years of use in it. This thing is a tank. Other than a little oil canning which it had when I purchased it. I'm not sure what I could do to damage it in a paddling setting. We use it in winter to pull behind tractor in snow loaded with kids. Only bad thing is the weight. It is heavy and difficult to lift onto car so I use trailer to transport.

I have owned this canoe since…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/23/2012
I have owned this canoe since 1997 and have experienced no degrading of any part. The seats are wearing but this thing takes it all, lakes, rivers you name it it's withstood it! I will have this for the next 15 years I'm sure!

Had (2) 160k Discoveries; one…

Submitted by: paddler231501 on 3/27/2006
Had (2) 160k Discoveries; one a 1997 & the other a 2003 (which never saw water-sold it after the experience with the '97).

No complaints with handling, etc.

MAJOR disappointment with the Polylink3: The '97 suddenly showed separation cracking over 80% of its bottom, and not caused by abuse on rocks, etc. Called Old Town; I was advised that it has suffered "ultraviolet degradation", and should be "retired" from use. It was not considered repairable, and OTC offered no assistance (new boat at some discount, advice on repair etc.), since it was well out of warranty. Was advised to "keep out of direct sunlight" if possible! I don't expect any canoe to last forever, but I don't expect sunlight to destroy it either!

After my phone call (no hostilities) my emails as to repair kits, etc. went unanswered.

Still have a new-condition 17ft Discovery Sport square stern, Polylink3, and I am VERY careful to cover it with a silver tarp when not in use. Likely will sell it also before it has a chance to degrade.

Have had many canoes, from 1955 to date, mostly OTC's, including original Guide wood/canvas and Royalex (no problems w/ the Royalex), some Grummans, Radissons, Sportspals, others. All were no problem with material failure.

NO more Polylink3for this paddler...


This canoe is indestructible!…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/12/2005
This canoe is indestructible! I bought mine used from a rental company for $225. They had already put a patch from the bow extending about a foot under the body. It came off the roof of my truck at 60 mph and bounced end-over-end down the road. After years of hard use, I figured I got my money's worth: it was scratched a little, but still in good working shape. I folded it at a 45 degree angle on a rock in heavy current with 5 people in it without capsizing. It was stolen off of my dock and spotted by a friend a year later tied up downriver. It was unmistakably mine with the bubbling where some renter sat it on a campfire. I stole it back. Now with a 6 inch hole worn through the outer skin, a wooden brace gone and a seat top cracked from years of sun, it has likely logged a thousand miles and could be filled 6 times with all the fish caught from it. I would storm the beach at Normandy in one of these. I'll sell this one for $250 if you're interested... I have 2 more now!

I bought this canoe in 2002…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/7/2005
I bought this canoe in 2002 had it out in every thing from small Ozark steams to the Atlantic off Hunting Island SC. This boat is rock solid try taking 2 kids crabbing in another canoe this thing is as close to bombproof as it gets. Thing is I don't paddle I row and it flies with oars no need for a trolling motor. The only down side is the weight at 87 lbs. it is heavy. But this canoe is the hummer of canoes 1100lb cap. If you want a sports car buy a kayak.

I purchased the 160k as my…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/22/2003
I purchased the 160k as my first canoe. It is heavy and loading it on top of my van can be cumbersome. I paddle it solo... as hard as that is to beleive... it can be done. It is very stable. My 5 year old and I fish from it a lot and there's plenty of room for gear and the like. I give it a nine, simply because the weight is an issue.

This has been an excellent…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/5/2003
This has been an excellent canoe for both my son and I. We have been out in the Chesapeake bay to paddle and to fish from it as well as numerous local rivers. It only took us a few minutes to get adjusted to its stability and once we did , away we went.Tracks very well , has more than ample speed, carries a ton of gear.easy to portage, easy to haul around.This is just one good canoe and I would recomend it to any one looking for a general purpose canoe.

After researching canoes for…

Submitted by: paddler230256 on 7/14/2003
After researching canoes for weeks, I purchased the Old Town Discovery 160 directly from an Old Town factory outlet for $649 on sale. The 160 is designed to be a sporting canoe. With the middle seat configuration it is 87 lb. so it's heavy, but it's not as heavy as a square stern canoe. I plan to purchase an electric trolling motor, but I bought the 160 over the 17 foot square foot Discovery Sport because I wanted to be able to paddle the thing also. It paddles just fine. I haven't rowed this boat, but I imagine it would make a terrific row boat compared to a heavy aluminum jon boat. It is an extremely stable boat. For example, I took three children out yesterday, with my oldest in the front, and the younger children both sat on the middle seat side-by-side, sometimes dragging their feet over the side because it was so hot in the afternoon. The 40.5" beam makes for extraordinary stability. We felt very safe.

This canoe deserves a 10 because it does what it's designed to do in superb fashion. If you want a super fast easy paddler, don't purchase a sporting canoe. I searched high and low, and could find nothing equivalent in terms of the wide beam and versatility in a lighter canoe (the Discovery 160 is Old Town's SuperLink 3 layered polyethylene composite). Old Town's Osprey 155 is a similar boat that is lighter due to its Royalex composition, but the Discovery has a wider beam, and I didn't like the Osprey's seat placement. On the 160, the middle seat is more evenly placed between the bow and stern, so a fourth passenger such as a child can more easily sit between the bow seat and the middle seat, while still leaving plenty of room behind the middle seat for the stern paddler. The Discovery 160 makes for a superb sporting canoe.


Don't paddle this boat! Row…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/19/2002
Don't paddle this boat! Row it. As a row boat it is a dream. Class 3 white water will require float bags and so will ocean surf. It is light for a row boat, but it may be one of the heaviest canoes in current production. This is a truely wonderful row boat. Just don't confuse it for a canoe and try to paddle it. Someday I hope to find something similar that weighs much less....It will have to be made of Kevlar and cost a small fortune. But weight is this boats only fault, except for the fact that it paddles miserably. Row it!

After months of exhaustive…

Submitted by: paddler229374 on 7/27/2001
After months of exhaustive research, I purchased the Discovery 160K as my first canoe in the Spring of 2001. I selected the 160K mainly for its combination of stability, capacity, and flexibility in relation to price. I have not been disappointed. I have used it nearly every weekend in a variety of conditions and have found it to be surprisingly agile and adaptable to a variety of uses. The center seat and oarlocks give additional options for use as well as the ability to use the canoe more effectively in different conditions. Whether paddling across a quiet lake, cruising down Class II+ rapids, or rowing into a good fishing spot,I have yet to find a limitation to this boat, with the exception of solo cartopping. At 87 lbs., it's a bit cumbersome, but after some practice, my girlfriend and I have become quite comfortable tossing it on top of a full size pickup. I would recommend this model to anyone looking for a high-capacity, extremely stable craft that will adapt to almost any situation.

I too bought the 160K as my…

Submitted by: paddler229367 on 7/24/2001
I too bought the 160K as my first canoe. It has unbelievable, stand up, stability. Carries 3 large men and we keep up just fine. In strong wind it is a bear but the oars do overcome. Yes it is heavy. But she is fun to paddle, when empty its a downright joy. It's a big gear tripper, a ocean dory, a john boat fisher and not bad if you just want to get through the waves and white stuff. A good strong boat that does a lot of things fairly well.

This is a very stable canoe…

Submitted by: paddler228086 on 5/5/1999
This is a very stable canoe made of layered polymer. With three seats, there is plenty of room for my wife, three children and gear. Despite its width and keel, it is very maneuverable in both flat and moving water. I have not and probably will not use it anything above Class II. This is an excellent canoe for family camping. Although a bit heavy (approx. 87 lbs.) it is very easy to cartop and transport. I give it 9 out of 10 only because of its weight.

Canoe is heavy and made with…

Submitted by: paddler227973 on 12/7/1998
Canoe is heavy and made with crosslinked polymer. It has a mild keel that runs the length of the bottom and is over 40 inches wide. A third seat may be added in center. This canoe was hastily purchased as it was my first one and I didn't know what made for an easily paddled canoe. It was designed for fishing with an auxilary motor. It is cumbersome to paddle, but carries a heavy load. I use it for canoe-camping and let my teenage kids paddle the beast. Nuff said.