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I picked this boat up a…

Submitted by: njfrank on 6/23/2021

I picked this boat up a couple months ago based on the Necky name and its great .I tested it against my 14' Tsunami . At 30 strokes from the same starting point , the Necky was easily faster .It had Bigger roomier cockpit , stronger plastic and my knees magically ended up in the right spot to feel strong in the boat .I paddled it on flat water only so far , but It sat well primary and secondary stability were very good . The seat is not new a styled comfortable like the Tsu's phase 3 but not bad in the couple hours I was in her . I'm impressed it was faster than the Tsu, I'm greatly pleased .


I just bought a 1993 Necky…

Submitted by: rockdrMike on 7/2/2018

I just bought a 1993 Necky Alsek because the reviews on sounded pretty good. So far I've only paddled on a protected bay, but it handles well and is a comfortable boat. Given its age it's in decent shape. I'm 6'3" and about 220 lbs and it fits me and my size 13 feet well. Thank you to other reviewers for your inputs-they helped me make my purchase decision when this boat showed up on Craigslist.


The Alsek: a great 14'…

Submitted by: paddler235093 on 7/14/2013
The Alsek: a great 14' kayak; very stable, and great for big footed males. We have two of these kayaks that were purchased over ten years ago, no damage, looks great, used often in rental fleet. NEVER had a handle to fail. Necky makes a great kayak

Owned my Alsek for 8 years…

Submitted by: kayak1 on 7/15/2009
Owned my Alsek for 8 years now. Paddled in Florida rivers, TN rivers - class 1 - 3 and now in the Pacific Ocean - paddling out through surf and into swells as high as 8 - 10 feet. Performs very well in high seas with spray skirt. Very fast for plastic. Very well made. I'd give it a 9. Great all around smaller touring kayak. Even my kids 7 and 10 years old can paddle very easily. Paid $450 in 2001 - barely used with paddle, skirt and neoprene hatch cover...

I bought a used Alsek in July…

Submitted by: paddler230855 on 11/2/2004
I bought a used Alsek in July of this year (after buying a Perception Acadia in May and outgrowing it very quickly), and so far I am really happy with it. I'm 6'3" and 195 lbs. and I find that the boat fits me perfectly. I use it mostly in a resevoir near my house, or in the tidal estuaries and rivers of the Chesapeake Bay. It tracks really well (especially with the skeg), and is relatively quick. I have a hard time keeping up with people in true touring kayaks, but part of that probably has to do with my poor skills (this was my first season of paddling). I found the seat to be pretty uncomfortable, but after outfitting it with yak-pads, it's much improved. I had it out in one foot waves on a recent trip to the outerbanks of NC, and it performed wonderfully.

The Alsek is a great boat. It…

Submitted by: paddler229830 on 7/24/2002
The Alsek is a great boat. It is light weight, affordable, and the Nordic-style bow and flared forward hull keep the bow above water in the Ocean or in heavy chop. Having a bulkhead in rear and none up front allows the flexibility of hauling plenty of cargo safe and dry, but being able to fishing rods or other long objects belowdecks. I have paddled mine for the last seven years alone around the Outer Banks, as well as inland rivers and lakes of NC. Twice, I took week-long trips in the everglades along the Gulf of Mexico. Not only could I pack my fair share of food, clothing and water, but I had no trouble keeping up with the 16 footers in my group. The loosely hinged stainless rudder defies jamming, and the system has never required repair. Also, the 14 foot size is very maneuverable in narrow passages through tidal estuaries and other intriguing tight places. You MUST NOT leave the boat in a position which may misshape the hull, particulary when in the hot sun. It's not fiberglass, but it is a great boat for the rotomolded plastic pocketbook.

I am 5'11' and tip the scales…

Submitted by: paddler229318 on 7/3/2001
I am 5'11' and tip the scales around 155 pounds. I find that the Alsek is a fun boat to use on river and tight spaces where its high manuverability is key. For the open water, especially with any sort of wind, it does not track that well. The skeg is a must. I find that adding about 100 pounds of ballast helps the boat track and helps increase its speed. Otherwise it sits too high in the water at the whim of the wind. Aft bulkhead is sizeable, durability great and small and light enough to top on my jeep.

I got the Alsek a month ago.…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/23/2000
I got the Alsek a month ago. It is my 4th kayak, 2nd one this year. I paddle alone so I wanted something I feel very safe with and the Alsek meeets that requirement. It has a bit of speed, tracks quite well even without skeg, and has lots of room for me and whatever I take on 2-5 hour day trips. I took it out on a very windy day and was very pleased with the skeg.

Biggest problem is comfort with the seat. I'm working on fitting it out specially for me, but I need a good seat pad to see me through several hours of paddling. Other than that, it seems to be a good fit for me.

It's weight doesn't bother me since I bought a trailer and the Alsek stays on there all the time. I just hook it up the Jeep and take off. Much easier than cartopping. Necky appears to have discontinued the Alsek. It isn't in the 2000 catalog. I think, perhaps, the Zoar Sport replaced it. Too bad, because I think it's a great boat.


I tried probably 15 kayaks…

Submitted by: paddler228833 on 8/16/2000
I tried probably 15 kayaks before settling on the Necky Alsek for my first boat. The tracking, stability, and storage are perfect for day and weekend trips. The skeg (fixed rudder) allows superior tracking in the wind. This is one terrific bargain for intro into touring. HIGHLY recommended.

Basic model- without rudder…

Submitted by: paddler228705 on 6/25/2000
Basic model- without rudder and other accessories.I love my Necky Alsek. It is very manueverable on lakes and rivers. I am able to fish easily out of my Alsek. Carrying equipment is no problem as there is plenty of room and weight of equipment seems to be little or no problem. I recommend it highly!

The Alsek is a very stable,…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/6/1999
The Alsek is a very stable, confidence building, kayak for the novice paddler. It is short enough to get into and out of some very tight areas. If you get the bulkheads and rudder it is a touring kayak that will keep up with much larger boats,and hold just about as much gear. Once the Alsek owner gains some skills and confidence you can easily surf waves and throw the boat around quite easily. This is a boat you can not go wrong with.

If you are looking for the…

Submitted by: paddler228043 on 4/2/1999
If you are looking for the Jeep of kayaks I would highly recommend the Alsek. With it being only 14' long it is very easy to transport on cartop or even on airlines. I just got back from Guatemala and this kayak handled flawlessly in class II river conditions and on flat lake conditions it was a tracking machine. I do alot of fly fishing and am terribly impressed with the stabiltiy of this boat. All in all if you are looking for an all around boat to take 1-5 day excursions, the Alsek packs plenty of gear, travels fast, performs very well in conditions ranging from lake flats to ocean surf. To me the Alsek is the most unnoticed all around Kayak on the market.