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I recently picked up a Pungo 140, I like LTR's so it was hard to give up on my old logic 'Traveller' (but I'd rubbed all the hair off its belly (scratches)).

First trip 225 miles down the Suwannee (trip report -, and the difference was apparent. The Wilderness held a straight line and simply felt 'smoother' through the water. Added storage out front helped to organize things a bit better (personal front/utility back) and I liked that. At first I rejected the console idea, but for paddles such as the Suwannee it worked perfectly.

Being one with a 'pack-horse' mentality, the Pungo fits the bill - plus its a little easier on the pilot along the way...
I like the change.

I purchased a Logic Stingray (14)in '06, it has been an awesome companion and pack-horse across many waters (backshortly dot com)- so much so that I finally had to give it a name - 'Traveller' after General Lees horse. It's like an appaloosa - the large cockpit is a plus in getting in and out, photography, etc - Its not built for speed, but I'm not out there for speed. Handles well in lakes, rivers (class II).

I believe this model has been discontinued, but I had to rave about its practicality for adventures. After 'rubbing' most of the hair of "Traveller's" belly, finding a replacement is proving difficult...