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  • $ 139.99 MSRP

The Kayak Wing Description

Kayak carrier system designed to fit almost any roof rack or kayak. Quick and easy to install with no tools required. All necessary items are provided, including the straps for secure and convenient tie down which helps prevent hull damage such as dents and scratches. Works well with all types of kayak shapes, sizes, and hull types (V hull or flat bottom).

The Kayak Wing Reviews


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The Kayak Wing Specifications

  • Material Description:

    Felt pads and webbing straps

Additional Attributes

  • Sturdy, reliable and lightweight
  • Black felt pads make it easy to slide your kayak onto the "wings"
  • Fits a variety of different roof rack sustems including those installed on cars.
  • 5 year warranty against breakage
  • Made in the U.S.A.
  • Approximate dimensions: 21”x 8” x 4 ½”
  • A minimum clearance of 1 ½” is necessary between the roof of the car and the underside of roof rack.

Recommended Usage

  • Sport/Activity: Kayaking, Kayak Fishing

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Great Lakes Kayak, LLC
The Kayak Wing Reviews

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Michigan is windy, and my...

Michigan is windy, and my j-style carrier combination with a Wilderness Systems Tsunami made me nervous on the highway and so I compared the Malone Seawing with the Great Lakes Kayak Wing. Both are very similar designs, at least they use the same basic principle of a v-shaped holder. Both works equally well in keeping my kayak safely attached to the roof at highway speeds. Both allows me to keep the carrier installed on my Subaru Forester and park in my standard garage. Both offer different combinations of advantages and disadvantages so that it was a difficult choice about which to keep. The Malone Seawing is made out of rubbery plastic and seems like it would be more durable. This aspect is further underscored by the lifetime warranty, rather than the 5 year warranty of the Great Lakes Kayak Wing.

The Malone Seawing is a lot faster to install than the Kayak Wing. This is because the Malone uses only two fasteners per wing rather than the 4 with the Great Lakes model. Also the oblong wing nuts on the Malone is much easier to tighten than the nubbly nut on the Great Lakes model. The Great Lakes model has a velvet covering, which allows the Kayak to slide easily onto the roof which is a plus. My only real gripe with the Malone is that it whistles when you drive with them without a kayak loaded even at moderate speeds.

All in all its a bit of a toss-up, and i couldn't really pick one over the other. My recommendation would be that if you want to keep the carrier attached to your car for the season, then the GreatLakes would be better despite the harder install because of the whistling of the Malone,. But if you want to frequently install and take down the carrier, go with the easier to install Malone.

I purchased a set of Kayak...

I purchased a set of Kayak Wings to install on my Yakima Rack to transport one of my kayaks. They are similar in design to the Malone Sea Wings, but they are not as wide, and have a felt pad that allows sliding the kayak onto the rack. The unit is well made, but has several flaws. The provided straps are much too short. They are only 8 feet long, not long enough to function as they show in their video. I own a Liquid Logic Inuit 12, a Hurricane Tampico 136, and a Wilderness Systems Tsunami 140. The strap is not long enough to go around the kayak and buckle, much less have enough slack to slide the kayak onto the rack with the strap buckled. If you replace the strap with an NRS 12 strap they work fine.