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The Stingray 12 is a kayak brought to you by Liquidlogic Kayaks. Read Stingray 12 reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

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Excellent kayak, even for…

Submitted by: Paddle_Miami on 12/27/2023

Excellent kayak, even for inexperienced paddlers. Easy to get in and out from, sealed rear bulkhead offers plenty of space for half day/day trips, large ample foot resting areas, stable, fast and agile in calm waters. Can usually be found for a great price used since they've been discontinued for a while now.


I have a version of the…

Submitted by: Japi on 7/7/2015
I have a version of the Stingray 12 from around 2007. It's a fairly basic fishing/rec kayak. It's stable, has a huge cockpit, and a single bulk head. The rear hatch is fairly loose, but I haven't lost it yet. The plastic the boat is made from is soft, it deforms easily when going over stumps/submerged logs, and will get a dent if loaded directly on roof rack bars.

Handling is ok, and the boat is reasonable fast given it's width and length. It would benefit from more deck rigging, but if you just want a simple boat for lakes/easy rivers this boat is sufficient.


I purchased a Logic Stingray…

Submitted by: BacShortly on 3/23/2013
I purchased a Logic Stingray (14)in '06, it has been an awesome companion and pack-horse across many waters (backshortly dot com)- so much so that I finally had to give it a name - 'Traveller' after General Lees horse. It's like an appaloosa - the large cockpit is a plus in getting in and out, photography, etc - Its not built for speed, but I'm not out there for speed. Handles well in lakes, rivers (class II).

I believe this model has been discontinued, but I had to rave about its practicality for adventures. After 'rubbing' most of the hair of "Traveller's" belly, finding a replacement is proving difficult...


Bought a 14' Stingray as a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/1/2009
Bought a 14' Stingray as a 2007 leftover/demo in February of 2009. After mounting spinning and flyrod holders finally took it out for its shake down cruise March 30th in a very windy and choppy St. Marks Wildlife Refuge in Florida. The large cockpit had no problem providing lots of room and comfort for my 6'2" and 275 lb frame.

The boat tracks very well and had a nice glide for a recreational kayak. I have only had 16' sea kayaks in the past but find the Stingray fast enough to cross big expanses of water fairly quickly. As with most sit-ins, fishing takes some finesse. A rear mounted rod holder and spinning reel with topwater lure produced an 18" seatrout while trolling across an open bay near some oyster bars.

Wind likes to turn the back end around when sideways to a chop but compensating with a longer stroke puts in back on track. My test paddle was without a Seals 7.0 sprayskirt I purchased for the Stingray which I would recommend for the type of chop I found myself in. However, I took on no water in spite of a couple of unexpectedly large waves.

Overall good boat for large paddlers and stable enough for fishing. Minor issue, built in bulkhead limits rod holder placement to a couple inches further than comfortable but the boat is stable enough so reaching back will not upset the boat. Also, built in console behind the seat is neat but obviously cannot be used for tall items when using sprayskirt.

I had looked at a number of kayaks including the Pungo which is also a fine boat. For my needs, and the clearance price, my bright yellow Stingray--especially with the very comfortable seat--was a good selection. Today, weather permitting, I plan on taking it to a lake and seeing how well it does on flat water.


I purchased a Liquid Logic…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/22/2008
I purchased a Liquid Logic Stingray 12 in May after doing a lot of research on this site. Wow! I LOVE THIS KAYAK! I loved it so much, my husband purchased a 2nd one for himself. We have only been kayaking a year so we're beginners, and this kayak is perfect for us to use on our calm Georgia lake. We had a sit on top Yak Board, and the LL Stingray 12 is so much better. It tracks well, is stable and very durable. I've run over several sunken trees. It's very comfortable. I highly recommend this kayak.

I test paddled a Stingray 12…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/9/2007
I test paddled a Stingray 12 during my "research" of my new boat. In comparing boats, I paddled a Dirigo 12, Pungo 12, Pamlico 12, Acadia, and a Heritage Featherlight 12. All things considered, I really liked the Stingray.

Stable, tracks well, decent speed (all for a 12' rec kayak) It did everything well, including carrying an attractive price tag. It has come down to either the Stingray or Heritage with Stingray getting the nod due to a more comfortable seat. I just found out that Liquid Logic & Heritage are under the same parent company. They've decided that Liquid Logic will sell only Whitewater boats with the rec boats being marketed under Heritage's name. For 2008 the Stingray & Featherlight will share the same seat currently in the Featherlight. So, suddenly, I'm in a rush to get an '07 with the more comfy (in my opinion) seat.


I am a new kayaker and owner…

Submitted by: radioman42001 on 7/24/2006
I am a new kayaker and owner of the Stingray 12. I have been a canoe person for over 15 years, but wanted to try kayaking as it looked like too much fun, and I was trying to find a lighter boat. I am over 6 foot and 285 lbs and the Stingray 12 is the most comfortable kayak I tried including the Pungo 12. It tracked well and I had no problem getting it under way. I found that even after three hours in the kayak, I was more comfortable than I had been sitting in the canoe for the same period of time. The seat gives excellent support. I like the console concept. I will update my review after a few more outings, but for the first time out, I am impressed with the Stringray 12.

Bought a used Stingray at a…

Submitted by: tprebble on 7/13/2006
Bought a used Stingray at a local dealer a week ago and got it out on a local lake this past weekend. I'm really pleased with the Stingray as a beginner boat. It is incredibly stable and controls relatively well. I had no problems getting where I wanted to go. It took me a lot of effort to get momentum, but I think that's largely the side effect of its stability. It is not a sleek boat.

Contributing to that is its weight. At 48 pounds, it puts up quite a fight when I'm trying to lift it up onto my van. After a few successful lifts, I decided I'd rather save my back and got assistance lifting the boat on and off the rack. Once it's down, however, it can be carried on a shoulder without too much pain. I'm not looking forward to actually portaging it over terrain, though.

Don't underestimate the utility of the console behind the seat. I used it for storing my camera gear in a dry bag, and it was quite painless to reach behind the seat without turning around to grab my gear.

As my Stingray is very used (it was a rental boat), the dry hatch isn't as dry as it maybe once was. The cover for the hatch is loose and would not qualify as watertight. There are also lots of gouges in the hull that can't be repaired, but that's life with a poly boat.

The seat is very comfortable and quite adjustable. After 5 hours in it, I felt no need to add any cushioning to the seating system.

Overall, I'm happy with the purchase. It was down to the Stingray and an Emotion Edge, but the Edge was much more sluggish and lacked that handy console. I definitely recommend the Stingray as a beginner flatwater boat.


Very nice boat. Has hull…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/1/2006
Very nice boat. Has hull design gives you a nice combination of speed, stability and tracking - as good as you could expect from a 12' rec boat. Its virtually the same as the Pungo 120 - but has the nice console to keep small things handy and dry. Also I could get it a bit cheaper than the pungo. I'm happy with my choice.

Update...Still happy with my…

Submitted by: lsj886 on 8/14/2005
Update...Still happy with my Stingray 12, but I had a minor issue come to surface and needed to contact LiquidLogic customer service. I have not yet heard from them (2 weeks). This is a real shame, such a nice boat but can't get customer support.

First time out on my…

Submitted by: lsj886 on 7/31/2005
First time out on my Stringray12 yesterday. Very happy with the ease of handling & convenience features (2 bottle holders & rod holders). Most comfortable seat I've used. I would recommend this boat to anyone. Both my sons bought one after using mine.

Have recently purchased a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/6/2005
Have recently purchased a Stingray 12. Am so happy I did. Tracks and turns very well. Would highly recommend it. Was going to buy a Pungo 120. Doesn't compare as well.

New "05" model from…

Submitted by: paddler231013 on 3/30/2005
New "05" model from Liquidlogic. Cool little rec. boat! Seating is comfy, has very cool built in fishing rod and water holders behind seat. It also has front deck rigging, bulkheaded dry storage and some shock cord behind the seat to hold miscellaneous goodies. Nice cosmetics and the fir and finish is very nice too. Paddles as you would expect...nice and stable and easy to enter and exit due to the nice oversized cockpit. Fished from mine on a local lake for several hours and was comfy the entire time. Price is very competitive with other boats in this category. Highly recommended!