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Owned my Alsek for 8 years now. Paddled in Florida rivers, TN rivers - class 1 - 3 and now in the Pacific Ocean - paddling out through surf and into swells as high as 8 - 10 feet. Performs very well in high seas with spray skirt. Very fast for plastic. Very well made. I'd give it a 9. Great all around smaller touring kayak. Even my kids 7 and 10 years old can paddle very easily. Paid $450 in 2001 - barely used with paddle, skirt and neoprene hatch cover...

Owned Gannet 2 for 3 years. Paddled rivers, Gulf, 2 -3 waves and it handles well, except in windy conditions, which is probably the same for most rec tandems. I have a rudder which helps in tracking. I've had almost 800 pounds and 2 adults and 2 teenagers in it. Very stable and paddles well solo. Also, ran the Tuckasegee River (1/2) and Nantahala solo (1-3) without a hitch.