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The Dorado II is a kayak brought to you by Kaskazi Kayaks. Read Dorado II reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other kayak recommendations below or explore all kayaks to find the perfect one for you!

Dorado II Reviews


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Dorado II Reviews

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I am now on my fourth Kaskazi…

Submitted by: DeadHead on 3/1/2012
I am now on my fourth Kaskazi Dorado, manufactured in Cape Town, South Africa with an importer in Boca Raton, Florida. My first one came after owning a Hobie Outback (too fat and slow), a Malibu Extreme (too heavy and slow), a Native Ultimate Elite (too flimsy and noisy), and a Wilderness Systems Tarpon 160 (one of the best polyethylene kayaks on the market, but still rather heavy).

My first three Kaskazi Dorados were the original fiberglass models, but my newest one is a fiberglass/carbon fiber Kaskazi Dorado II, which has a slightly wider seating area, longer foot wells, and a roomier fish box that will also accommodate 7' rods. The Dorado II is 15' 10" long, 24.5" wide, and is an extraordinarily fast and seaworthy fishing kayak.

While American manufacturers are putting out more and more wide, heavy, plastic fishing kayaks, South Africans are making them narrower and faster. Few American manufacturers make composite sit-on-top fishing kayaks and, when they do, they're usually under 14' in length. The Kaskazi Dorado II excels as a fishing craft, being able to handle ocean conditions with ease, and the seating in the Dorado is more comfortable than most SOT kayaks and, because you're sitting below the waterline, it is exceptionally stable.

The Dorado comes standard with three flush-mount rod holders, a custom-fit low-profile crate, toe-pedal rudder system, two compartmentalized hatches with spin-on covers, and anchor trolleys on both gunwales. The fish box chute is between your legs and can be used to stow rods and other gear as well as fish. I find it interesting that hardly any American-made fishing kayaks have a dedicated place to stow your fish.

In short, if you're looking for a fast, stable, seaworthy fishing kayak, this is one you should look at. It'll leave the wide plastic kayaks far behind, and speed translates to ease-of-paddling, so you'll be less tired when you get to where you're going. Plus, it'll open up more water for you to fish because a 10-mile one-way paddle is nothing in a Dorado.