Angler™ 160 (13'4")

13' 4"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

This Product Has Been Discontinued

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Angler™ 160 (13'4") Description

A Future Beach Fishing Kayak featuring a dihedral hull for the ultimate tracking and stability, self-bailing design, adjustable seat back, two flush mount rod holders, graduated foot wells, a 12" x 20" elliptical bow hatch, large stern well with bungees, 6" round storage hatches, stern and center, side mounted carry handles, bow and stern carry handles, paddle tie-downs, integrated drain plugs and molded-in cup holders.

Angler™ 160 (13'4") Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit on Top / Open Cockpit
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner

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Angler™ 160 (13'4") Reviews

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I LOVE MINE!!! The 1976…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/7/2020


The 1976 Cadillac El Dorado of Fishing Kayaks... absorbs bumps and floats along like big ol road hog, plenty of room aboard, takes up a lot of real estate, & all the small details are made of chinty stuff... Take one for a spin & its hard not to love it for what it is.

I bought mine about 6 years ago for just under $400 NEW @ Ocean State Job Lot (a New England discount store chain). I wasnt sure about it at first, because the accessories are kinda chintzy..., but after looking it over, I was impressed. The actual design/layout and hull thickness/material is fantastic, plus its made in either the USA or Canada.

Is it perfect?, No, but what actually is??

This thing's a tank!!! Hull thickness is pretty thick for a kayak, so its a bit heavy... Its also a bit awkward to handle, due to the length and width. Paddling on it similar to a canoe, BUT unlike a canoe, its an incredibly stable platform. Hauling it could be a big problem if you have a small car. I haul mine in the 6.5" bed of my Chevy and GMC pickups, using a homemade PVC pipe kayak carrier, in conjunction with a modified "bed extender" from Harbor Freight,(mounts in the trailer hitch & I added LED side, rear, & reverse marker lights that plug into the trailer harness).

The more expensive "outfitted" kayaks feature all kinds of cool things, but they leave little room for modifications and upgrades, especially if you don't like a "stock" accessory design or placement. Whoever the designer for the Future Beach 160 is/was, this design & layout was well thought-out from an angler's perspective. Design features, such as a rear notchout for a trolling motor/ tiller/ anchor set-up; spare rod holders on each side; a raised & angled flat spot between your knees to surface mount an active rod holder &/or fish finder; two cup holders; a bait/tackle/fish workbench; forward & aft dry storage/air bladder compartments; a mid-rear molded section, (behind seat), specifically to hold either a cooler, or 18.75" x 13"x 11" milk crate, or 13"x 13"x 11" milk crate + gear, or 5 gallon bucket + gear, there's an additional slot to hold a tacklebox or other gear, (can stow quite a bit of gear on this aft deck).

Some of the stock accessories are of subpar quality, but its a value tradeoff that leaves lots of room for upgrades and modifications. In the end, they save on production costs and buyers save on "the total cost" of their wants & needs.

I was able to fully-equip my kayak w/ everything I wanted for less than $1200 total, including the kayak purchase.

IMPORTANT TO NOTE: Due to the kayak's color and shallow deck height, you are not easily visible to boaters and jetskiis in this kayak. Not wanting to get killed, I added some Orange-colored accessories and a marker flag to mine so I'm much more visible to oncoming boaters and jetskiis...


Marine-grade stainless steel eyelets to replace the stock rubber ones, Marine-grade stainless steel cleets (for docking/anchoring), Orange 550 paracord to replace the stock bungees (strength & visibility), "Scotty" rod holder and fish finder rigs, Orange "Farmplast" milk crate (USA Made + visibility), Orange marker flag (visibility), Stock backrest w/a quality-made gel & foam seat pad (stadium type).


- Price: if you shop around, you can find one reasonably priced.

- Stability: Dihedral hull design makes it incredibly stable... I can stand on mine. Unless you have some kind of leverage, its impossible to flip it over while sitting in it.

- Durability: Its a Tank.

- Design: its laid out with owner modifications in mind. Plenty of great mounting surfaces.

- Storage: more room than you could believe for a kayak. You could easily pack a small tent and gear to set up camp and fish someplace.

- Inside hull stays dry if you silicone seal every mounting location, including the factory accessory points.

- Excellent Fishing Platform.


- Out of Production, some new ones still for sale if you hunt around. (Ocean State Job Lot still has a few).

- Surface Color... Horizon to Waterline Visibility is Poor to oncoming Boaters and Jetskiis. "Beige" and "Drab Olive" are great camouflage for hunting and fishing purposes, but you're practically invisible in a lot of weather conditions to the half-drunk boater or Jetski rider blasting top speed towards you. Add High Visibility Colors and a Flag to your Deck!!@

- Handling; In and Out of the Water: the "Angler 160" means 160 inches long or 13.4 ft... its comparable to paddling in a good canoe, vs a typical kayak. Turning rate is decent, but she doesn't stop on a dime unless you really dig hard. (A bigger blade paddle is helpful). Paddling into a strong wind is a PITA, just like a canoe, which Requires weight transfer to the nose and lots of paddling/course corrections. Hauling it around on/in a vehicle and over to the shoreline is also like a canoe, (weight & length).

- Stock Accessories: Cheap-grade rubber eyelets & non-sealed holes, (not a big deal considering overall ability for upgrades and modifications).

Respectfully Submitted, Brother Al


I have had an excellent…

Submitted by: paddler835756 on 7/27/2020
I have had an excellent experience with my kayaks. We bought 2 of them. They are very sturdy and can take a lot bands and bumps without damage. I would highly recommend them. They ave a nice smooth ride and easy to paddle. Michelle, Plymouth, MA

I just purchased this from…

Submitted by: paddler236704 on 12/28/2018

I just purchased this from Ocean State Job Lot in Walpole, NH. I have other Future Beach kayaks and love them so my rating is based on previous experience with other FB yaks as well as the design and layout and quality of the Angler 160. With the same hull design, features, balance and roominess, I just know that this is a five star yak. I didn't need this boat, However, it cost me $450 and came with a $350 Crazy Deal store shopping card. Since I shop regularly at the joblot, I jumped on that offer. I thought I got a bargain when I bought the FB Express 10'4" for net $139. This deal however is almost unbelievable at net $100 and may still be available. I don't fish but I do camp and this boat has the room and can handle the weight. My friend said I could always sell it. Are you kidding I said, I'm going to enjoy it to the max. Thank you Future Beach and Ocean State Job Lot, I don't even look much at other stores or brands of kayaks lately. Two members of my family have received new FB kayaks this year. If they keep having these deals, several more members of my family may be getting boating upgrades.


Easy to handle. Unlike…

Submitted by: paddler423949 on 4/2/2018

Easy to handle. Unlike canoes, it "cuts' into opposing wind with ease and doesn't drift from it's path. Enough storage. The only negative point is the seat. Too flimsy and uncomfortable after a while. I am looking at upgrading or retrofitting the seat but I am definitely keeping the kayak. The price was right.


Very nice sit on top. Weighs…

Submitted by: joozer on 9/1/2015
Very nice sit on top. Weighs 75 lbs. Has multiple hatches for stow. Enough space behind seat for a cooler, nice snug fit. Low seat. Stable kayak. Great tracking. Room for large breed dog too. Been using for recreation not fishing. My husband loves this kayak.

The FB 160 was my first SOT…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/29/2015
The FB 160 was my first SOT fishing Kayak. I had fished from an Old Town Guide for years with my son. (See review OT Predator 13). Glad to see some RI Paddles reviewing here. I too am from Rhode Island. FYI I also love this site, it has been a great resource for me through the years, buying and selling Canoes as a hobby.

So, with that said, I agree with all reviews on here about the FB 160. Don't be discouraged about Ocean State's pricing in 2015. They have increased substantially with the Future Beach line. However, this yak is worth $500 easy. You're not going to find a more stable, very mountable, and somewhat rig able fishing yak.

For two years I caught many LG mouth bass on this yak. FYI the King Fisher seat I think (by Harmony) seat fits nicely on the boat and a huge upgrade from the deck Ouch, a Kmart boat cushion after one trip, Dicks foam pad I added, then King Fishing was the best or the 4 combo's. One of my best friends has it now. I let him fish from it last year, he loved it and he is not a small guy. He loved it and bought it last month when I purchased my new OT Predator.
Happy Yaking and fishing. Peace, Out RJ Unleashed!


I recently purchased the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/5/2014
I recently purchased the Future Beach Angler160. This is a really nice kayak for both fishing or simply cruising around. It is extremely stable, and affords a lot of space to move around, as well as store all your gear. The seat is not the best, so I purchased an Ocean Kayak high-backed seat on-line for 39 bucks that installed easily and is extremely comfortable. The kayak was purchased from Ocean City, on sale for $359 (list from manufacturer is $800)
Great boat for a great price!


Submitted by: paddler235662 on 7/3/2014
I LOVE THIS KAYAK! This is a very functional, comfortable, and well built sot kayak with lots of storage. I must also say that it's extremely stable. Believe me I know from experience! I was out fishing for only my second time on this kayak when a huge cotton mouth snake was bee lining across the water straight towards me! I have to admit I panicked when I saw it approaching me and at no time during the extremely scary (afterwards embarrassing) event while I was flailing around and screaming as i was trying to get the heck out of dodge, did I ever have to focus on keeping myself stable from flipping it! I also took my pooch down the Caney Fork River for his first float on my first trip with the Future Beach 160 and he sat up front and rode like he had been floating for years! He too obviously felt stable and secure. Thank you Future Beach! Nice looking quality kayak at an affordable price to beat!

Great Yak tried a bunch of…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/1/2014
Great Yak tried a bunch of others last fall. Saw this in Ocean State Job Lots and decided that for the price they had in March to go for it ($299) on sale. its been great boat tracks very well even in a hard wind. Waves are not a problem and super stable. My knees are shot and standing up is a no go for me besides with big feet and molded foot braces not going to be at all comfortable doing that. storage is great will hold rods inside hull extra tackle and whatever else you want. Actually you can take more gear than you can ever use also with some imagination you can deck it out with upgrades galore. spent like 300 bucks extra but for the price I am way ahead. My fishing bud also bought one. and we decided that a trailer was in order so found an old trailer and now set up and take down is a breeze. really can't say enough other than flat deck for legs would be better

This is my second Angler. The…

Submitted by: paddler235475 on 3/24/2014
This is my second Angler. The first cost me $749 for an Angler 144. A year later I see an Angler 160 for $399 at Job Lot. Not wanting to add insult to injury, I waited until Job Lot gives out the annual 40% discount for Seniors over 62. In the Spring. I paid $240 and no taxes.. (RI). Keep an Eye out for the annual discount.

I have been in Narragansett Bay, (RI). with 3 ft swells. IT is very stable. I have stood on it (I weigh 235). I see friends at the fishing clubs spending $1300 for an Ocean Kayak or Hobie. The only negative with Future Beach is their lack of options... seats, lighting, trolling motors. I plan on utilizing the rod holders for a trolling motor. The motor support will allow for additional rod holders, lighting, seat support and counter weight measures. So I spend $200 bucks, I still win.. PS. when you're out a mile off shore or that's where the fish drags you to, trolling motor can save your life.


The Future Beach Angler 160…

Submitted by: andydbutterfly on 7/22/2013
The Future Beach Angler 160 DLX is one of the best sit on top fishing kayaks on the market. Weighing in at 75lbs, it's a bit on the heavy side, but is extremely stable and agile in the water. Many user friendly attributes including two dry hatches, two fishing pole mounts and convenient beverage holder. I've used mine to do river safety/rescues as well as river sweeps (clean-up). Very roomy & comfortable. I'm 5'10"/220lbs and my 75lb dog often rides along with!

I got this kayak from Ocean…

Submitted by: paddler234989 on 5/7/2013
I got this kayak from Ocean State Job Lot for 400.00. It was well worth the money, very stable. I love it. Only complaint - it would be better if there was a larger flat surface to put your feet for standing.

Recently purchased the Angler…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/31/2012
Recently purchased the Angler 160 from Ocean State Job Lot for $360. I was reluctant as other web sites don't have much to say about the Future Beach. I have taken it out three times so far. Both fresh water and salt. The kayak handles very nice moves through the water smooth and seems very stable. From what I read, The front hatch was a bowl and the rod holders were not sealed at the bottom. Future Beach must have listened to these complaints because the Angler I bought had rod holders which were sealed and the "bowl hatch" actually had access to the entire inside.

I do highly recommend this kayak. For the money you just can't beat it. Quality seems very good.


I've owned my Angler 160 over…

Submitted by: pwlunsford on 5/25/2012
I've owned my Angler 160 over two years. When I bought this kayak I wanted a good all around stable kayak.. I use it for fishing on Lake Michigan as well as touring down many of the rivers in my area.. You might not want it for smaller winding streams and it's not the lightest kayak to portage .. but than is not what it's meant for.. I'm very happy with this yak for most of my kayaking needs.

I purchased my Future Beach…

Submitted by: paddler234537 on 5/23/2012
I purchased my Future Beach Angler 160 DXL last year for $400.00 and had it in the water maybe six times before cold weather set in and drove me inside for the winter.

The Angler 160 is a great fishing platform, real stable, I clock in around 230-35 lbs depending on whether it's before dinner or after and I have no problem at all standing in this yak and tossing a fly or spinner.

It's not real fast but I didn't buy it for racing, just fishing. It's heavy for a Yak, 74 lbs, that's the only real drawback about it overall. I own a truck so I don't have to fight to get it loaded, unloaded but I would not want to car top this Yak, could be a real pain in the back, etc.


After reading the other…

Submitted by: paddler234465 on 3/22/2012
After reading the other reviews, I guess I missed the 50% off sale. Darn! I purchased this kayak for $600, and it was money well spent. The boat is extremely stable (you can stand on it with no problem). While it might not be the fastest kayak out there, it is not slow by any means. With all its features, I do not know if there is a better fishing kayak on the market for its price.

I can't say enough of how…

Submitted by: paddler234292 on 9/19/2011
I can't say enough of how much I like this kayak. I just started kayak fishing and this kayak didn't break the bank... I got it while it was on sale for $349.99 (Dick's Sporting Goods)!!! It's really the exact copy of an OK Prowler and a Redfish 14, which are both over the $800 price range!

It's made for a large angler (xxxl) and has the weight capacity of over 400lbs. Two flush rod holder, up-front scotty rod holder, seat, two 6" dry storage and bungee straps on the side... it's ready to be on the water.


Love this kayak! tried it in…

Submitted by: paddler234107 on 7/6/2011
Love this kayak! tried it in different conditions and I have to say it is stable, safe and easy to maneuver! Heavy to put on a roof top, but worth the extra weight for safety and efficiency needed to fish great! Good purchase! Got mine from in Quebec from a new kayak joint in Knowlton, Quebec something like Anyway, was able to try different models and that really help as I am glad I took this Angler160 even my wife loves it! and that is something else!!!

I bought this kayak for…

Submitted by: paddler233609 on 5/27/2010
I bought this kayak for stability and it has not let me down. It rides the waves great but it is difficult to track under certain conditions. It tends to follow the waves which ever direction they are coming from so you do have to give extra effort to keep it in the direction you are traveling. I also bought it for upper body exercise and it does give plenty of that on a windy day. I would buy this boat again.

This is a really great boat…

Submitted by: rmvsail on 8/14/2009
This is a really great boat for the money. It's a solid & stable boat. A great fishing boat. The materials even allowed for some customization that I wanted to make. While it's true you won't win many races, I believe it moves along just fine. There is no everything boat, so if you give up a little speed and gain all the utility this boat offers who cares if you don't cross the finish line first. I'm comfortable enjoying my day on the water.

Someone coined the term "SUV of boats" in a review when I first started looking, I think that term applies here. This boat offers a huge capacity (I can take my 6 year old daughter or large dog along comfortably), comfortable seat, & stable ride. Pretty much meets the SUV criteria.

There are a few basic improvements to make the boat truly awesome. One add a larger back storage hatch in place of the 8" one(I plan on doing that this winter), two open up the bow hatch instead of the shallow trey under the front hatch(I have already cut this open myself, it allows you to store larger items in the bow). Lastly eliminate the molded foot braces and use foot pegs. It would make standing up a bit easier. There is space to mount them, as the mold shape has enough space to do so. I think that may be a winter project too. So I end the way I began, Great boat for the money!


I've had my Future Beach…

Submitted by: paddler233254 on 7/24/2009
I've had my Future Beach Angler 160 for a month now and I absolutely love it. I paid $450 at Dick's Sporting Goods, and I promise you FOR THAT PRICE you can not find a comparable kayak with the features this one has.

I am 5'10" and 230lbs and this kayak handles me and all my gear without a problem. It tracks true, and I seem to be able to generate some good speed, even though the boat is large and wide. I've paddled out of the mouth of a river into large ocean surf and had no problems. My favorite feature is the stability. I have no trouble turning and kneeling on the seat to reach gear in the rear well, or kneeling in the cockpit to get items in the front hatch. I have landed a 27# striped bass and the boat felt solid as a rock. The smaller hatches, once I sealed them with silicone, are fairly watertight, even when taking waves over the cockpit. The rear well is great for holding a milk crate and or a 5 gallon bucket.

This boat is definitely for a larger paddler. The ONLY reason I would not give it a ten is due to the difficulty transporting it. I would consider myself very strong, and I struggle to get this boat on the roof of my truck alone, but I don't mind a little extra effort since I get the stability I need.

Overall, this is a fantastic fishing platform, and you won't find a better value, trust me I tried.


I bought the Angler 160 and…

Submitted by: paddler233256 on 7/24/2009
I bought the Angler 160 and took it out for the first time today. I absolutely love it. Lots of storage and very stable. I'm 6' and weigh 303 lbs. and I could do back flips off this thing and it wouldn't turn over. I added a scotty fly rod holder and put an anchor system on it.

I love this kayak and found it on sale at a good price, $399.99. It paddles easy and tracks well. It is a little heavy for one person to handle but you forget all about it after you get it on the water. If your looking for a fishing kayak, this is a good one. I have an Old Town Vapor 10 that is rigged up for fishing and it is a nice kayak but I found that I like the sit on top better, easier to get on and off. Great kayak.


Got mine over a year ago. Love it. It's like they took the…

Submitted by: paddler233142 on 5/29/2009
Got mine over a year ago. Love it.
It's like they took the Prowler 13 Deck, and put the stability of a Redfish 14 hull on it. I got the sand color.... love it.

I bought this kayak after…

Submitted by: rcarpenter02 on 9/9/2008
I bought this kayak after doing a lot of research for a fishing kayak. This met all my needs and then some. It has plenty of storage with an elliptical hatch in the bow, a 6" hatch just in front of seat and another just behind the seat. It also has room for a large cooler in the stern or for a 5 gallon bait pail(recess molded in, also has 2 flush mount rodholders. This is an extremely stable kayak. Has a dihedral hull design that keeps it stable and tracks exceptionally well.

It may be a little on the heavy side, although I checked against others and at 57# it really isn't all that bad for a SOT. I would say that my only complaint would be against the graduated footwells. I would much rather have preferred adjustable braces.

Over all, for the price this was very hard to pass up on. I got it in the $550 range and that was shipping included. It also cam with a paddle, scupper plugs, and a padded seat. That is a great value. If you consider this kayak for purchase, there is also the freedom model that is the same boat... only the price is $50 more. I guess that is for more color options. The angler comes in Sand or Olive Green.