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I have had my 12' Camden for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/24/2021
I have had my 12' Camden for several years now and I absolutely love it. I also have the new 12' Loon and although I love some of the features on the Loon I prefer the Camden. The Camden is easier to paddle, much quieter in the water and glides effortlessly. I wish they would bring it back. I would love to have another one. I have also tried the Dirigo which is nice but the Camden is just a better all around Kayak.

Excellent boat! I purchased a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/15/2021
Excellent boat! I purchased a used Camden 120 this summer and have been extremely happy with it ability to handle strong wind on open water, track well and provide ample room for fishing and duck hunting gear. I cut out the cup holder and front rod holder with my Sawzall as I much prefer additional room in the cockpit for gear and my legs to these other amenities. Hey, why did Old Town stop making the Camden 120? And are they replacing them with a similar style? If so please tell me. I'd happily buy the newer version.

I have owned the Camden 120…

Submitted by: beecheese on 9/13/2018

I have owned the Camden 120 Angler model for 6 years. It has held up very well except for the the dry hatch in the rear. The seal at the bottom of the hatch detached fairly early and I have not been able to find a way to adequately repair it. I only put dry bags into the hatch. The only other negative with the boat is the location of the drainage port, which is in an odd location on the side of the boat. As far as comfort, the seat is fantastic, very comfortable on long paddles, and highly adjustable. The seat back does need to be set for the height every time you paddle, but not a major issue. Tracks fairly well and handles rough lake conditions well, especially with a skirt. Turning is not the best, and the boat is fairly heavy when car topping.


Just picked up a Black Cherry…

Submitted by: phaller104 on 4/27/2016
Just picked up a Black Cherry Camden 120 used on the internet. This boat had been a prior rental boat, but has held up really well in the years it was in service. Old Town Customer Service has been great on getting me a replacement handle, even though my boat was used. Sturdy construction. Nice and stable.

Last year a Vernon Company…

Submitted by: paddler236720 on 4/27/2016
Last year a Vernon Company held trials of their Kayaks and canoes in Oyama BC. I was very pleased with the stability and confidence I felt in the Old Town products. Being new to this recreation, I was amazed at the layout of these products. Rudder system allowed for better paddling control on some units. Another lady was excited for all the compartments and storage as explained where items stow away with waterproof areas. My husband was excited for where even a fly rod could be attached for fly fishing. There is so many different models out there and this is one way to really give them all try. Looking forward to May 7th and 8th trying a kyak two seater and hopefully making a choice so we may enjoy the beauty of all our wonderful Lakes in the Okanagan....or maybe we will be lucky enough to win something!! Good luck everyone!!

After debating between the…

Submitted by: stepowet on 7/29/2015
After debating between the Camden 120 and the Pungo 120 for a while, comparisons were very hard to come by. I finally contacted two locations, one in NJ, one in PA that sold both brands, asking for honest input. The one store offered me to try both boats out, which I quickly took advantage of. During this same conversation the pros and cons of each were discussed.

visuals and materials:
Old Town seems to have a much 'better' (time will tell) construction method here with a triple layer setup - Two layers of poly sandwiching a foam layer... the boat does feel noticeably more rigid than the Pungo, and the additional weight tends to support this as well. My boat had a well sealed aft bulkhead, and I do like the sealing of the hatch - lots of room for storage, and everything has been dry as a bone, even taking on water from waves and rain on several trips. There was no 'dash' storage on my boat, but with all the room i have, a watertight box or bag has plenty of room inside with me between my legs (6'2 - 250 lbs -all leg). for carrying - the handles are bungeed and retract nicely when not in use, look to be more secure and repairable than a few other brand boats... appreciated this fact. The cockpit skirt lip allows easy installation and good retention for sprayskirts and covers.

Old Town/Necky's ACS 1.0 seat is amazing, fully adjustable, and i have yet to see any of the disconnect issues I've seen other places (check to make sure the ratchet is in snugly). the ACS 2.0 system looks to improve even further, but I could not justify passing up the deal on the brand new last year model i got. There is plenty of leg room, and the foot pedals are easily adjusted even on the move. the boat IS a little uncomfortable shouldering, placing a bilge sponge or towel between your shoulder and the rim of the yak allows for very comfortable lifting when you don't have anyone to help.

the 12'6" Camden 120 can occasionally get hit by wind and strong waves, but I noticed no slacking in performance vs the Pungo 120, Pelican 100x, or the tandem Ocean Kayak Malibu 2 on the same water. the boat responds well to paddling adjustments and sits nice in the water... getting the boat up to speed is easy enough, and I have been jokingly able to keep up a good speed with minimal effort (this is still no touring boat). roll is stable but responsive for carving turns out a little, and the cockpit does a decent enough job of keeping water out when open, not sure about open ocean without a skirt though. The ACS 2 seat would probably be great with the splash water draining quicker off your rear, but again, nothing other than nit picking here. The width is not annoying for paddling, and the paddle rest divots work well enough.

not personally a fan of the blue color they have, but really love my 'black cherry' finish, and their bright green was a nice color as well... this is all personal choice. This boat has gotten noticed among a sea of ocean kayaks and WS boats, the finish looks great in person, the rigging on the deck tucks away when not being used, but is easily enough popped out and holds things down well enough. the material seems to be slightly more scratch resistant than my friends' kayaks, we shall see after the end of the season how this holds up.

One word of warning is that the hull does at times become slicker than some when wet, but holding by the cockpit rim or the handles alleviates this.

would always advise those looking at a Pungo or similar boat to add this to their consideration list.


I purchased a Camden 120 for…

Submitted by: LGSII on 6/28/2015
I purchased a Camden 120 for my wife and here is our impression of it. Compared to the Dirigo the cockpit more open and roomier. It is just as fast but turns a lot better, the Dirigo has it on tracking but not by much. Remember that this is our impression.

It is a great kayak made out of 3 layer poly but light enough for me to load into the back of the truck myself. Had it on the lake with the wind out of the NE at 15. It effected it a little but not bad. It is an excellent Kayak that I would recommend to anyone


Tracks great, EXTREMELY…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/6/2014
Tracks great, EXTREMELY comfortable and stable. Can be difficult to load because of weight. Handles are difficult to grab quickly. Bungies could be more convenient

My first kayak was a twelve…

Submitted by: drygynfly on 8/3/2013
My first kayak was a twelve footer and I loved every second I was in it! This one is very similar to mine but it has a much higher capacity. A great boat for beginners and up!

The Camden 120 is the 1st…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/29/2013
The Camden 120 is the 1st kayak I have purchased. It has plenty of storage space. The Camden tracks well in the water. I paddle mostly lakes so with boat traffic the stability of this kayak is great. Would recommend to anyone.

I've had my Camden 120 for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/21/2013
I've had my Camden 120 for about 4 months now, and used it heavily, on everything: still lakes and rivers, a couple of creeks, and class III rapids, up to 6-7 hours at a time. I've also filled it with 75 pounds of gear plus me, and it's done well.
    The good:
  • It's stable, pretty much all the time. I have fallen in exactly once and that was my own fault. I've had it full of water up to about 2" from the top of the cockpit and it still was manageable in rapids.
  • It turns very easily. I have friends with 14' Pungos, and I can have this boat around in a third the time they can.
  • The seat is comfortable, and adjustable enough that I can always find the right spot for it.
  • The foot pegs are easy to adjust while on the water, which is necessary for me, because I can't stand keeping my legs in the same position all day.

    The bad:

  • It doesn't track amazingly well. Mine tends to go left. It's not severe, but enough to be annoying on occasion. For what I do, I'm okay with it, though, because I think if it tracked straighter, it wouldn't be so easy to turn quickly.
  • The seat back has popped off a couple of times if I adjust it to its highest position and lean back on it. It's not major, and I think most don't keep it quite that high, anyway. Still, it happened 12 miles into an 18 mile paddle once, which was not the most comfortable occurrence.
  • The front glove box takes on water. Not majorly. Enough, though, that I don't recommend putting anything electronic in there on its own, without a waterproof container of some sort.
The bad isn't amazingly bad, and the stability is great. I'd recommend it, as long as you're not planning long, straight trips with it. The tracking may drive you nuts, and while it's short enough to handle well, it's not long enough to be really fast.

Out of our four kayaks, our…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/17/2012
Out of our four kayaks, our two Camden 120 Angler kayaks are the hands-down favorites for cruising the Thunder Bay River. We have also had them on Lake Huron very comfortably and successfully. There are plenty of cup holders, etc for a comfortable float.

My wife owns the 106 and I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/31/2011
My wife owns the 106 and I have the 120. We have a blast on the water with them. It's more like a luxury cruise then a paddle.