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No Limit PFD

No Limit PFD Description

The No Limit PFD is a pfd brought to you by No Limits. Read No Limit PFD reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other pfd recommendations below or explore all pfds to find the perfect one for you!

No Limits
No Limit PFD Reviews

Read reviews for the No Limit PFD by No Limits as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

I purchased this PFD when...

I purchased this PFD when I bought my first kayak and am very pleased with the fit and comfort. My husband purchased another brand for me prior to this purchase and the difference in comfort and weight is notable. The No Limits PFD looks exactly the same as the other brand, both have emergency whistles in the front pocket and both adjust the same way with the straps for tightening. But the difference that made up my mind was the weight. I almost don't even feel the weight of the No Limits PFD, but the other was heavy when comparing in each hand, but even heavier when wearing it on my back.

I am so happy I bought the No Limits to compare and I returned the other PFD unused, and am pleased with our purchase of the No Limits. We bought a size XS/S, and it fits me well (female 125# and 5'2"). Easily adjustable to fit someone a little larger as well.

I've purchased the No...

I've purchased the No Limits Sabine PFD Kayak Vest in March of 2015. I use it in salt & fresh water (marshes, bays, lakes, rivers, and creeks) It was an upgrade from an Onyx Kayak Vest. This PFD is a major improvement. The many straps/buckles and raised rear bouyance allow me to keep this vest on snug for several hours without it becoming uncomfortable.

I like how it comes with 2 loops on the shoulders so I can clip a VHF marine radio or anything small and light such as a whistle. The loop straps are also lined with reflective tape (a big safety feature for nighttime visiblity). The zippered pockets allow me to store additional small items such as a pocket knife, line clippers, lighter. Unfortunately, it's also pretty tight. I do wish it was just an inch longer and wider. I can only store my smartphone in there without the weather-proof case it comes in.

Overall, I like it alot. In fact, I use it when I'm wade fishing as it carries my essentials much easier than a traditional wading belt. If it were happen to be lost or stolen, I would definitely buy it again.

I bought this PFD at...

I bought this PFD at Walmart. I originally bought this PFD because of the price and I also needed to replace my old PFD because it was rubbing blisters when I paddled long distances. The No Limit PFD works great. I have put it though some tough situations getting ready for a few kayak races. I was able to adjust it very easy to fit me. I have not had any blisters from using the new PFD.

One cool feature of the PFD is it came with a rescue whistle attached to it. I am also able clamp my gps onto the PFD so that when I flip our of the boat I won't lose it.