Wahoo 12.5

12' 5"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

Wahoo 12.5 Description

The new Wahoo boasts a 12.5' long by 33" wide incredibly stable design. With a roomy open cockpit design, including adjustable foot pegs and aluminum top load gear tracks, you’ll have full control guide this highly versatile yak to your local fishing hole. The lightweight aluminum frame seat will keep you comfortable while you fish and the the rear tie down system will keep your gear secure for that "Big One!" The new Wahoo is rudder and micro power pole ready (not included), so feel free to customize after purchase.

Wahoo 12.5 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit on Top / Open Cockpit
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

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Wahoo 12.5 Reviews

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I'm a pretty big guy 6'1"…

Submitted by: Kakujim1965 on 11/15/2021

I'm a pretty big guy 6'1" 280 lbs so I narrowed my kayak search to just a few brands that had the compacity for me. My previous kayak was used and was bought without any previous research and was not comfortable. I learned my lesson. My other experiences was as a colligate rower so I was use to being on the water and moving fast. My fishing is mainly fly casting so an open cockpit was imperative. My fishing area choices are quite broad from the estuaries of new england to the shallow but wide Susquehanna river. These waters required a stable but fast boat to get in and out of current and cover ground. I'm a paddler so philosophically against any type of motor. This kayak was the perfect choice for me. I have rigged it simply a few rod holders, anchor trolley and even added the tip cover from a Jackson big tuna, which fit perfectly. The whahoo 12.5 allows you to set it up any was you want. You could add a motor, fish finder and all the yak attack gear you want. It's a great platform for customizing. I liked it so much, as did my son 5'9" 220 lb I bought one for him. I believe the 999 price tag to be very fair and could be a few hundred dollars cheaper than it should be. I highly recommend it and you should pick one up before the price does go up. Also Kevin is a great guy and will provide as much support you need to make your experience go well. You can't say that with many of the big companies out there. You actually can get the designer band company owner on the phone. Please give them a look you won't regret it.

cheers and happy paddling Jim Horton


I have the 12.5 took the…

Submitted by: paddler1448163 on 5/10/2021

I have the 12.5 took the kayak out for first time and when we got to the water we were having 20 mile per hour winds so water was not choppy but still got on the kayak and well I love it. Turned over twice but I am guessing it was my mistake we were having some white water. I was taking waves along the side of my kayak so I am guessing it was my fault. Paddling against the waves and wind I was oppressed it was still going and it felt stable so if anyone could tell me if what I did wrong it would be very helpful. Thank u


The Kaku Wahoo 12.5 is as…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/15/2019

The Kaku Wahoo 12.5 is as good as all the reviews I have read on it. My Wahoo 12.5 is as stable as any SOT I have had and test paddled. I tested many of the more hyped brands out but while many where stable non matched the stability with ability to paddle thru rougher water without getting water over the bow. In rough water the Wahoo goes right over the chops (not thru like the others I tested) all while keeping you dry with having water splashed all over you. The speed of the Wahoo is excellent, tracks very well, has a comfortable seat and very open area which makes it great to stand up on, fish off of or for storage. Do yourself a favor and if you looking at some of the other offerings out that have open deck designs check out the Kaku Wahoo 12.5 because you won't be sorry. I have been using mine to fish from and couldn't be happier on the many lakes I go to and the river. You can easily add a trolling motor and or micro stake out pole as it's setup for them. Overall the best hull design I have paddled.


Kayak is as advertised. …

Submitted by: paddler459768 on 8/6/2018

Kayak is as advertised. Incredibly stable. Widest point of the kayak is below the waterline (side to side gunnels are narrower than the bottom of the hull). I believe this helps with the stability. The bow is high and pushes waves to the side, so it's a dry ride. Paddles easily and gets up to speed and stays there. The cockpit is huge and roomy, wonderful for stretching your legs and still plenty of room for a tackle bag / bait bucket up front. There is a foam block under the cockpit deck, so when standing it's stable without any flexing. If you remove the bag insert from the front hatch, you have a ton of storage space in the front hull.


I have paddled 3 of the 4…

Submitted by: paddler423496 on 3/28/2018

I have paddled 3 of the 4 Kaku boats, all except the wahoo 10.5. They are all great boats and very stable and well made.

I rented them several times before buying both the voodoo and that wahoo 12.5 so that if my wife or one of the boys come with me, we each have something ride.

With all of the gear tracks, you can really outfit them any way you want, so their versatility is awesome.

On top of all that, the customer service from Levin and his dealers is unmatched.


This is my second kayak…

Submitted by: paddler415951 on 1/31/2018

This is my second kayak actually. I found it used from a person in Minnesota who loved it but was looking for something even longer. I am 5 10 and weigh 240 lb. I have taken at overnight camping and on some relatively big water and Class 2 Rivers. I've never taken a wave over the bow yet and it is very stable even though I'm a top-heavy guy I can stand up. I guess it's worth mentioning that I have had to total hip replacements also. The chair comes out and you can throw it on a sandbar and relax but it's also very nice on a hot day since it is made out of some type of mesh and allows it to breathe quite well. I like this Yak enough that I have decided to abandon my idea of taking a sea kayak down the Missouri River to the Gulf of Mexico and instead I'm taking the Kaku wahoo due to its stability and ease of entry and exit. Just like everyone else has said, this boat tracks straight as heck and isn't as slow as you might think it would be. A lot of thought was put into its design and it has been really easy to add a lot of gear without a lot of work.


Of the 13 kayaks I own, this is my favorite.

Submitted by: Noel-Cook on 7/6/2017

My first was an Old Town Predator sit in. I have heritage, Wilderness Systems, Vibe, Sowega and others. This is the best combination of comfort, speed and stability for me. I have the 12.5 and the 10.5. I use the 12,5 for long trips and the 10.5 as a 'throw and go' for the back of my truck. I weigh 300 lbs (down from 340) and can stand, sit with my legs in the water, and enter and exit easily. Even at my weight it is a dry ride.


Love my Wahoo

Submitted by: David-D on 7/6/2017

Got the Wahoo about a month ago. Had it on the water several times. Great for comfort and function. I'm able to get plenty of gear on her, and she tracks really well in the water. Be sure you pick up a kayak cart for transporting her to and from the water, as she is on the heavy side.


Fishing Machine!!!

Submitted by: Matt-Crews on 3/21/2017

After demoing countless kayaks, I came across the Kaku Wahoo. The Wahoo offers features that make fishing much easier, at a fraction of the competitor's price!

I wanted a kayak that is stable enough to stand in but doesn't paddle like a barge, I found it in the Kaku Wahoo. The raised seat and open deck make it very easy to stand and cast. The stability on this thing is unbelievable, even for me at 6' 285 lb. It also paddles like a dream, the bow sits high in the water and allows the kayak to glide over any chop.

The Wahoo features 4 aluminum top load gear tracks that enable you to mount anything from rod holders to fish finders without having to drill. The Wahoo also has threaded inserts all over the kayak to allow you to fasten whatever your heart desires without drilling. The hull is also designed to accept the PowerPole Micro anchor system.

The customer service of Kaku Kayak is just as amazing as their product! So if you're in the market for an awesome fishing kayak and don't want to break the bank, check out the Kaku Wahoo!


What can I say

Submitted by: Rodney-Anthony on 3/19/2017

I researched and researched kayaks, and I happened upon the Wahoo. The open deck is what sold me on it and people telling me how stable it was, plus how well it tracked through the water. I am so glad I listened cause they were right. I have nerve damage down my right side, and I have no problem standing up in this kayak and/or paddling this through any type of water. I fish Lake Erie and it can get pretty rough, this kayak handles it with no problems. Not once have I felt I was going to tip or fall over. It amazes me what this kayak can handle and the room that it has, I feel like I can just keep adding items to it. Oh and one more thing, the company Kaku Kayak is top notch. They are personal and treat you like you are part of their family.


Kevin Hawkins Kaku is the…

Submitted by: paddler311733 on 3/19/2017

Kevin Hawkins Kaku is the only brand in my x amount of years of being an old salt that have been so quick to respond, supportive and by far have over excided my expectations. Sir you have a great product and great people that support your brand. I am one proud owner of a Kaku Wahoo... Thank you... keep doing how ya all do..


After demoing more than a…

Submitted by: paddler237010 on 8/9/2016
After demoing more than a handful of kayaks, the Kaku Wahoo was the one I fell in love with! Perfect length and width for everything I want to do with a kayak. The included features make it a breeze to setup for fishing, and the stability makes it a breeze to stand-up in and even walk onto the bow once you get your balance sorted. Not to mention, it's fairly easy to get in and out of if you want to swim or snorkel (just don't forget to make sure it's anchored well lol). Think you're going to lose some speed due to the width, yes, duh... but compared to all other kayaks I've been in with the same width and stability... it blows them away... just make sure you get a paddle long enough to accommodate it's width and your height. One of the main features I love is the wide open cockpit with a flat surface... makes it possible for free movement or a comfy place for your furry friend to come along :-) something I have not found in any other kayak comparable to this one! And you can load this thing up with everything you need for a day on the water no problem! To top it all off, the customer service at both Kaku and Precision Tackle (where I purchased 2 of these beauties), is phenomenal!

Took my new Kaku Kayak Wahoo…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/26/2016
Took my new Kaku Kayak Wahoo out today for the first time, while my husband was on his Kaku Kayak Kahuna. The Wahoo was such a smooth and easy ride that paddling it was a pleasure to me. I have a bad back and neck with two neck surgeries in the past, and with all that said I love every minute while I'm on the water with my Kaku Wahoo, and wish I could afford to go paddling everyday! Thanks, Vicki from Tallahassee Florida😎.

Kaku Wahoo 12.5 I won’t waste your time listing the features of this…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/26/2016
Kaku Wahoo 12.5

I won’t waste your time listing the features of this boat; the manufactures website does a better job than I could ever do. I will however tell you my take on this fine water craft. First off, a little about me, I’m 6’7”, weight 250 pounds and fish bays and marsh lakes. My first boat was a Perception Pescador which the internet would make you believe is a good kayak for the money. I’m sure this would be a correct statement if I was 100 pounds lighter. My weight made the boat slow, unstable and wet. Tally Yakers in Tallahassee Florida set up a demo on the Wahoo and I was sold. It paddles well, tracks 100% strait as an arrow, and can turn 180 degrees with a couple quick back paddles. I was able to paddle while standing up which is remarkable considering I have the balance of a new born baby giraffe. With 275lbs of angler and gear, the water is 2-3” below the scupper holes, the only water in the cockpit is off your paddle. The seat is quite comfortable and, no one has mentioned it, there is enough room under the seat to store a Plano box or two, a 3lb folding anchor, and a handful of other small items. The only cons I have found are minor. A previous reviewer mentioned the side handles twisting which affected the paddle holder. I encountered this as well. I tightened the screws which fixed the problem. Also the adjustable foot rests don’t quite adjust out as far as I like them, but this isn’t really the boats fault considering my size. In summary, the Wahoo is a well constructed top performing boat fit for normal sized anglers as well as baby giraffes.


I recently bought a Kaku…

Submitted by: paddler236784 on 5/19/2016
I recently bought a Kaku Kayak Wahoo 12.5 from Mr. Jamie Hooks. I have to say that the product they advertise is exactly what you get. From the beginning when I was in the market for selecting a kayak that was going to be suitable for a beginner kayaker/knowledgable fisherman. The communication between Mr Hooks and Mr Hawkins was excellent. Everything they spoke about the wahoo was 100% facts. The day I went to demo the wahoo with Mr Hooks, I was sold just looking at it first hand. He took me to a near by lake where we demo'd it. It tracked well and was so stable. He actually asked me to stand up and paddle which I was scared but didn't tip thankfully. I've taken the beast out on two trips since I've had it and I have been more than satisfied with every single piece of this extremely well built kayak. Heck, if I had the funds, I would buy my wife one. Overall, highly recommended folks. You will NOT be disappointed.

The 12.5 Wahoo by KAKU Kayaks…

Submitted by: paddler236763 on 5/14/2016
The 12.5 Wahoo by KAKU Kayaks has to be the most stable and responsive kayak i have used. . The wide open center deck always for easy in not only standing but moving freely around the deck. Staying dry is no problem with the flair of the bow , and speed is equal to any other 12.5 on the market if not better.
A rudder is optional but personally I don't feel it is need.you owe it to yourself to Demo the one of a kind kayak

I am very satisfied with this…

Submitted by: paddler236765 on 5/14/2016
I am very satisfied with this yak. I have taken my dog for paddles, fished, watched the dolphins play and enjoyed many sunsets from my yak. I purchased the yak sight unseen and have zero regrets. Great design KAKU.

PROS: This stable straight tracking fishing kayak is designed well for the job. It has a sturdy hull, plenty of tie down points and lots of track for accessories. A large storage area in the front and a smaller one behind the seat are easy to access. There is a well behind the seat for a 30 gallon cooler and tie down storage aft of that. The hull has threaded inserts for attaching a power pole at the stern and an anchor trolley on the side. All this at an affordable price! Comparable yaks are hundreds more.

CONS: There aren't many and they are minor. The paddle holder is connected to the handle which turns and changes tension on the bungee causing the bungee to come loose. I think attaching the bungee to the screw holes or adding an extra screw so the handle doesn't turn would solve this. The seat mesh is removable which is a good feature however the connectors under the seat can come loose. Kaku suggested an easy fix with a couple of zip ties.


I am new to kayaking but have…

Submitted by: paddler236715 on 4/27/2016
I am new to kayaking but have had boats and spent years canoeing but wanted something easier to move through the water and started looking at kayaks 2 years ago. I have studied and evaluated them but when I saw the Wahoo, I had to have one. Understand I am pushing 69 in age and weigh 230 lbs. and wanted something that would take wakes easily and was stable. I am delighted with the Wahoo.

It is well designed with plenty of "dry" storage, equipment tracks front and rear for optional add on equipment or additional rod holders. The seat is very nice and one I can sit in for hours and provides the back support I require. I like the race way built in for the cables that come from the foot controlled rudder peddles to the rudder so they don't get in the way.

This kayak is easy to move through the water and tacks well with or without the rudder and is everything one would need in a great fishing kayak. I highly recommend it.


**MANUFACTURER'S NOTE**This review is for the Wahoo model that was discontinued…

Submitted by: paddler236045 on 10/27/2014
This review is for the Wahoo model that was discontinued in 2014
A new model was released in 2016

My wife bought this for me, for my birthday. It's the first kayak I have personally owned, so consider that. I have done some kayaking, but I'm not a seasoned pro by any stretch of the imagination. Still, I can pick out some of the pluses and minuses. Here they are:

  • Seems very durable
  • High capacity (good for a big guy, like me)
  • Plenty stable, even in wakes from 30' powerboats
  • Has a nice latching hatch up front
  • Can be purchased with rudder (which mine has)
  • Nice looking
  • Very dry
  • Comfortable
  • Plenty of scotty mount points


  • It will take on some water in chop
  • Center console doesn't allow paddler to change leg positions
  • Leg room is sacrificed if you have the rudder, since they are pedal operated.
  • There is no hatch access to the rear bilge area. (Don't throw your empties in the front hatch, cause when they find their way to the back, they're tough to retrieve!)

Ok, I guess that's about it. I really love mine.