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Longsleeve Dry Top

Longsleeve Dry Top Description

The Longsleeve Dry Top is a accessory brought to you by Immersion Research. Read Longsleeve Dry Top reviews or submit your own review to share with the paddling community. Check out a few other accessory recommendations below or explore all accessories to find the perfect one for you!

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Longsleeve Dry Top Reviews

Read reviews for the Longsleeve Dry Top by Immersion Research as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

I tried the 2006...

I tried the 2006 Competition, which is technically a semi-dry top with a neo neck gasket. However, there is a band of solid rubber (not latex?) against the neck that makes the seal quite solid. In testing it, I rolled a dozen times, exited and thrashed around like a dolphin twice, and nothing at all came through the neck. I was wearing a 100 wt fleece sweatshirt underneath, and the only part that got wet was the bottom -- that's probably because I did not roll it up away from the tunnel.

The only issue is that the neo neck did get a bit damp inside, but there was no flowing water.

'Taint perfect, however, and I have a couple of suggestions for IR. The velcro cinch tabs on the outer waistband point backwards; it they pointed forwards, they would be easier to cinch; there's not nearly as much leverage pulling backwards around the hip. The inner tunnel might benefit from being a bit loose with a cord cinch, like NRS; without that, there is still a bit of a "dance" getting the inner tunnel fully down over your butt. The wrists could use a velcro cinch on the coverings; I had to peel the covers back to get at the gaskets for flattening and sealing, which was a bit of a nuisance. (I think velcro wrists are a feature on some other, more expensive IR dry tops.)

But generally it's a very nice product. The outer fabric sheds water like gel coat; the seam taping looks top-notch; the feel for paddling is very comfy and it is overall quite light.

I have the longsleeve IR...

I have the longsleeve IR Competition drytop. The construction so far seems quite good. Looks pretty nice. It's comfortable under the PFD and provides a very good seal- maybe too good. The fit is right otherwise but the neck is so tight (and I'm on the thin side of average at 5'11" 175) that I nearly sent it back straight away. I've tried streching it and pushing the collar way down and I'm slowly becoming more used to it. I've only used splash jackets before so this is my first dry top and I thought maybe this is just how they all are, but I think the neck should be more comfortable so as not to give that choking feeling while the Adam's apple is crushed.

I like the jacket...

I like the jacket (competition cut) and it's very comfortable, but I should have paid more attention to the fact that this is a semi dry top, and not a dry top. I wind up with water in my sleeves and a wet torso after 30 minutes of rolling/rescue practice/surfing. I decided I wanted a truly dry top and wound up buying a Kokatat rogue for this winter and am very happy with its dryness. I really like the IR top and would recommend it to anyone who doesn't mind getting a bit wet, or does not anticipate much under water time.

After testing 1/2 dozen...

After testing 1/2 dozen long sleeve drytops I selected the IR Competition because of its VERY nice fit, excellent double-tunnel and quite dry yet comfy neo neck collar. I actually wish Kokatat used this neck collar on their drysuits...a lot more comfy than their latex one, and dryer than their cheap neo one (SuperNova series). Note that my favorite long sleeve splash top is the IR Zephyr...clearly a great design for non-rolling conditions.

I have a shortie paddling...

I have a shortie paddling jacket (no gaskets) from IR, it is great! But I was very disappointed in their longsleeve "drytop" with gaskets. It leaked when surfing a whitewater boat on the ocean and the neck gasket was quite uncomfortable. For $220 I was expecting more. I'm an average size guy, but the proportions of the sizing seem to all wrong. Sorry IR....missed the boat on this one. California Canoe & Kayak in Oakland took it back